How To Stop Sims From Getting Jobs

Story Progression and the Career Module is required
Note: For more Caste options see SP Caste FAQ's - Need more help? Post In Chatterbox

To prevent anyone in Town from getting jobs:
From City Hall or a computer access NRaas>Story Progression>Town Options>Career:AllowFindJob - Set to False

Another way would be, in addition to that setting and for extra insurance, would be to use the Careers mod and the custom Unemployed "career" add-on module. This is a fake job that has no hours, benefits, or obligations but causes the game to consider your sim "employed" (at nothing) while having it.

Inactive Teen Sims still picking up unwanted jobs: The game itself sees them as unemployed sims. Try Registering them at City Hall as Unemployed or Register as Self Employed .

The Difference Between Careers and Professions

Careers are the default jobs, like doctor, teacher, scientist, etc. See Wiki Sims 3 Careers for listing. Unemployed residents are automatically assigned role positions by the game. Co Workers are needed to advance.
Professions (Jobs) are the ones like those added with the ambitions expansion, fire fighter, ghost hunter, private investigator, architectural designer etc. where you actually have full control of your sim while they are working. Co-Workers are not assigned automatically.
Pros & Cons For Careers and Professions
- You social life is based on the job you get.
- It's easy to move up the ladder, especially with certain traits.
- Most jobs don't require much to perform at 100%.
- You have a social life with your co-workers.
- You can make a lot of money.
- You can keep focus on more than one sim if they are working in a careers since they are safe in a rabbithole and won't idle if you do nothing. (Or go home if you have free will)
- You can't see your character doing their job unless they get a special assignment like casing a place in the Criminal career.
- Your job can consume your social life depending on the job you get like the Sports career.
Most of all, you can jump into a career and build yourself up. Meanwhile some of the profession requires you to have your character to have some kind of foothold such as a significant amount of skill level. You just can't jump into the investigation career.
- Allows you to work with your sims on the job.
- You loose out on your social life. Jobs may take longer than usual. For example, you can do private investigation, but the investigation may take a whole day to do. You also have to work nearly 5 to 7 days a week.
- There is no real time frame to finish most jobs. I can do not have to do my private investigation for days on end or until the sim who assigned me the task dies
- Professions make less money than careers. Having Workaholic, Lucky, and Ambitious doesn't help you to get promotions. To get promotions you need to fulfill requirements of the profession rather than work hard or waiting for a random event to get your character promoted. or leaves. The same can't be said about firefighting.
- It's near to impossible to control two sims in a profession. Having a husband and wife firefighting and private investigation makes for a bad relationship since the wife might be out all day and the husband leaves early morning and doesn't come back until later that evening. Did I forget to mention, you have to manually control your characters.

See Zerbu's Ulitmate Career Mod Guide for more gameplay options.
Also see links to additional Careers at the bottom of this page.

TIP: Clarification NPC Service Sims vs Employed Sims Careers

- igazor igazor provided further clarification in a Chatterbox thread:

  • The Acrobat, Singer, and Magician NPC Service Sims that Register controls are the ones you can call by phone to come over to your house and entertain you and your party guests. They are in the same class as maids, babysitters, butlers, pizza deliverers, etc. and are pulled from (or pushed into, if they are being created by the game for this purpose) the service pool.
  • The Acrobat, Singer, and Magician career employed sims can be actives, inactive residents, or they can be homeless NPCs, but they are not Service Sims. They have job levels in these careers and attempt to earn money by performing in parks and at venues. These are not controlled by Register, the homeless ones actually spawn by the game itself (really annoying when it calls for more than one of each in a world that you don't want them in). StoryProgression would be required to attempt to lock inactive sims out of the those careers and from building the skills that go with them. I still seem to get up to one of each in most worlds even with the careers and skills locked down.
  • For careers other than the often annoying Showtime ones, you can use SP to control which sims in town are permitted to find jobs and/or progress in their careers at the Town, Caste, Household, and individual Sim levels. You can also lock down any careers that you do not want some or any sims entering of their own accord. It's all customizable in a practically infinite number of ways, provided you have SP's progression running.
  • You could also place sims, active or inactive, in the Unemployed placeholder custom career (no hours, no pay, no benefits or retirement plan) if you have the NRaas Careers mod through which they cannot progress as that one has no path for progression.

