Build Your Own Campground from TSR
Camping Equipment from TSR
More Tents and Furniture at ATS
Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Conversion by Sandy At Around The Sims 3 NEW FIND

Awesome Lots & Resorts:

Fishermans Retreat by Denise Designs at TSR
Sunny Acres Campground Resort by Diwtay at MTS
Camp Plumbob by Ruthless_kk at The Exchange
Riverview Park and Campground by Winterheart at MTS
Valley Falls Vacation by judywork1957 at the Exchange
The Mini Dude Ranch At TSR
This Cabin has a lot of CC but was too beautiful not to share. (I have this installed and have been using it with no issues).
Mountain View Lodge by Simply Ruthless at the Exchange
Till Death Do Us Part by I May Regret This at MTS ..


Other Fun Stuff:
Outhouse Not sure if it's a 2-seater though.
Sam Merlottes Trailer Sims3 Ex. 30x30 lot. Awesome trailer.
Camping Trailer Sims Exchange. Neat trailer on a 25x25 lot.
Another Camper on a 20x30 lot from Sims3
Don't forget the cat and Dog: Here's a Hammock For The Cat and a Trailer For The Dog

Add some DECO animals peeking through bushes or where ever you choose for a more realistic looking environment.
This is a Zoo by Rabire & Co. -- It's deco animals in different poses but they look neat when you hide a few in the bushes for atmosphere (wolves are
in there). It's in a 3pack so it's easy to just select what you want installed.
Zoo By Dalila
Giraffe and Elephant by Jenni Sims
Black and White Swans by Rebecca
Rebecca's Farm Animals
Mallards In Flight by Rebecca
Helens' Monkeys
Deco Peacock by Severinka.
Canadian Geese
Ducks For Land And Water
Deco Goat Conversion No AdFly but use this link to go directly to the Skyrim Goat as Decor conversion Download At Mediafire
Forest Deer With Antlers by Severinka...Different sizes/poses and they add a nice touch to camping or other rural areas
Deco Flying Falcons by Carlos

- brappl brappl August 2016