Restaurants, Bars, Running a Business & Community Lots

How can I get more sims to visit Bars & Restaurants or My Business?

  • Do you actually have enough ADULTS in your town to visit the venue?
  • If your town has too many bars and other business spots, try taking some of them out.
  • Nightspots and Businesses classified as "Hangout" will attract more sims.
  • Venues classified as "Visitors Allowed" will attract fewer sims.
  • Multi-story buildings have too much unnecessary extra space. Try to use smaller, compact venues so sims will be attracted to areas where they can interact.
  • Don't use elevators.
  • If you only have Clubs tagged as "Exclusive" and few celebrities in town, don't expect to see many sims there unless your town is full of high ranking celebrities.
  • Sims with the Party Animal trait will be frequent flyers at Hangouts.
  • If your town has a lot of parks, beaches, fishing spots, etc. either remove those you do not need or change some/all to "No Visitors Allowed"
  • If you have a Festival Lot and you don't use it, save it to your bin. Sims love those Lots and often go there before anywhere else
  • Depending on your town's population size, too many Sims may be at work (Consignment Store, Festival Booths, Show Venues, Stylist Register, etc.) leaving a smaller number to populate a venue.
  • Have your sim throw a party at the venue and invite as many sims as possible. If you do this using the MasterController interaction: Basic > Invite Over, the sims are guaranteed to show up.
  • Remember, only so many sims can be pushed to a lot. If sims are busy walking around unnecessary parts of the building or stuck in elevators they are really just taking up space rather than adding to the atmosphere.
  • Is the game reading the correct CPU rating for your system? The game uses the CPU rating to determine how many sims can be pushed to a community lot with your active sim. See General Issues.

TIP: Gigs - Bands - Late Night Bar Venues

See the Performance-Entertainment Careers page.

I Want My Night Club/Bar Open All Day/Night

See Link To Shimrods 23 Hour Bars and Clubs Mod at the bottom of the page under Mods.

Why do my sims keep resetting when visiting a bar?

Note: this issue has been fixed with Overwatch v122 and higher. For users of that mod, the solution below should no longer be needed.

With the release of the Island Paradise Expansion Pack, the code for tending bars was changed but some worlds (mostly EA standard ones) will still be using the old bars. To update this, you'll need to replace all the existing bars in those venues from the Build/Buy Catalogue. Do NOT clone them using the eyedropper tool.
To correct this problem, follow the steps below:
  1. Go into Edit Town.
  2. Go into a venue that has a bar.
  3. Click on the Eyedropper Tool and hover over the existing bar. Do NOT click it.
  4. Write down the name of the bar that pops up in the tool tip.
  5. Delete the bar by clicking it with the Sledgehammer Tool.
  6. Find a replacement bar in the Buy Catalogue under: Sort by Function > Surfaces > Miscellaneous Surfaces.
  7. Place the bar then exit Build/Buy and Edit Town.

This can be very time-consuming if you play a world with many of these venues, although once replaced, you should not receive this bar error again.

Nectar & Drinks - Juice Bars

See Other Mod FAQs
Use "CTRL + F" to open your BROWSER SEARCH and type in nectar or Juice Bar in the browser search box in the upper right of the page.

Bakery, Stocking Shelves & Using the Cupcake Mod

Use the links below (also found on the Cupcake FAQ page) for more details and information to help with bakery functions and issues.

What is Cupcake?

My Displays Aren't Restocking!
Wedding Cakes are appearing on the bottom shelves
My display has an empty slot where a Wedding Cake should be
My displays are clearing at 3am
My dishes are spoiling and getting flies
Sims cannot purchase Snacks/Juices/Ice Cream
How do I know which slot is which?

How do I change the music in a bar?

While in Build/Buy mode, Ctrl-Shift-Click on the wall speaker. Use the menu that appears to change the music being played.

Custom Music Tip

Need help with Custom Music? See the Gameplay FAQ - Custom Music page.

How do I change which sims can enter through ropes?

While in Build/Buy mode, Ctrl+Shift+Click on the ropes. You can then set whether or not the room behind the ropes is treated as a VIP room and decide who to allow access to: Everyone, Limited or Nobody.
  • Limited access can be set for celebrity level or type of occult sim.
  • You can also set the bribe level for the bouncer this way.

Selling Furniture and Appliances, etc. From Inventories

See details on the Objects - Miscellaneous page.

Other Links & Mods

Sims Wiki Bar Descriptions
Sim Attraction To Lots - Excellent overview at Carl's Sims 3 Guide

Townies Out On The Town by Shimrod at the Asylum
Ticket Machine by Inge at Simlogical lets you choose what type of sims you want the machine to advertise to and bring to the lot.
Eat Outside by icarus_allsorts at MTS
MSC More Sims In Clubs by Danieu at MTS
23 Hour Bars and Clubs by Shimrod

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