Careers Assassination


How do I receive the Assassination Skill to begin with?

The Assassination Skill is a custom skill added for use by The Family career, which offers a number of career opportunities based on the skill.
  • However, it can be used separately from the career and in conjunction with any third-party mod that deals with the death of sims. It provides statistics and challenges for all would-be criminal psychopaths out there.

  • Once the first level is achieved, you can use the social interactions under the "Mean" menu

How do I gain points in Assassination?

Once you have the first level of the skill, all you need to do to increase, is the following:
  • Remain on the lot until the end of the Reaper's death rites, after a sim dies of unnatural causes

Note that you do not necessarily have to kill the sim in question, merely be in proximity when the Reaper completes the rites
  • This allows you to kill sims using third-party mods, and still receive some sort of credit for the kill
  • Kills of this nature are counted as "unconfirmed" in the stats but still increase your reputation and skill level

If you wish to rack up "Confirmed" kills, you must use one of the "Mean" interactions provided by this mod :
  • New mean interactions are unlocked when you achieve higher skill levels
  • There is a mean interaction for each type of non-natural death type

Why do I get "StoryProgression Denied" when I try to kill someone?

anchor: [[Careers Assassination FAQ#Denied]]

To help control autonomous assassination, Careers contains a hook to StoryProgression, which tests the "Sim Options \ Push Death Chance" option.
  • This option can be set on a sim-by-sim basis to stop the assassination of certain types of sims, or allow the user to mark who is eligible or not for the action
  • The mod also checks this option for user-directed actions as well, for the same reason.

If you wish to disable the check for user-directed actions, set the following option to "True":
  • "NRaas \ Careers \ Assassination \ General \ Allow User-Directed Progression Denied Kills"