Apartment Mod

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On modified object Apartment Controller (Intercom);
  • Settings:
    • Reset Lot
      • Combine all apartment families back to one single household. Deleting the controller also does this.
    • Stop EA Roommates
      • When testing this mod, I noticed that EA's roommate advertising was active after exiting the game. Even though I didn't activate it (I guess having roommates on the lot activates it). This mod will automatically, when added to the lot or when the game is loaded and you have this mod in your world, turn advertising of roommates off. But, just in case it fails, you can use this interaction to turn it off. This interaction will stop advertising for roommates, but it will not kick out existing roommates like using the phone will.

  • Family:
    • Create Family
      • Create the apartment family.
    • Edit Family
      • Edit the family information. You can only edit the inactive families, if you want to edit the current active family, you need to switch to another family for a moment.
    • Set Active Family
      • Which family you want to play.
    • Delete Family
      • Select a family from the list to delete. The sims will turn into controllable sims, and their funds will be added to the active families funds.
        • Note: The sims made active by deleting a family are not combined to the currently active family. They will just be active. So if you switch families, these sims will stay active until you re-asign them to another household.
    • Show Active Family Info
      • Show some basic information about the active family.