How To Choose Which Jobs Your Sim May Have
Story Progression and the Career Module is required
NRaas > SP > Caste (Household, or Sim Options) > Career:Disallow > specify the jobs that this sim/these sims are not allowed to have)

Assign a Career Using Master Controller
From City Hall or a computer:
NRaas > MC > Sim > Intermediate > Career >Choose Job

Sim Was Bumped Out Of A Job For No Reason

If you have the SP Careers Module in play, check NRaas > SP > General Options > Options:Careers > Restrict Some Levels to a Single Sim (default = True). It's possible he's getting bumped out of a level that this setting causes the game to allow being occupied by only one sim (such as "Mayor") when another one rises up to it.

Reestablishing Jobs, Status and Pay

Master Controller & The Cheats Module is needed for this.

From City Hall or a computer:
NRaas > MC > Sim > Intermediate > Career >Choose Job to get the job back
NRaas > MC > Sim > Intermediate > Career >Level>Active Sim to assign Sim a job level
NRaas > MC > Sim > Intermediate > Career >Job Performance>Active Sim to reestablish job performance
NRaas > MC > Sim > Intermediate > Career >Bonus>Active Sim Add the amount to increase his salary to what it was (or more!!)

The above can also be used to change inactive's job status by selecting Home World instead of Active Sim

TIP: Shimrod has a mod at the Asylum for rehiring at the same level (Thank you - igazor igazor). This should come in handy for inactives moving around behind your back. Here is the link: Rehire At Same Level


Work From Home (DRAFT)

Assigning Job
Keep in mind: Working from Home for some careers require your Sim having certain objects in the building for work performance and promotion.

See - J4Ks J4Ks Tutorial Using Zerbu's Ultimate Career Mod.

Designating Work Place
assign a building 2 ways:
  • Career - This will pull all workers from that career to the buildings location (Click on Building> Zerbu> UC>Career>RH) - Note: This will pull all other coworkers also to the building. Manual assigning afterwards is void at that point.
  • Manually Assign A Sim-This will only pull the specific Sim towards the building (Click on Building> Zerbu> UC> Manual Assign> Thumbnail>Choose Sim

Can I Use Day Care Instead Of Babysitters?
GO HERE has options for using DayCare as well as other features listed under Caregivers on the Mod's Interactions page.

Tip: Other Option Settings For Day Care

Install Retuner
From City Hall or a computer: NRaas> Retuner>Settings>General>By Object>Sim> (Choose 2nd Sim Option)>TakeCareofDayCareChild

Other Caregiver Options Available in Go Here
For more options and the latest updates see the official page for The Go Here Mod
  • Allow Active Day Care
    • When enabled, the mod is allowed to use Day Care career sims from the active household to keep care of local inactive children
    • Default: True
  • Allow Babies/Toddlers To Be Home Alone
    • When enabled, the mod stops the hibernation of children left alone on their home lot, but does not call a babysitter
    • Default: False
  • Hire Babysitters for Inactives
    • When enabled, the mod will attempt to either find a Day Care to place inactive children, or hire a babysitter to watch over them while their guardian is away
    • Default: False
  • Use Day Care Instead of Babysitters
    • When enabled, the mod will use Day Care career sims to watch inactive children.
    • Note: If no Day Care sims are available in town, a babysitter is automatically dispatched
    • Default: True

The Assassination Career

How do I receive the Assassination skill to begin with ?
Install [[|Careers]]
Install The Family Career Module and follow the instructions below.

The Assassination Skill is a custom skill added for use by The Family career, which offers a number of career opportunities based on the skill.
  • However, it can be used separate of the career, and in conjunction with any third-party mod that deals with the death of sims. It provides statistics and challenges for all would-be criminal psychopaths out there.
  • To satisfy the "first kill" requirement of the Assassination skill, I suggest using:
  • Once the first level is achieved, you can use the social interactions under the "Mean" menu

How do I gain points in Assassination ?

