Version 10
  • Updated for compatibility with Patch 1.63

Version 9
  • Re-released for Patch 1.42

Version 8
  • Updated to fix the event handling changed in ShowTime
    • The menu will be reapplied properly after a sim is reset
  • Updated the listing window to resize to fit the screen resolution being used
    • Rows with oversized text now fit better within the listing

Version 7
  • Updated for Pets Patch Compatibility
  • 2012-JAN-04 Updated Spanish Translation

Version 6
  • Fixed the popup menu style menu

Version 5
  • Added the "Full Body" and "Facial" suite animations to the animation listing

Version 3
  • Interaction injection system updated to more efficient standard
  • Updated Italian Translation

Version 2
  • Added "Animation By Category"
  • Changed the names in "Loop Animation" so the clip name is always first (for sorting purposes)
  • Added PopupMenuStyle tuning for use in "Animation By Category"
  • Added Japanese Translation
  • 14-FEB-2011 Added Chinese Translation
  • 15-FEB-2011 Added German Translation
  • 16-FEB-2011 Added Dutch Translation
  • 16-FEB-2011 Added French Translation
  • 18-FEB-2011 added Italian Translation
  • 18-FEB-2011 added Taiwanese Translation