Where Can I Find Rabbit Hole Rugs?

Jynx Rabbit Hole Rugs For Residential Lots over at MTS (compatible up to EP Ambitions)
Rabbit Hole Replacements For Community Lots over at MTS (compatible up to EP Late Night)

Margaret Pendragon's Rugs: Downloads are here - http://simsl3gacies.com/downloads/
  • University Life Rabbit Hole Rug
  • Resort Rabbit Hole Rug
  • Bistro Rabbit Hole Rug
  • Supernatural Rabbit Hole Rug
  • Into The Future Rabbit Hole Rug

To use these rugs with Zurbu's Ultimate Career Mod See:
Build your own Custom Rabbit Hole Careers building
See Tutorial Here by - J4Ks J4Ks

If you have EP Pets installed and are updated beyond patch 1.29.55.x you will require an updated version of these Replacements Rugs, which you can find in the next section "Build Your Own Custom Rabbit Hole Careers Building" under section 2.

An Alternative to Rabbit Hole Rugs:
Community or Residential Rabbit Hole Signs by MelissaMel at MTS

Other Rabbit Hole Rugs Available:

Note: The Replacements Rabbit Hole Doors of Jinx has been removed due to a graphical glitch when zooming in and out where such doors are placed.

Lot Tags

Is there a way to remove a lot tag so its not seen from town view?
If you assign those lots to be Hidden Tombs they won't show a map tag in map view, or Edit Town, unless EnableLotLocking is set to true. You'll need to set EnableLotLocking to true to make that lot assignment available, and then disable EnableLotLocking so the map tags don't show.

World Installation - Launcher Issue
- J4Ks J4Ks
The Launcher says it's already installed but the world file is missing. This usually works for me if such *.world file didn't install properly. Easy and fast, no need to wrestle with the Launcher for something it should have done properly. The steps below were for the Plum Grove World. The number of files viewed might be different than the number of files in step 3.

1. Open the Sims3Pack in the most current Custard version (dated 04/03/2011, on MTS link postcount #226)
2. Click on extract all option under header File> and put the content in a new temporary folder.
3. Open the Temporary Folder where you extracted the files. There are only 2 files in the PlumGrove Sims3Pack, what you need is the largest file, the other file is an image used by the launcher for this you can just delete it.
4. rename the largest file from 0x<withalotofnumbers> to Plum Grove and change the extension from *.package to *.world
5. Now pick up that *.world file and place it inside your Documents\EA\TS3\InstalledWorlds\ -folder
6. Start your game and in the main menu check if the world is now available in the new neighborhood picker.

TIP: Unable To Place A New Lot In Edit Town

I removed a lot from a custom world but am unable to place another lot.

These tips do not work in all instances but is worth a try:
Use Master Controller to reset the lot.
Try placing a smaller lot(s) where the original one was. Bulldoze those and try placing the lot size you want in your town. That seems to reset something or other allowing placement.
Also saving and reloading the game after trying one of the suggestions above has been known to work.

How To Set Up A Homeworld University
Follow the Instructions in this link: Careers FAQ

The Home Owners Association Restrictions

If you want to make changes other than in your living area in apartments etc. with testingcheatsenabled TRUE access the counsel again and type in restrictbuildbuyinbuildings off

Creating A Custom Lot Size

Install velocitygrass' Add Any Lot Size
Instructions for how to use the mod are on the download page.

Placing Community Lot Items on Residential Lots

Install Buzzlers Build Buy Restriction Choker (Builder Stuff)

Locking Doors

GoHere V44 and Master Controller V134 Required
  • How can I limit the listing of "Specify Sims For This Door" option?
  • Note: EA key listing dialog has been modified to include all Sims in the world and not just those on that lot. So you are able to select this modified option on any lots (including Venues).
    • When you are using this option in rooms on Residential Lots, the listing can be quite large to filter down, follow these steps to narrow down the list to only the occupants and a few who may enter the rooms:
      • Set the Lock Door first to, either locked for Everybody, locked for Everyone but myself or Everyone but my Household.
      • Select "Specify Sims For This Door" and you'll see that the list is now narrowed down to only allow none, just your selected Sim or anyone living in your household.
      • Using the left side panel you can then add other Sims to be allowed in a specific room

Crowding At School-University Doorways

See Other Mods FAQ Additional entry exit routing slots for schools and university.
For Easy Search on the page use: use CTRL + F to open the browser search box in the upper right corner of the page and type in a key word, i.e. schools, crowding, doors.

