Business As Unusual Bistro

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Requires custom objects Menu and Oven

Object Oven:
  • Fix quick meal
  • Settings:
    • Enable/Disable Shifts
      • Shifts need to be disabled before you can edit/create them. Remember to turn them back on when you are done so the oven works.
    • Create Shift
      • Allows you to create a shift for this oven.
    • Edit Shift/Set Food Markup/Set menu choices/Delete Shift
    • Toggle Always Random Food: (true/false)
      • A global setting. If true sims will always get a random meal. If false, the active sim will get to choose the meal.
    • Toggle Pay on Active
      • If true, only sims in the active household are paid. So if you play the workers, they will be paid. But if you are playing another household they will not be paid. The same with the lot owner. If you are playing the lot owner, the workers fees are subtracted from your fund, but if you are not, then it won't. If this setting is false, then everybody gets paid all the time.

Object Menu:
  • Place an Order
    • Have your sim dine.
  • Ask to Dine
    • Have another sim on the lot use the menu.