How do I enroll my child/teen sim in Home Schooling?

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There are two ways to enroll for Home Schooling:

1. Select the child/teen to be home schooled
  • Click on City Hall
  • Select "Enroll In Home Schooling"


2. Select the child/teen to be home schooled
  • Click on a computer
  • Select "Enroll In School".
    • If the child is currently going to another school the window will offer "Change School" instead.
  • Select "Home School"

How does my child/teen sim download their homework for Home Schooling?

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  • Homework assignments can be downloaded from the Computer OR can be collected from the City Hall.
    • Select the child/teen
    • Click on Computer > Download Homework OR Click on City Hall > Collect Homework
    • Ensure that your sim completes their homework before 10:00 AM every day, including weekends, or they may receive a grade penalty. Credit will not be given for homework that is completed but not turned in on time. Completed assignments turned in later in the day will count for the next day's requirement.
    • It is possible to download multiple homework assignments per day (once completed) and receive extra credit for each additional one turned in, but doing so will not remove the obligation to turn in a new one the following day.

  • To receive a new homework assignment after completing the old one, simply download from the computer or visit the City Hall again.
    • The completed homework will automatically be uploaded when you download the new one.
    • It's best to not be in the process of uploading or turning in a completed assignment right around 10:00 AM since, if the transaction does not complete in time, the assignment will have gone stale and full credit might not be granted.

How does my child/teen sim disable their homework for Home Schooling?

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  • This option is available if you don't want your child/teen sim to have to complete homework when they are home schooled, such as when giving them days off for weekends and holidays. The home schooled students' school performance scores will neither increase nor decrease while homework is disabled.
    • Click on your child/teen sim > NRaas > Careers > Home Schooling: Disable Homework
    • When this option is disabled, that sim will no longer need to do homework

What is the Performance Setting for Home Schooling?

This can be found under the General heading on the Careers Interactions page.

How do I stop my child/teen sim being Home Schooled?

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Select the child/teen
  • Click on Computer > Enroll in School
  • Select "Elementary School"

How do I set up a Homeworld University?

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With the introduction of the University Expansion Pack, it is now possible to receive a higher education by traveling to a foreign world and attending university class for a certain length of time.

But what if you want to stay at home and still receive the benefits? Now you can, using Careers base-mod.
  • Note: You only require the base-mod for this functionality. All other modules are optional.

Step One is to set up all the university rabbitholes.
  • They are available in Build Mode, categorized with the regular rabbitholes.
  • You will require one of each type of rabbithole in your town.
  • Note: Since these rabbitholes are huge, Margaret Pendragon (Misty) has made smaller rug versions available for use in the homeworld: University Life Rabbit Hole Rugs . You will need to scroll down the page a little in order to see the link.
  • Note: There are a few ready-built Homeworld Universities available for download. These also require Margaret's University Life Rabbit Hole Rugs but are not included so you will need to download those from the link above as well.

Step Two is to enroll your sims.
  • At the "Administration Center" rabbithole, an "Enroll in University" interaction will be available.
  • Do NOT use the "Enroll" interaction on the computer or phone. Doing so will send you to EA Standard University instead.
  • Teens may be enrolled in Uni at the Administration Center. But note:
    • The Traveler mod must be present and Traveler > Allowable Travelers on City Hall must include Teens. Even if no one is traveling, this is the mod and setting that unlocks Uni registration for that age group.
    • The teens will still be high school students. The game regards schooling and its performance as one category but Academic (Uni) enrollment and performance as more of a career and the two are independent of each other. Therefore, if your teens are not Homeschooled (Careers mod Schools module) or on some sort of extended school vacation (SP Career module) at the time, they may have trouble with conflicting high school and college class schedules.

Step Three is to attend class.
  • This step is self-explanatory.
  • Note: If you placed a "Student Union" containing the appropriate EventLotMarker objects, your sims will automatically attend orientation on their first full sim-day of class.
    • EventLotMarker objects control the visibility of the various "Meet and Greet" objects on the lot. Review the EA Standard "Student Union" lot for an example.

The mod keeps track of term length on a sim-by-sim basis.
  • So you can enroll new sims whenever you want, without affecting the duration of previously enrolled sims.
  • You can enroll inactive sims using MasterController's "Intermediate \ Career \ Assign Academic Career"
  • Once the timer for a sim winds down, their term will be automatically ended, and a report card provided.

Note that terms are exactly seven sim-days long.
  • So if you enrolled on Wednesday, your term will end on the following Wednesday.
  • Ignore the notices stating how many days you have remaining, they are EA Standard and are completely incorrect in the homeworld.
  • Final Exams always occur on Friday. They do not denote the end of term.

Note that due to EA Standard interference, you must be careful what you do while enrolled in university, otherwise the game will drop your "University Student" career abruptly.

The following actions perform Career validation:
  1. Active sims who age-up.
    • You can correct this by installing Overwatch which replaces the "Age Up" interaction with a custom version.
  2. Switching households.
    • You can correct this by using a "Make Active" interaction from an updated mod, such as MasterController.

What does the Academics Module do?

anchor: [[Careers FAQ#AcademicsModule]]

Installing the CareerData Academics Module will add the Education Major as an alternative major for sims to follow. This requires the University Expansion pack to be installed.

Details on the Education Major
  • Academic Degree Required Credit Hours> 8
  • Academic Degree Cost Per Credit> 450

Granted Occupation
  • Education

Skills That Grant XP
  • Charisma, 0.01
  • Logic, 0.01

Beneficial Traits
  • Friendly
  • Nurturing
  • Bookworm
  • Family Oriented
  • Brave

Detrimental Traits
  • Dislikes Children
  • Coward
  • Shy
  • Unlucky

Suggested Traits
  • Friendly

How can I change or add more Unemployed Career Titles?

anchor: [[Careers FAQ#CareerTitles]]

This can be achieved by using S3PE to edit the NRaas_CareerDataUnemployed.package file found here: Careers Unemployed Phase Eleven

For full details, follow this picture tutorial at - Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims tumblr.

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