Real Life Sim Ages

For actual life span/real life ages in Sims 3 see the Lifespan Charts that also details methods
adjusting and saving different lifespan settings for different worlds.

My Sims Live Beyond The Age Length I Have Set

There is nothing actually wrong, the effect is EA Standard.

When an elder reaches the maximum age for your chosen life-span, they will roll for the chance to live another day.
  • By EA tuning default, running the Normal Life-Span of 90 sim-days, an elder has a 14% chance of dying each sim-day after 90.
  • So it is theoretically possible for a sim to live forever, provided they continue to roll successfully each sim-day

EA chose this approach to better approximate reality, since not everyone lives to the same age.

Tuning for these values are located in the EA "AgingManager" file, under the <kChancePerDayElderWillDie...> fields (there is one for each life-span).

For more tuning information:

In addition
  1. Elders with the "Full Of Life" moodlet, receive a 100% chance at surviving to the next sim-day
  2. Elders who have achieved "Marathon Runner" skill challenge receive a greater chance at surviving

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How Can I Adjust My Sims Current Age?

Master Controller and Master Controller Cheats Module is needed for this function.
In Master Controller select Sim>Intermediate> and select one of the following:
  • Age: Absolute
    • Allows the user to set the given sim's age to a specific value
    • Note that you cannot exceed the age-length for the sim's current age-stage, with the exception of elders
  • Age: Relative
    • Allows the user to specify the number of days a sim has been in its current age-stage
    • Note that you cannot exceed the age-length for the sim's current age-stage, with the exception of elders

How does Aging Work In Story Progression?

anchor: StoryProgression FAQ Miscellaneous

First and foremost:
  • If you intend to use the aging management within this mod, you must have the "Enable Aging" enabled in the EA Options.
  • If the EA option is disabled, no one will age in-game.

This mod does not change how aging is performed by EA Core, it simply toggles on or off whether a sim should have their age incremented by a single sim-day during the nightly aging update.
  • If you are encountering issues with rapid aging, that effect is not related to this mod, since this mod can only turn off aging, it cannot make sims age faster.

Aging in Phase Fifteen of the mod is now controlled by Castes.
  • If you want Vampires to age for instance, you would change "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Vampires \ Death: Allow Aging" to "True"
  • If you want TS2-Style aging, change "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Caste Options \ Non Active Family \ Death: Allow Aging"to "False"
    • Doing so will keep the "Allow Aging" enabled for your active household, and turn it off for everyone else in town

You can switch the aging for individual sims on and off using the "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Sim Options \ Death: Allow Aging" option.

Or if you wish to disable it for everyone in town, use the "NRaas \ Story Progression \ Town Options \ Death: Allow Aging" option.

My Sims Have Stopped Aging - How Do I Fix That?

anchor: [[Age#Stop Aging]]

First thing to do is ensure that the aging for your sims is actually enabled :
  1. In the EA Options, ensure the "Enable Aging" is turned on
  2. If you are using StoryProgression, check the various options that govern aging in that mod
    • Check the "Sim Options \ Allow Aging" setting for the sim in question and ensure that it is set to "True"
    • If that option is not available, then check and ensure that you have "Sims \ TS2 Style Aging" set to "False"

  1. If you have another Aging control mod, such as Buzzler's Aging Manager, ensure that the settings are proper in that mod.

It is possible that the Aging flag has been disabled for the sim. You can verify whether this is the case, by the following :
  1. Install MasterController
  2. From the Sim Menu, navigate the menu "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Status \ Personal"
  3. At the top of the window that appears it will state "Aging Disabled" if the Aging flag for that sim has been turned off

You can enable the Aging flag for all sims in town by doing the following:
  1. Install DebugEnabler
  2. From the City Hall Menu, navigate the menu "NRaas \ Debug Enabler \ Options: City Hall \ Aging... \ Aging: On"
  3. Doing so will toggle on the aging for all sims (except the Reaper) in town.

If it is simply one sim you are concerned about, you can toggle the aging via the following :
  1. Install DebugEnabler
  2. From the Sim Menu, navigate the menu "NRaas \ Debug Enabler \ Options: Sim \ Aging... \ Allow Aging"
  3. Doing so will toggle the aging flag for that one sim, turning it off if it is on, and vice versa.

Since the Generations Patch introduced new coding regarding aging, a lot of users have noted aging problems.
  • One of the suggestions on how to resolve the issue is to:
    1. Go into the EA Options
    2. Change the life-span from what you are currently using to another length, such as Epic.
    3. Press the Accept
    4. Play the game for a couple of seconds.
    5. Go back into the options and change it back to your settings.
  • Doing so has been known to unstick aging on some user's setups.

- claudiasharon claudiasharon has reported that certain types of CAS Age staggering tuning mods can impact aging.
  • Ensure that you do not have any out-dated tuning mods installed.

  • Overwatch has corrections in place to catch a couple of Generations related errors that can bounce the aging manager
    • The corrections are automatic, all you need to do is install the mod.

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