Once you have the first level of the skill, all you need to do to increase is the following :
  • Remain on the lot until the end of the Reaper's death rites, after a sim dies of unnatural causes

Note that you do not necessarily have to kill the sim in question, merely be in proximity when the Reaper completes the rites
  • This allows you to kill sims using third-party mods, and still receive some sort of credit for the kill
  • Kills of this nature are counted as "uncomfirmed" in the stats, but still increase your reputation and skill level

If you wish to rack up "Confirmed" kills, you must use one of the "Mean" interactions provided by this mod :
  • New mean interactions are unlocked when you achieve higher skill levels
  • There is a mean interaction for each type of non-natural death type

Tip For: Hiring An Assassin

Prerequisites: the Sim you click on must have the assassination skill (any level) and the active Sim must have at least have 1K available (or whatever you configured that setting as). And you must have Late Night installed... for whatever reason. All Sims involved, including the one you want axed, must also be on the same lot.

Why do I get "StoryProgression Denied" when I try to kill someone ?

To help control autonomous assassination, Careers contains a hook to StoryProgression, which tests the "Sim Options \ Push Death Chance" option.
  • This option can be set on a sim-by-sim basis to stop the assassination of certain types of sims, or allow the user to mark who is eligible or not for the action
  • The mod also checks this option for user-directed actions as well, for the same reason.

If you wish to disable the check for user-directed actions, switch the following option :
  • "NRaas \ Careers \ Assassination \ General \ Allow User-Directed Progression Denied Kills"

Homemaker Career

How does this career work ?

Each day, your sim is graded on how well your sim maintained their household:
  • If the sim receives a positive grade, they receive a stipend from the government
  • If the sim receives a negative grade, they receive no money (the government does not take money away if you are a bad home keeper)

The following are items that improve your grade:
  1. Engaging in a friendly social interaction with one of your children
  2. Cleaning up dishes, making beds, mopping, doing laundry, throwing out the trash
  3. Repairing or upgrading an object
  4. Serving a meal
  5. Watering or weeding plants
  6. Learning cooking or handiness
  7. Having a child in the household learn a skill
  8. Playing with your toddler
  9. Teaching your toddler a skill
  10. Learning a new recipe
  11. Brushing your teeth, washing your hands, taking a shower or bath
  12. Having a sim age up well
  13. Certain positive moodlets, such as fresh clothing, nicely decorated, comfy, well rested, etc.

The following are items that decrease your grade:
  1. Having a sim see a dirty dish, full trash can, empty pet bowl, trash pile, unmade bed, or a puddle or burn spot
  2. Having a fire in your household
  3. Getting robbed
  4. Having a child set a prank
  5. Having a child skip school or work
  6. Having an object stolen
  7. Detonating objects
  8. Hacking
  9. Having a child sneak out after curfew
  10. Throwing eggs
  11. Having a bladder failure or passing out
  12. Certain negative moodlets, such as any motive distress, being grounded, failing in school, nauseous, stuff taken, etc.

At the end of seven days, the government will give you a final grade.
  • If you suffered four or more negative grade days, you will be demoted.
  • If you graded positively for five or more days, you will receive a bonus.

How is pay calculated ?
Daily payment is calculated by taking the positive marks and subtracting the negative ones.
  • If the value is greater than "0", then you receive a stipend based on that value and a bonus based on your career level.
  • If the value is less than "0", you receive nothing that day

Note that negative marks will impact how much you get paid the next day as well.
  • If you incur a large negative mark for say having a fire on your lot, you will need to work off that mark by performing positive work.
  • Once your weekly balance is positive, you will start receiving more money again.
  • Note that even if your weekly balance is negative, you will still receive you career level stipend if your current day received a positive grade
  • The weekly balance will be reset after seven days, allowing you to get out of the hole if you suffer a catastrophic week

Additional bonus cash, determined by your career level will be granted to you if you have five or more good days within the week.

