Version 87:
  • Crowd-reducing code added that allows sim routing slots to be reassigned when used in conjunction with the forthcoming Additional Entryway mod. - LoganDownUnder LoganDownUnder
    • There should be no behavioral changes at all unless using that mod.
  • Should no longer cause errors when used in conjunction with Ani's Have Coffee With Me mod. - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Updated Czech translation

Version 86 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Fixed non-standard wake up times in various levels of careers post Late Night that seem to have been designed by someone unable to find or comprehend design documentation.
  • The busker career is now compatible with the laser harp.
  • *Twallan Changes*
  • Fixed an error where it was not possible to Enroll in a school or any career using the rabbithole interactions, if the teen did not already have a school career
    Proper handling of the "AvailableInFuture" field
    Alterations to the Orientation

Version 85
  • Updated to Patch 1.61 compatibility
  • Removed the coding that was temporarily removing careers on loadup
    • Problem is I don't remember why it had been implemented to begin with, so let's remove it and see what happens

Version 84
  • Fixed a goof up in V82 where the "Meet And Greet" interaction appeared in all lot menus
  • Added the Life guard and Scuba Diver careers to Careers Academics

Version 83
  • Fixed an issue where the "Transfer Career" listener would not restart properly for the second save loaded during a game-session
    • It also happened to create a script error during loadup in V82, which is how the issue was located

Version 82
  • Replaced the "Go To Orientation" interaction with one that doesn't care whether a student booth exists on the lot
  • Fixed an error when attempting to enroll in the technology degree

Version 81
  • Fixed a script error in the "Enrolment" window when a sim had partial credit available

Version 80
  • Updated to Patch 1.55 Compatibility
  • The Premium Content Violin skill is now included in the skill metric used by the Music Career
  • The homework alarm for home schooling no longer fires for active sims
  • Sims who join experience based careers, and have an appropriate degree now receive several promotions immediately
  • Added a booter for custom Academic Degrees
  • "CareerDataAcademics" is now available, containing a custom "Education" academic degree
  • The "Enrollment" window altered to handle custom degrees and the degrees are now sort alphabetically
  • "Register As Self-Employed" on the City Hall is now available without Ambitions installed

Version 79
  • Collegiate Sports interactions now appear on homeworld stadium rabbitholes
  • Fixed an error where the translation for "Disable homework" would not change to "Enable homework" after switching the option
  • The mod now replaces the "Meet And Greet" alarm with one that allows for the use of Student Unions on custom lots
  • If a lot exists with EventLotMarker objects, then homeworld sims will attend "Meet and Greet" on their first full day
  • Fixed an issue where custom metrics assigned to non-OmniCareer careers could not be translated

Version 78
  • The child/teen Homework interactions should now be unlocked while in the University world
  • The University report card should now only appear once, and only if for sims in the active household
  • It is now possible to use the "Enroll In University" interaction to re-enroll while in the University world, if you lose your career
    • Note the interaction does not appear if you already have the career
    • This process does not restart the vacation timer, so is not a means to extend your stay
  • Fixed an issue where the coding that protected against the loss of Academic Careers in the homeworld broke the restoration of missing Academic Performance Motives on loadup

Version 77
  • "Get Job In Rabbithole" test altered to allow for transfers to different rabbitholes again
  • Changes made to preserve homeworld academic careers during loadup
  • "Enroll In University" interaction now appears on the Administration Center rabbithole when placed in the homeworld
  • Sims provided the "Academic Career" in the homeworld will now be provided a term countdown by the mod
    • The countdown is necessary since credits are only tallied at the end of the term
  • All interactions restricted by tuning to University have been unlocked for use in the homeworld
  • "Use Business Planner" interaction replaced with one that works for academic students in the homeworld
  • "Use Laptop Here" replaced with one that allows for studying in the homeworld
  • "Attend Budget Class" is now available in the homeworld
  • "Writing And Interview Techniques Class" is now available in the homeworld
  • Potential fix for a script error in "AfterschoolActivityFixup:OnWorldLoadFinished"