How Do I Set The Front Door For A Lot?
So, the sims are arriving at your lot on the wrong side of the building, or entering through the wrong door ?

A couple of things to consider :
    1. What side of the lot is the front ?
      • Make sure you have "TestingCheatsEnabled" on
      • Enter "Build Mode" on the lot
      • Ctrl-Shift click on the ground next to the side you want to set as the front
      • Use the "Set Front of Lot" menu interaction
    2. What is the front door of your lot ?
      • On the active residential lot, you can set the front door by clicking on the door and using the "Set Front Door" menu interaction
      • For non-active lots, you can set the front door by doing the following :
        1. Enter "Build Mode"
        2. Shift-Click on the door and use the "Set as Front Door" menu interaction
      • OR
        1. Install DebugEnabler
        2. Click on the door and navigate the menu "NRaas \ Debug Enabler \ Options: Door \ Door ... \ Set as Front Door"
        • You can do this on both residential and commercial lots

TIPS For The Fog Emitter NEW ADD

The Game Guide For the Fog Emitter provides a brief overview of what this feature does.
A Tutorial Detailing How To Use The Fog Emitter
How To Build An Aquarium

Down Loads For File Identfiers:
Listing Of Files By Expansion Pack
Master Listing Of All Files

Seasonal Markers - How To Remove

1. Go in Buy/Build mode
2. Activate cheat console (CTRL+SHFT+C) and type in: "testingcheatsenabled true" (without quotes)
3. Activate again the cheat console and type in: "buydebug on" (without quotes)
4. you might need to switch from Buy Mode to Build mode and back again to see the Seasonal Marker, if you see it, hold down CTRL+SHFT and click on that shiny ball, then from the pie select "Delete It".

Docks, Ports And Dive Spots

There are a lot of tutorials and other articles available on the web detailing how to build docks. ports and dive spots. I've listed a few of the tutorials I have used and found them easy to follow.
Keep in mind that not all worlds have water deep enough to support ports and dive spots. Sims VIP has a listing of EA worlds in the link below that can support these. For myself using custom worlds it was more or less trial and error but it can be noted that later custom worlds with island themes already have ports, docks and dive spots or can support them being placed.

Docks and Ports
Tutorial by Zeula at the Sims 3 Forum:
Houseboat Docks and Ports

Tutorial by mustluvcatz at MTS:
Build A Dock On A Beach Lot
TIP: Ports saved to the bin may also be placed. See Use And Types in SimsWikia.

Premade Docks by sim_man123
These docks can be placed as is for decoration or they can be made useable by following instructions n the link above.

Dive Spots
Sims VIP provides an excellent tutorial which also includes a listing of worlds where is IS and IS NOT possible to build diving areas:
Creating Dive Lots

Placing A Dive Spot From Your Bin
For those of us who prefer to place existing dive spots here is an easy way to place dive spots you have saved to your bin.
Put Dive Spots In Other Worlds by IronboatLee at The Sims Forum

More Suggested References:
A Guide To Houseboats In Game And In CAW
FAQ & Tutorials by SimGuruSemedi at the Sims 3 Forum.

Tips: Worlds & Lots Recommendations

Looking for a new world to play? Check out the User Recommended World Listing
Looking for Tiny Lots? Check out this Tiny Community Lots Link
For more tips and gameplay suggestions see the Spice Up Your Game section on the [[http://nraas.wikispaces.com/Where+Can+I+Find+It%3F+More+Wiki+Information+And+Help#|WCIF Page]]

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