Careers Homemaker

How does this career work?

Each day, your sim is graded on how well your sim maintained their household:
  • If the sim receives a positive grade, they receive a stipend from the government
  • If the sim receives a negative grade, they receive no money (the government does not take money away if you are a bad home keeper)

The following are items that improve your grade:
  1. Engaging in a friendly social interaction with one of your children
  2. Cleaning up dishes, making beds, mopping, doing laundry, throwing out the trash
  3. Repairing or upgrading an object
  4. Serving a meal
  5. Watering or weeding plants
  6. Learning cooking or handiness
  7. Having a child in the household learn a skill
  8. Playing with your toddler
  9. Teaching your toddler a skill
  10. Learning a new recipe
  11. Brushing your teeth, washing your hands, taking a shower or bath
  12. Having a sim age up well
  13. Certain positive moodlets, such as fresh clothing, nicely decorated, comfy, well rested, etc.

The following are items that decrease your grade:
  1. Having a sim see a dirty dish, full trash can, empty pet bowl, trash pile, unmade bed, or a puddle or burn spot
  2. Having a fire in your household
  3. Getting robbed
  4. Having a child set a prank
  5. Having a child skip school or work
  6. Having an object stolen
  7. Detonating objects
  8. Hacking
  9. Having a child sneak out after curfew
  10. Throwing eggs
  11. Having a bladder failure or passing out
  12. Certain negative moodlets, such as any motive distress, being grounded, failing in school, nauseous, stuff taken, etc.

At the end of seven days, the government will give you a final grade.
  • If you suffered four or more negative grade days, you will be demoted.
  • If you graded positively for five or more days, you will receive a bonus.

How is pay calculated?

Daily payment is calculated by taking the positive marks and subtracting the negative ones.
  • If the value is greater than "0", then you receive a stipend based on that value and a bonus based on your career level.
  • If the value is less than "0", you receive nothing that day

Note that negative marks will impact how much you get paid the next day as well.
  • If you incur a large negative mark for say having a fire on your lot, you will need to work off that mark by performing positive work.
  • Once your weekly balance is positive, you will start receiving more money again.
  • Note that even if your weekly balance is negative, you will still receive you career level stipend if your current day received a positive grade
  • The weekly balance will be reset after seven days, allowing you to get out of the hole if you suffer a catastrophic week

Additional bonus cash, determined by your career level will be granted to you if you have five or more good days within the week.