Creator notes:
"Easy CASP Editor is intended to give a chance to players to make their own override mod about stuff in CAS. By default, when you run the program, it will read all your Installed Custom Content in DCcache (i.e. *.dbc). You can switch to your installed EA pack folder by selecting different item in combo-box at the corner.
It automatically record the changes you make. So you can just click File->Save to have your package; it will only generate package with your changed item, not all :) In addition, I simply close the program without saving, the program will remind you to save." ~ Kuree over at Simlogical.

Nraas notes:
The NRaas community only offers some guidance in the usage of this tool and does not take requests for changes or issues (installment, errors) with Kuree's Easy CASP Editorf. Here is the link for the download: Kuree's EasyCASP Editor
General notes:
  • Easy CASP Editor will NOT let you manage Store Content (Sims3Packs) due to EA's protection on its content. Unless you decrapify your Sims3Packs before you install the content with your launcher.
  • Easy CASP Editor can NOT let you manage your Custom Content (packages) that are installed in your "MODS\Packages" directory due to Easy CASP Editor having its own [#name#]CASP.package in the same location.
  • You can open Easy CASP Editor while you are in a game, but its unadvisable to do ANY editing within Easy CASP Editor. The result of doing this while your game is running is a Crash To Desktop.

Basic usage of the tool

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1. Open Easy CASP Editor

  • You'll see directly which Custom Content you have installed in your game through Sims3Packs.
  • Easy CASP Editor reads DCCache folder (.dbc files) and CASThumbnail.package (decrapified StoreContent).

When you have decrapified Store Content installed, these content will be stored in CASThumbnail.package within the Thumbnails\-folder of the Sims 3-user directory. For further information on decrapified Store Content go to this section.

2. How to Navigate?

  • On the bottom left of the tool, you'll find 3 dropdown selection boxes. With this you can navigate the following (from left to right):
    1. Filter on EA-pack
    2. Filter on All, Ages or Types
    3. Filter on Categories

Whenever you're using those filters make sure you have selected a thumbnail on the list. Otherwise, if you're using the up and down wheel on your mouse (or up and down arrow on your keyboard) the filter will jump to the next selection, which signals Easy CASP Editor to load the next list and can take up a lot of unneeded time.

3. How Do I Hide A CAS-part?

  • To hide a CAS-part in the game own CAS, you'll need to:
    • select a thumbnail you wish to hide
    • tick in the checks for "Is Hidden In CAS"

This usually hides the item in the game own CAS. If the item still shows in CAS, this might be due to EA bad coding of the CAS-part. Please check here if the item is already listed (click on Show more replies to see older posts, if applicable).

4. It Still Shows Up When Sims Aging up!

  • This is due to the option on the CAS-part that the item can be used when ever a Sims Age up. To also make it unavialable:
    • select a thumbnail you don't want to use for Sims aging up
    • un-tick the checks for "Valid For Random"

5. I Am Done Categorizing My CAS-part!

  • Whenever you are done with re-categorizing CAS-parts, you'll need to Save your progress by clicking in the menu File>Save Package ....
  • This will create a [YourName]CASP.package file within your "My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages" -folder and will keep track of any changes made to that file.
  • If you choose to you can update that file many times, when you decide to Hide or Unhide CAS-parts for future usage in any Sims 3 challenges you might want to use an outfit for or not.
  • Exit Easy CASP Editor and Play your game.

Usefull tips:

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1. On navigation within Easy CASP Editor.

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  • When you decide to check all CAS-parts, use this method:
    • Filter 1: Sims 3
    • Filter 2: All
    • Filter 3: Everyday
    • (It will take some time to load, be patient.)
  • Go through the list and if you find a CAS-part, un-tick all within the Category (especially "Valid For Random" if you don't want the CAS-part being used on age up) and tick-in "Is Hidden In CAS". Keep on doing this till you had enough.
  • Save Package and exit.
  • Next time you want to go through the list again.
    • Filter 1: Sims 3
    • Filter 2: All
    • Filter 3: Everyday
    • (It will take some time to load, be patient.)
  • You'll notice that some items you already have hidden are not anymore on that list, cause they fall under the category (filter 3:) "Is Hidden In CAS".
  • Also moving to the next Filter 3: "Formal" will already have some CAS-parts missing and might load the list a little faster.

2. Decrapified Store Content

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  • If you have decrapified your own selfbought Store Content for your own personal usage, you are able to manage these items with Easy CASP Editor.
  • Whenever you go in CAS these Store Content will be logged in the CASThumbnail.package within your Sims 3 user-directory.
  • Easy CASP will then fill its Installed Custom Content with this Store Content CAS-parts and you are able to manage these CAS-parts with this tool.

If by accident or by an usual habbit you had cleared/deleted this Cache file, the game wil regenerate a new CASThumbnail.package in your Sim 3 user-directory. This means the file is empty and won't show any of your decrapified Store Content-parts within the tool.

2.1. How do I restore this in CAS?

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  • If you deleted the CASThumbnail.package, you'll need to rebuild it with those decrapified Store Content:
    • 1. Close Easy CASP Editor
    • 2. Start your game
    • 3. Go into CAS, then select all categories within hair, clothing (everyday, formal, sleepwear, etc.) and accessoires for each gender and ages.

  • Doing this will create a thumbnail of every Custom Content and decrapified Store Content installed through Sims3Pack in the CASThumbnail.package, which will be used by Easy CASP Editor.
    • 4. Exit CAS and Exit Game
    • 5. Open Easy CASP Editor and it will show you your decrapified Store Content, which you are now able to re-categorize.

2.2. How to backup CASThumbnail.package

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  • Incase of overbloating the game or it get lost while doing a Clean Folder:

    • 1. Create a folder named "Backup CASThumbnail" on your desktop or somewhere you can find it easily.
    • 2. Open the CASThumbnail.package in S3PE
    • 3. Select within the menu Resouce>Select All, then from the menu Resource>Export>To File...
    • 4. Navigate to the "Backup Thumbnail" -folder and press OK

  • Now you've created a backup of the CASThumbnail.package and you can throw the one in the Sims 3\Thumbnail folder away.

2.2.1 Updating Backup CASThumbnail
Anchor [[Blacklisting Easy CASP Editor#CASP and Decrapified Store Content-updating]]
  • Whenever you start the game the CASThumbnail.package will regenerate. And whenever you go in CAS, the custom content will be refilled in that *.package.
  • When you done playing go through the same process and S3PE will ask that certain items in that folder already exist, you can overwrite it or just let S3PE ignore those existing CASThumbnails. To be safe use overwrite, you might have added a new pattern or color on the CAS-part, which also be updated in your backup.

2.2.2 Restoring CASTThumbnail.package
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  • Want some hidden Custom Content back into your game. You could either view the backup folder to see if you can find the specific CAS-part(s) thumbnail and specifically chose that to import or you can just import all.
    • 1. Open the CASThumbnail.package in "Sims 3\Thumbnails" -folder (if you don't have one, start the game and it will regenerate a new one) with S3PE
    • 2. If the CASThumbnail.package is already with new items, export it first and then select all withinS S3PE and delete all entries.
    • 3. Select from menu Resource>Import>From File...
    • 4. Navigate to "Backup Thumbnail"-folder and select the CAS-part or all you would like to manage with Easy CASP Editor and press open
    • 5. An Import Resources Menu will open and click on Import
    • 6. Save and Exit S3PE.
    • 7. Open Easy CASP Editor and all the items are back.