Buyable Moneybag

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Where can I find the Money Bags in-game?

The Money Bags can be found in the "Entertainment > Hobbies & Skills" section of the Buy Mode Catalogue.

Why would I need to use these?

"Well, I for example have one Sim who rents his spare bedroom. Every day when the tenant comes home from work, I change her wage to moneybags (or as close as I can) and then on Monday I cash in the amount of money for the weeks rent. I also use them when I want to give my kids money when they move out. Or if I want a Sim to save up for something specific to buy and don't want to accidentally lose the money when paying bills or buying food." ~ Ani

How can I change the value of the Money Bags?

The new system means that you can now easily change the money bag value, if you want it to be something else other than the five values already given.

1. Download The Sims 3 Package Editor (S3PE)

2. Open the package file you want to edit and choose the language your game runs in, then click "Edit STBL".
Buyable money bag.png

3. Select the title and change the value after the § mark. Then click the "Save" button.
buyable moneybag-2.png

Note that because a check is made for the § mark and everything after it is parsed, you cannot have text after the § mark (§10 xx) or a space (§10 000). When clicking the money bag in game to cash it, a large number like 10,000 will still be formatted correctly even if the title has no formatting.

4. Another way would be to change the price of the Money Bag with The Sims 3 Object Cloner (S3OC).
  • Open the object's .package file with S3OC and highlight it in the left-hand panel.
  • Click the "Clone or Fix.." button.
  • Change the value in the "Catalog Name" and "Price" sections.
  • Click the Start button.