Investigator Career In Bridgeport - Cases Not Working

TIP Posted in Chatterbox:

I figured out why a couple of the cases wouldn't work in Bridgeport:
Fish Kid - Bridgeport has no lots marked as "pool"
Fishing Union - Bridgeport has no lots marked as "fishing spot"
Loved/ManLoved - needs a couple that's going steady, each gender (Bridgeport has one couple like this, but they didn't last long in my game; I guess I didn't test this one in a fresh Bridgeport)
Missing Flamingo1 - needs a fishing spot (flamingo 2 only needs an art gallery, which Bridgeport has, but I assume the fishing spot requirement applies to both, since they're two versions of the same case)

I Can't Complete Some Career Opportunities
These have not all been documented yet. Often opportunities can not be completed. Here's a couple of Tips:
Some could be genuine game glitches however these were supposedly reported as all being fixed in one of the patches. If you are still having problems completing an opportunity it could be due to the fact the lots, buildings on a lot or objects needed to complete the opportunity are not available. In some cases certain skills are needed for objects to become available. There are a couple of things you can do to be able to move forward in the career:
  • Try to identify what is missing in the game and add it to the game
  • Set the Opportunity as completed and move on to the next one

Carl's The Sims Careers Guide is a good resource for learning more about Careers.

I am having trouble finding opponents for the Martial Arts career

anchor: Careers SelfEmployed FAQ
To bypass several of the "You need to be in China" checks, Careers adds a couple of custom interactions to the game that you must utilize.
  1. To roll a local sparring opponent, use the Computer's "Request New Spar Opponent" interaction.
    • This interaction will choose a sim of the required skill-level from the available choices in town.
    • If there are no choices, the mod will grant the required skill to an unprotected sim in town.
      • Note: If you have StoryProgression installed, or have actively played a sim in the past, they are considered protected by the game.
    • It may be necessary that you use MasterController Cheats' "Sim \ Advanced \ Skill Level" to provide your population with Martial Arts skill, if the mod is unable to locate a proper opponent for you.
    • The Level of sim required is based on your Tournament Rank:
      • EA Tuning Default opponent level Required for each rank: 4, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10
  2. To compete with a local sim, use the "Challenge To a Local Ranked Sparring Match" standing social interaction.
    • This interaction is distinct from the similarly named EA interaction, and allows you to tournament spar while in the home-town.

Clients For Stylist Are Always At Work

I have a problem that's started since after I started using Story Progressin this mod sends all the townies to work and makes it a more lively and realistic place. However, when my sim, who is in the Stylist profession, attempts to complete a job, her client is at work and is unavailable for her to work with.

This is an unfortunate side effect of high level simulation. If Sims have a RabbitHole job, they are set on specific times to work. Either you have to wait until the Client is done with their shift and becomes available for your assignment OR:
Using Master Controller:
  • Have your Sim stand on the pavement near your client house (if you know where she lives), do not stand on the lot.
  • Pause the game, then click a piece of the wall of the house, then do Nraas> MasterController> Reset Lot.
  • The Client will be instantly reset and you are able to interact and complete your assignment without the Client losing their job.

Tip: For More Career Options In Story Progression

From City Hall or a Computer: NRaas>Story Progression>General Options>Options: Careers>

Tip: Work Schedules Showing Too Many Days Off

There are several reasons work schedules appear not to reflect the correct amount of days when sims need to start or return to work. Vacations sometimes interrupt, holidays off, maternity, etc.
There are a couple of things you can try to correct:
  • From City Hall or a computer>NRaas>Master Controller>Sim>Intermediate>Career>Days Off> enter minus sign -and the number of days to remove
  • It has also been suggested DebugEnabler's Fix Homeworld might help. Although the issues that one usually fixes doesn't give sims weeks off, it just makes it impossible for them to go to work/school when the time does arrive. Doesn't do any harm if it finds nothing to fix, though. From City Hall or a computer> or Click On Sim>NRaas>DebugEnabler>Options>Sims>Fix Homeworld.

Also See:
Also See Performance Careers - Opportunities

TIP: For More Related Information

See The Town Management Page

Links To Custom Careers

For Custom Careers see THIS PAGE
Also on the page is a link to a Mod to create Custom Generic Roles by Arsil at MTS

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