This mod is intended to be run on Patch (1.66 - 1.69), see Patch Level Compatibility.

This is the Careers mod with edits by the NRaas community.

Revision notes:

Version 88a Chain_Reaction:
  • After literally years of casually poking it, I've finally finished the system Twallan started to allow you to hire Assassins to do kills for you.
    • Found under Convince To...
    • Cost adjustable under the now used Hiring Cost option.
    • I had a time pulling this off because EA is a pain in the behind so at this time they just route within an extended distance of the target and they vaporize. It's not pretty but it works.
  • Next in the bucket of "things I started working on a year ago but didn't have time to finish"... options to edit careers per world.
    • Found under General \ Careers
      • Here you can edit the Minimum Coworkers and Maximum Coworkers settings that cause the game to spawn excess Sims despite you often not wanting it to.
    • Found under General \ Career Levels
      • Here you can modify the Carpool that picks the Sims. Go to work in a school bus, do you think I care? Unfortunately only a small subset of cars are available and no hover cars. Sorry.
      • You can modify the Base Pay of each career per level per world now. This should work for custom careers too. Unfortunately this does not apply to Bridgeport or any world set as a Downtown world because they use different tuning for careers.
    • These do not export/import at this time. Do not ask about that or I'll Cupcake you. :P
    • More options will be editable in the future. Each one requires hand holding and I just don't have time now.
  • The code when doing assassin erase kills had not been updated since before Seasons. This has been extensively updated.
    • Vampire gnomes are properly gated to having Late Night installed.
    • Evil Sims will spawn an evil gnome if you have Seasons installed.
    • Witches will spawn a fall gnome if you have Seasons installed.
    • There's a 75% chance Sims with the University career will spawn a graduate gnome
    • If the Sim is a lifeguard, the diver gnome will spawn.
    • Plumbots or Sims with the bot fan will spawn the Mech gnome
    • If you have Island Paradise, there's a 50% chance Sims erased on a beach lot will spawn the diver gnome.
    • If you have Seasons installed...
      • In Summer, you're guaranteed a summer gnome when the weather is sunny and you kill on a beach lot, otherwise a 25% chance elsewhere.
      • In Spring, you're guaranteed a spring gnome when you kill on a festival lot with Easter eggs on it.
      • In Winter, there's a 50% chance of a winter gnome if the snow level is deep.
      • In Fall, you're guaranteed a fall gnome if there's a thunderstorm when you kill.
  • Updated more code that had not been updated since Seasons... the Opportunity booter.
    • Custom careers now have tons more reward types available to them, including RandomInvention, AgeUp, AgeDown, ActiveCareerPerformance, MedatorInstance, Scrap, CelebrityPoints, CelebrityPointsFromGig, RockBandGigPay, PetSkillPercentage, RemoveBuff, CommodityDecayModifier, SetCommodity, AddToCommodity, AddOccult, RemoveOccult, SetBodyShapeFitness, SetBodyShapeWeight, Trait, RandomizeTraits, OppositeTraits, IncreaseToSkillLevel, BookGeneral, RandomAlchemyPotion, UnchartedIslandDiscovery, RequestCauseEffectWorldType, TemporaryTrait, SkillMultiplier, RandomBuff, TraitChip
    • Fixed UnlearnedComposition
  • "Find Broken" will no longer find objects that have been scratched by pets.
  • Possibly more. If you find it you can enjoy it.
  • Besides possible releases related to Chemistry and emergency issues, this will be my final release possibly for a long time as I shift full focus on our new site.

Version 88 LoganDownUnder:
  • Fix so door reassignment only happens with rabbitholes that are actually schools.