Pose Player is an awesome program that "freezes" sims in specific poses and used by simmers to create pictures (and movies) for story lines.

Where To Get Pose Player

Pose Player Download and Instructions by cmomoney at MTS
Once installed you will find it in Buy/Build under Misc. Decor

Tips For Using Pose Player

  • It is recommended to use the cheat "moveobjects on" (without the quotes)
  • If you do not want those "thought bubbles" or plumbobs to show up in you pictures use the cheat: "HideHeadlineEffects on" (without the quotes)

There are hundreds of pose packs available for download. Here are a few links to get you started:


By orangemittens at Simlogical:


Acrobat Poses at Artsie Simmer
Get Physical Exercise Poses by k2m1too at MTS
Gymnastic Poses by k2m1too at MTS
Swim & Diving Poses by live2draw at MTS

Best Friends by Delight33 at My Sims3 Poses
BFF Poses By Rae at My Sims 3 Poses


Pilates Pose Pack by k2m1too
Ballet Poses by spladoum at MTS
Miss Hisseys Irish Dancers
Missy’s Irish Dancers, celebrating Lord of the Dance and 20 years of Michael Flatley.
More Dance Poses by Miss Hissey

By Meagansterno at MTS
By Cloudwalker Sims
Warm Family Poses by Star
SLM Family Pose Pack at Artsie-Simmer
Doylegirls Family Portraitat MTS
A Toddler Adult Pose Pack by spladoum at MTS
Kids Pose Pack by SimMadMeg at MTS

Poses For Just About Every Situation
Poses Archives
Poses and Animations at MTS

Create Your Own Poses

Creating Your Own Poses by orangemittens at MTS
Creating S3 Custom Poses with Milkshape or Blender

Unique Animations

Animation Player by ccmnoey at MTS

Add some class to your Sim party with the Waltz. New Add
Simoro's Dance version 1.2 by Simoro At Simlogical
Simoro's Work Out At simlogical
Custom Dance Animations At MTS
Auto Sit Watch TV Holding Baby/Toddler (Tuning Mod) by - Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims New Add

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