Version 76
  • Potential fix for a script error when rolling a new Martial Arts Opponent
  • Fixed a conflict regarding the "kGotTips" event fired by the "Graffiti" interaction and the "Busker" coding
  • Added coding to fix after school activities which have no skills assigned to them
    • Corrects both EA Standard and custom activities that can get corrupted

Version 75
  • Fixed an error where the "Write \ Review" interaction was not appearing
  • Updated French Translation

Version 74
  • Updated to Patch 1.50 Compatibility
  • Fixed an error in the MetricWinLossRecord class
  • Fixed the OmniCareer <Genders> field
  • School outfits are now stored in the "Special" outfit category, rather than cluttering up the Career category
  • Fixed some missing Pets coding in "Attend Show"

Version 73
  • Potential fix for a crash if a notice is fired during loadup

Version 72
  • Updated to Patch 1.42 Compatibility
  • The "Register as Self Employed" in the City Hall menu is no longer disabled for pregnant sims

Version 70
  • Adjusted the listeners used during OpportunityEx to better handle target hibernation
  • Fixed an error in "Rummage" where it would run forever
  • The "Question" interaction now appears for custom careers
  • "Write Report" now works properly for OmniCareer
  • Rewrote the custom "Go To School" interaction to reduce the conflict with MasterController and Expanded StoryProgression
  • Fixed the name displayed in the queue while attending a custom after
  • Updated German base-mod translation

Version 69A
  • Fixed the tuning for "Recruit"
Version 69
  • Found and corrected another issue with "Shakedown"

Version 68
  • Adjusted "Shakedown" so it appears under more relationship types
    • Previously it was only valid if you had a negative relationship, now it should be available between friends
  • Removed the BootStrap tuning, which was causing a "conflict" with StoryProgression
    • It was apparently never really necessary
  • Changed the MetricRelPartner to use the first coworker if the partner has not been set yet

Version 67
  • Fixed an issue where the "Die" interaction would appear in the menu even if the sim did not have the Assassination skill
  • Homemaker can now be joined via the City Hall menu, even if your sim has no peg box skill

Version 66
  • The mod now distinguishes between human and pet sims during Assassination death checks
  • "Work In Rabbithole" now works properly when working in a Traveler world while "Treat as Vacation" is disabled
  • Added a fun component to performing after-school activities
  • Replaced the afterschool activity system with a tunable version
  • The "Art Club" and "Study Club" are now available as child-level activities
  • Added new afterschool activities at part of Careers School:
    • "Chess Club"
    • "Entomology Club"
    • "Geology Club"
    • "Junior Explorer Club"
  • Added child-level "Military Academy"
  • Added child-level "Music School"
  • The Unemployed career now displays the pension amount if the sim is retired
  • Added "Assassination \ Autonomy \ Maximum Liking Gate" default: 0
  • Added "Assassination \ Autonomy \ Allow Blood Related Kills" default: False
  • Added "Assassination \ Autonomy \ Allow Closely Related Kills" default: False
  • Added "NRaas \ Careers \ Change Stipend" (Unemployed)
  • Added "Assassination \ Autonomy \ Allow Active Kills" default: False
  • Added "Total Reset"
  • Added "Convince To" interaction for each assassination type
  • Added "Collect Homework" interaction on the City Hall or School Rabbithole
  • Added "Attend Driving Course" interaction to the School Rabbithole
  • Added hook to StoryProgression's "Sim Options \ Push Death Chance" to stop assassination kills
  • Added "Assassination \ Autonomy \ Show Notice" default: True
  • Added "Assassination \ General \ Hiring Cost" default: 1000
  • Added "General \ Maximum Shakedown" default: 500
  • Added "Shakedown" social interaction available for Criminal, Police, and custom careers
  • Added <CanShakedown> field to OmniCareer
  • Shakedown interaction enabled for "The Family" career
  • "Recruit" interaction moved to the base-mod
  • Added <Genders> field to OmniCareer
  • Assassination kill counts incurred by StoryProgression now check for the "Autonomous" setting
  • Autonomous assassinations can no longer fire against the last guardian in a household (for social worker protection reasons)
  • Added "Assassination \ General \ Allow Last Guardian Kill" default: False
  • The english translation for Busker adjusted to handle all instruments (SelfEmployed)
  • Playing any instrument at a venue will now increase Busker experience (SelfEmployed)
  • Added "Review Textbooks" and "Practice Lecture" to the Education career (Tones)
  • Added "Work on Paperwork" to the Law Enforcement (Tones)
  • Added "Edit Stories" to the Journalism career (Tones)
  • Added "Assassination \ General \ Allow User-Directed Progression Denied Kills"
  • The Assassination interactions can now be used as initial greetings, for use against paparazzi
  • Changed the pay structure for Buskers playing at venues
    • Role sims are no longer considered listeners
    • The calculation now uses the number of known compositions, not the number of compositions played
  • Added a missing translation for one of the chance cards for "The Family" career
  • Added "General \ Find Broken: Allow To Break" default: True
  • Added "Home Schooling: Disable homework" to Home schooling sims (Schools)
  • Added a prompt when receiving your first level in assassination from witnessing an unnatural death
  • Homeschooling should now handle the "N Days on Honor Roll" wish properly
  • Added <Stipend> field to OmniCareer's Level table
  • Added the "Homemaker" career
  • Added "Download Homemaker Report" interaction to the computer
  • Added "General \ Home Schooling: Performance Per Homework" default: 20

