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Note: This listing has not been updated for several months. Some of the resolutions have changed as a result of mod updates or been fixed by subsequent patches. There are updates for many of the bugs listed on this page along with additional information and instructions at the links below:

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- brappl brappl 8-July-2014

(Originally maintained by Crinrict)

Since Twallan's Mods nowadays fix so many EA bugs and they are all over the mods, I've decided to make a little list on which bug is solved by which mods

BUG: Invisible Sim, caused by lost outfits
MOD: Either have them automatically cleaned up by ErrorTrap or do it manually with DebugEnabler (Fix invisible Sims). Note that the genetics as well as the outfits of your Sims may be rerolled, hence they might look different then before.

BUG: Missing UI
MOD: If you are sure that you did not inadvertently press the F10 Key and make the UI disappear this way, ErrorTrap will be able to recover the UI for you. If that does not work, using DebugEnabler's forceHud console command to force the menu to reappear.
  • Developer's Note:
    • If you find yourself automatically forced back to "Edit Town", do not continue to play the game as if nothing happened.
    • Use the Save As and create a new save-game, then return the Main Menu and load the the new save from there.

BUG: Unable to click on the family tree or the family tree is completely messed up
MOD: The Clean up Genealogy option in Overwatch fixes this issue. To manually adjust your family tree, use MasterController

BUG: Can't get the interaction to go steady or get married to show up
MOD: The Clean up Genealogy option in Overwatch fixes this issue. Sometimes this issue can be resolved by simply using only romantic interactions for quite a while.

BUG: When traveling, my Sim doesn't make it to the destination. I have an empty interface
MOD: This error is caused by multiple issues, some of which are fixed by StoryProgression. There are some issues that are not fixed, so this error might still occur.

  • Traveler helps showing errors that occur during the transition and can help fixing more issues in the future.

BUG: It's not possible to explore tombs anymore for when you click on walls and traps, the interactions are missing
MOD: Most likely still fixed by StoryProgression

BUG: Can't load a certain savegame
MOD: Use ErrorTrap to solve this issue.

BUG: My Sim is stuck in moving mode and because of this, it's not Edit Town and other options are grayed out
MOD: Use the option Drop moving on the DebugEnabler.

BUG: My Sim run everywhere
MOD: Use DebugEnabler's Reset Walk to correct the issue.

BUG: One or more of my sims are stuck
MOD: Overwatch resets stuck sims automatically. Use MasterController or the cheat resetSim firstname lastname (or resetSim *) to reset the Sim manually.

BUG: My inactive Sims have tons of cars in their inventory. Also all parking spaces are taken up by abandoned cars, making the game lag extremely
MOD: Clean up Vehicles in Overwatch will get rid of them periodically

BUG: Can't use the grocery store
MOD: This is due to unknown seeds in a Sims inventory. Remove the seeds or use DebugEnabler to make them known.

BUG: My sims gather in front of rabbitholes
MOD:If it's the school, try this: BUG: Crowds in front of the school. For all other lots, use Overwatch to correct the issue.

BUG: My sim/toddler went missing (for example after being arrested)
MOD: Recover Wandering Toddlers and Recover Missing Sims on Overwatch can get them back

BUG: My gnomes do not do anything anymore
MOD: Boot All Gnomes on Overwatch will reboot them so they move again

BUG: The elevators in the high buildings are not working right and get stuck all the time.
MOD: Clean up Elevators on Overwatch should help with that.

BUG: My Vampire Sims are learning at insanely speed levels.
MOD: Clean up Skill Modifiers on Overwatch will take care of that.

BUG: I have stuck items in my inventory
MOD: Use Sort Inventory on MasterController. Clean up Inventory on Overwatch will also delete Objects that are not actually there anymore.

BUG: My sound is gone.
MOD: Turn off Stereos in Overwatch will turn off stereos on inactive home lots which should help getting the sound back.

BUG: The Buy-Option in my consignment store does not work anymore.
MOD: Sometimes consigned items have a negative days left making it unusable. StoryProgression fixes that.

BUG: When I click on the consignment store register, nothing happens.
MOD: Going traveling with open consignments deletes the object list of the register. Use either StoryProgression or Overwatch to fix.

BUG: My Sims age in the strangest ways
MOD: Cleanup Aging on Overwatch takes care of the problem where one Sims ages twice within one day. Using the dresser, EA stylist or the tattoo artist have the tendency to reset the age in the current age group. Use the stylist on the MasterController instead.

BUG: Sims are moving away, get jobs, I don't want them to have and babies and toddlers die on me
MOD: That's EA StoryProgression doing this. Use StoryProgression to have a way better experience

BUG: Inactive Sims don't go to work
MOD: StoryProgression has the option to workPush the Sims so that they go to work when they dawdle

BUG: My sims is pitch black.
MOD: Fix invisible Sims in DebugEnabler will also cure those.

BUG: None of the Sims in my town age although I have aging on.
MOD: Reset everthing in MasterController will get the hood back to aging.

BUG: My Sims can't fish with bait
MOD: Overwatch fixes this issue

BUG: My Sim lost all his fish when coming back from vacation.
MOD: ErrorTrap helps with this issue