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Last Revisions By Ani's:

No changes needed for 1.67

No changes needed for 1.63

File Name: ani_TS3ApController_1.55.zip

Update for patch 1.55

1.4.2013 - Testers needed for v2
FileName: ani_TS3ApController_v2_TEST.zip

- Minor pets can be added to a household and they shouldn't die when not in the active household.

Bug Fixes:
1. Roommates should only get 1 set of roommate interactions
2. This version should fix the bug that no sim is active when switching household.
Note about bug 2: I was able to make the above bug happen in my test hood, and the reason for this was that the sim who should have been active, was still a roommate and I think this happened because I didn't check if a sim was already a roommate or not, before re-assigning to be a roommate. So if you had 3 households, and you kept switching between two of them, the third would be made a roommate multiple times. Adding a check to only handle the roommate part if the sim is not already a roommate fixed the multiple roommate interaction bug and seems to fix this one as well.

Bugs in V2:
- If your minor pet is a bird, and he is in your sims inventory and you switch to this household, and put the bird into the cage, he will be on the branch diagonaly external image icon_giggle.gif But you can just put him back to your sims inventory and then put him back to the cage and he'll be ok.

Please note, v2 has been only tested in my test hood where I would create situations that would let me test the changes/bug fixes.