Apartment Mod

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Creators Notes:
Here is a video, Apartment Mod Tutorial showing how the mod works. The Sims shown in the video were created by sixamsims

How do I use this mod?

  • In Edit Town mode, merge all the families you want into the Apartment Lot, then "Return to Game".
  • Go into Buy Mode and add the "Apartment Controller" onto the Lot. The Apartment Controller can be found in either of these two locations:-
    • Sort by Room > Kitchen > Alarms
    • Sort by Function > Electronics > Miscellaneous Electronics
  • Go back to Live Mode, click on the Apartment Controller and select the option: Family > Create Family
  • Enter the following information:-
    • Family Name: This will not change the household name. It's just the name you want to assign to this apartment family.
    • Family Funds: Enter the value of household funds this family has. The amount will be deducted from the combined household's family funds.
    • Rent: This is paid on Monday at 9.00am. Only the active family pays rent. If you don't want them to pay it, leave it at zero.
    • The members: Move the sims you want to have in this family from the left-hand pane over to the right-hand pane, either by double-clicking them or by selecting them and using the arrows.
  • After you have created your families, click on the Apartment Controller again and select: Family > Set Active Family then choose which family you would like to be controllable. The other family/families are turned into roommates and their portraits will disappear from the Portrait Panel until you decide to make them selectable again.
    • Note: If you also have PortraitPanel installed, you will need to set the "Filter > Only Selectable" option to "True" in that mod, for the uncontrollable sims' portraits to disappear from the Portrait Panel, otherwise they will remain visible but be unclickable.

What happens when the last active sim dies?

If the active sim (within this mod) dies and he or she is the only sim left in the household, you will need to switch to a completely different household within your neighbourhood via another method. With a member of the different family as the active sim, click on the Apartment Controller and select a valid family from within this mod again. You will then be able to switch back to the previously inactive apartment family on the lot.

Things To Note

  • Aging
    • If you are using a mod to have TS2 style aging, you will need to manually turn off the aging of the apartment residents you are not currently playing. You can use Buzzler's Aging Manager Mod to do this.
  • Pets
    • Pets can be roommates too but you need still to take care of them. If you don't want to feed them when they are not in the active apartment family, you can buy them the aspiration reward "Bottomless Pet Bowl" so you don't need to take care of their feeding. It's not currently recommended to have pets in apartments because the EA doors won't allow you to give them a key. If you lock the door for some sims, pets can't use it. For cats, the KittyWay Animated Cat Door is a viable option but there is no known alternative for dogs, unfortunately.
  • Babies
    • When a baby is born, they will normally be added to the list of active sims but until you assign them to a family, they will not belong to any apartment family and will always be active.
  • Death
    • If a roommate dies, they will be removed from the list of apartment family residents.
  • Non-Active Families
    • This mod will turn the sims in the families you are not currently playing, into roommates. So if you have any mods that affect how roommates operate, it will affect those sims too.
  • Family Limit
    • There is no limit to how many apartments you can have. If you are using a mod that allows you to have more than eight sims on a lot you could, theoretically, have an apartment complex of thirty sims but because all the other households are visible and their residents are going on with their daily life, for computer performance, it might be best to keep the apartment limit to low. It is suggested not to exceed four apartments per lot.
  • Other
    • As you are still actually handling one household, there are a lot of quirks you will need to learn to live with. Here are a few examples that have been noticed:-
      • When doing laundry, active sims may want to put their laundry in their neighbours hamper. Relocating the hampers for both families so the active sims' hamper is always the closest one to them, may help to alleviate this problem.
      • If you have a standard fridge in all apartments, the contents of such are identical. Each family will have access to the same content from their own fridge. The suggested workaround for this is to place the University Life Manse Mini Fridge in all inactive apartments.
      • Your sim may need to call a babysitter when trying to leave the house because their neighbours have gone to work and left a toddler home alone. To work around this issue, you could make one of the inactive sims take an unpaid vacation so your sim doesn't have to take care of their toddler.

What do I do if a roommate becomes active?

If you stumble upon the bug where roommates become part of the active household when you load your game, re-selecting the active household will make them become roommates again. If this happens in your game, please report the issue on the Apartment Mod Issues page.