Version 65
  • Updated to Patch 1.31 Compatibility
  • Fixed the age test for using the "Join Home Schooling" interaction at city hall
  • Role sims are no longer included in the "Roll New Opponent" interaction

Version 64
  • Assassination Skill now properly imports and exports
  • Proper species restrictions applied to the "Get Job in Rabbithole" interaction
  • Potential fix for an error in "GetJobInRabbitHole.Definition:AddInteractions"
  • Tone loader rewritten to properly handle default field values
  • "Home Schooling" adjusted to progress nonselectable active sims properly
  • The <BookFile> loader should now handle <WrittenBookTitles> and <WrittenBookMaterials> entries properly
  • The Omni Journal used by "The Family" career has been recloned, and should once again work properly
  • "Reroll New Spar Opponent" should now work better when used in the home-town

Version 63
  • Updated for Pets Patch Compatibility
  • Added Self Employed French translation

Version 62
  • <LotDesignator> now works for SchoolElementaryEx and SchoolHighEx scripting classes
  • Unlocked some error trapping required for debugging certain career loading errors
  • Another approach at loading Skill Books, this one should handle books already in the game properly
  • Updated French Translation

Version 61
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to apply a school uniform to a sim without an existing career outfit
  • Fixed an issue where custom uniforms would produce headless sim outfits
  • Added coding to catch a script error in "Assassination:IsVisibleInUI" when the skill has been loaded improperly
  • "Learn Stuff" is now 25 times faster than previous, and the High School skill tones are now 5 times faster
  • 2011-SEP-07 Added Spanish Translation

Version 55
  • Fixed the names displayed for the Unemployed career titles
  • Fixed the duplicate "Quit Work" interaction in the phone menu
  • Custom Skill Tones now operate properly if the sim doesn't have already have the skill
  • Potential fix for a script error in "Assassination:OnWorldLoadFinished"
  • School skill tones are now visible even if the sim does not have the skill yet
  • Potential fix for a script error in "OmniCareer:AddCoworker"
  • Updated French Translation

Version 54
  • Fix for a script error reported over in the ErrorTrap thread
  • 2011-MAR-11 Updated Japanese Translation for School, PartTime, and SelfEmployed modules. Updated Japanese readme

Version 43
  • The "Get Job Here" interactions will now work properly in "Downtown" towns
  • Fixed the custom socials loaded from the expansions
  • Fixed a script error reported by elizabeth

Version 42
  • Replaced the "Quit" interaction on the Phone with one that works with custom careers
  • Fixed the "Enroll" interactions for custom schools
  • Added <PayForConcerts> field to the OmniCareer level set
  • Added <MetricCount>, <MetricRate>, <MetricType>, and <MetricHoursUntilChange> to CareerToneEx field set
  • Added "NRaas.Gameplay.OmniSpace.Metrics.MetricLecturesGiven" Metric
  • Added "NRaas.Gameplay.OmniSpace.Tones.GiveLecturesTone" Career Tone
  • Added <CanPrank> to the OmniCareer field set
  • Updated for Late Night Patch