Can I Use Daycare Instead Of Babysitters?

The NRaas mod GoHere has options for using Daycare as well as other features listed under Caregivers on the mod's Interactions page.

Other Option Settings For Daycare

Install Retuner
Click on City Hall or any computer then, NRaas > Retuner > Settings > General > By Object > Sim* > TakeCareOfDaycareChild
*Note: There are two "Sim" options. If the first one doesn't have "TakeCareOfDaycareChild", try the second one.
See also Other Caregiver Options in Careers and Jobs

Children's Food Stand

For FAQ on Children's Food Stand See Objects & Misc

Is There A Way To Have Toddlers Stand In CAS?

Yes. See the Managing CAS Page

Objects Children Can Use Without Stretching

See the No Stretch Children Can Series Mod by kapaer at MTS NEW MOD
See also Children Can Practice Speech in Members' Retuner Settings (Use CTRL+F to open the search box and type in "Speech")

Babies and Toddlers

Want to see arms and legs on your babies? AND hair? Try the links below.
Note: If you do not have the default replacement skin, you will need to bring your baby into CAS.
The babies in the pictures on these sites are for demonstration purposes only, your sims babies will look like the current babies do in your game.
Default Replacement Baby Skins
Linda Sims
Aikea-Guinea - Please take note of the "THIS IS IMPORTANT" part on the page, as this default replacement skin has special instructions.
Default Hair For Babies
Little Wisps Hair by QuizicalGin

Baby Clothes
QuizicalGin's site has some adorable baby clothes and diapers. Check them out:-
Baby Diapers
Another Baby Diaper plus Diapers with T-Shirts
Georgia Boutique Onesie for Infants
Summer Sprig Jumper for Babies
Royalty Sweet Dress for Babies
Sleeper Footies for Baby Sims
Baby Hats as Accessories
Baby Dresses NEW
Jewelry For Babies NEW
By Quianna These are adorable and come in 3Pack or Package
Pretty Hair Clips For Babies
More For Babies NEW
See Also: Sims 3 Baby Resource Listing

Toddler Jewelry-Accessories-Face Paint NEW
Toddler Strawberry Earings and Necklasby Tankuz at TSR
Toddler Stud Earings and Pearl Necklace jameess Sims3
Toddler Hoop Earings magnemoe MTS
Toddler Earings and Sunglasses lilisims blogspot
Toddler Necklace and Earings Quianna
Toddler Costume Makeup by Teeejboo
Toddler Thief Mask TSR
Toddler Hats as Accessories MTS
Fedora Hats M/F Toddlers and Children My sims3 Blog

Nail Polish For Little Girls NEW

Toddler Tights - Legwarmers - Socks - Costume NEW
Winnie The Poo Toddler Tights TSR
Toddler Skirt With Leg Warmers TSR
Recolorable Socks For Toddlers These can be worn with shoes.
Toddler Cowboy Cowgirl QuizicalGin
Daddy's Loafers QuizicalGin
Mommy's Heels QuizicalGin

Furniture Babies - Toddler Beds
Functional Crib For Twins koposov
Crib For Twins by dorosinfan Download Marketplatz
Toddler Beds TSR NEW
Sleepy Time Toddler Bed MTS NEW
Toddler Bed and Matching Furniture TSR NEW

Sims 2 Baby For Sims 3 by danjaley at MTS

Social Worker Not Showing Up With Adopted Baby/Toddler/Child

The adoption system is very glitchy. Some players experience little or no problems and others report not being able to adopt. The problem lies with the interactions for the adoption social worker and the social worker being reset before the adoption is completed. If adopting a child via phone, newspaper or computer is not working correctly, do this:
Install MasterController
  • From City Hall or any Computer, click on the sim who will be adopting then NRaas > Master Controller > Sim > Basic > Adopt
    and select 'Gender: Female' and/or 'Gender: Male' and 'Age'. Click the Accept button and then select Baby, Toddler or Child.

Picking Up Other Sims Babies

Question: Everyone in town can pick up and play with anyone's babies and toddlers, yet my sim can't. Sometimes I see babies and toddlers that need feeding, changing, social, or are hot or cold and are screaming their heads off, yet my sim can't touch them. I get a notice that says "You don't know this child well enough". How do I change that?
Install Retuner
Change the Liking Threshold as follows:-
Click on City Hall or any Computer then: NRaas > Retuner > Settings > General > By Tunable XML > Sims3.Gameplay.Actors > Sim > kBabyToddlerLikingThresholdToAllowInteractionsWithStrangers = 0
  • Note: you still need to have them in your relationship panel but the level of relationship will be ignored with the above setting, allowing you to pick up the baby.


See Death

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