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Awesomemod is a Core-Mod designed, developed, and maintained by J. M. Pescado.

Being a Core-Mod allows Awesome to implement functionality that is either impossible, or simply too onerous for this suite's style of mods.
  • The mod contains an alternative approach to story progression, which may be better suited to your type of game-play than other available mods.
  • It also contains a macroing capability in the form of Supreme Commander for automating certain types of actions in-game.

The mod is mentioned on this site as a large portion of the function in this suite's mod is duplicated in Awesome.
  • Much of it was actually borrowed directly from Pescado's work, and converted into non-core-mod format for use by non-awesome users.

All of Awesome's options are handled via tuning, though you can change them in-game, those settings are not persisted the next time you load that game.

For further details regarding the mod and its capability, see the aforementioned forum.

Mod Compatibility

Though all scripting mods in this suite will operate in conjunction with Awesome, some of the mods have some special considerations :
  • AntiMagicScroll
    • Functionality is already a part of Awesome
  • DebugEnabler
    • Unlocking of the EA Debugging interactions is part of Awesome
  • Dreamer
    • The ability to satisfy unpromised wishes is part of Awesome, as is the ability for inactives to complete wishes
  • ErrorTrap
    • Don't be confused by the fact they are both Core-Mods, this mod can be installed simultaneously with Awesome
  • MasterController
    • Changes to the maximum allowable sliders are disabled when Awesome is installed (though can be re-enabled via options)
  • Overwatch
    • This mod's replacement of the aging manager may conflict with Awesome's alterations to sim aging
  • RelationshipPanel
    • There are reports that the Ctrl-Click deletion ability interferes with Awesome functionality that uses the same command
  • Saver
    • Awesome contains its own auto-saving functionality
  • Selector
    • The ability to switch households using Right-Click is part of Awesome
  • StoryProgression
    • Awesome automatically disables its own Story Mode system when it detects that StoryProgression is installed
  • Woohooer
    • It is not advised to attempt to bypass Awesome's pedophile system using this mod, as many users have experienced Crash-To-Desktop issues.
      • - MistahIncognito MistahIncognito verified that the Core-Mod is specifically written to Quit the game if you attempt to bypass the pedo rule-set.
    • Provided you avoid Teen-Adult relations, the remainder of the mod works fine