Business As Unusual Bistro

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Creators Notes:
Tutorial video can be found here

There are two objects, menu and oven. Do not mix and match with EA's version, just use mine in one restaurant, and EA's in another." Thus Ani_

Mod Isn't Working!

You'll NEED the original EA's Business As Usual Bistro for this to work.
This works with just the base game, as long as you are patched to the max.
Please backup your save before using this mod.

What Has Changed Opposed To EA's Original?

  • The biggest change is that I split the chef job into two parts, chef and waiter.
  • Instead of hiring a chef, and selecting from predefined number of hours, you create shifts. I'll explain shifts in it's own section.
  • Instead of your sim looking like a dead puppet while waiting for their food, I replaced this with sims drinking water from a glass, just like in TS2
  • Children can use this mod too. They won't be animated unfortunately when ordering/Waiting for their food but they will chat with other sims sitting at the table.
  • The list for the "Set menu choices" interaction has been changed to a dual panel menu. I find this much easier to plan the menu, than to have all the foods in one list and scrolling through them all. Also, the menu will remember what foods were selected previously, so you don't have to start from scratch.
  • You no longer select the quality of the chef. I set this value to the max because it only seemed to effect the foods you see. Now you will see all the foods available.
  • The hours of operating, are no longer tied to the lot's opening hours.
  • Chef's will no longer quit for no other reason that EA's random number generator returns a number that EA decided means the chef will quit.
  • Chef's and waiters will not quit ever, because in this economical situation sims should be happy to have any job.
  • Chef's don't gain cooking skill when working. Because honestly, if you work in a crappy burger joint you shouldn't become a master chef no matter how many burgers you flipped.
  • The chef will not change to the chef outfit, he will change to a work outfit, and you can use MC to change the outfit to what you want. (same with waiters).
  • A new chef will not be randomly hired because your chef failed to show up. The mod will keep calling the chef to work, and so far nobody has failed to show up.

How To Setup Shifts?

Click on the Oven> Settings> Create Shifts:

  • Working hours (Shift Start/Shift End)
    • These are full hours in a 24h clock.
    • Shifts do not overlap. If you set one shift to start 6 - 12, and another 10 - 15. The 10 - 15 shift will not be activated until the 6 - 12 ends.
  • Chef
    • Select a Chef from a list of sims (all sims in the hood are displayed). The chef is obligatory, if you cancel this step, you also cancel the whole shift creating. The dual panel allows you to select as many chefs as you like, but only the first one is selected and hired. There can only be 1 chef/shift.
  • Chef Wage
    • What you want to pay for your chef per hour.
  • Waiter Wage
    • What you want to pay your waiter per hours. All waiters share the same wage.
  • Waiters
    • Select the waiters for your shift. All sims (except the chef you just selected) are listed here.
    • There is no limit on how many waiters you can hire/shift. If you want to hire 60 waiters and watch them route fail and bump into each other, that's your choice. But I suggest keeping it in low values, 1-3 or something like this.
    • If you don't hire any waiters, the chef will do both jobs, just like EA intended. But if you do select waiters, then the chef will just do the chopping salad animations.
    • The mod does not check if the waiter (or chef) supposed to be working in another shift at the time of this shift. You need to keep tab on who did you hire, where and when.
    • Waiters do not stand idly waiting for the next order. They will walk around and sometimes do some random animation from their trait's idle animations.