Careers SelfEmployed


What is in the Self Employed careers package?


  • Earn money training sims using gym equipment


  • Earn money playing chess matches
  • More money is garnered for opponents closer in skill, with the big money from ranked matches


  • Earn money selling gems, rocks, insects and relics


  • Earn money from playing for tips and performing at venues


  • Earn money via hacking on the computer
  • Hacking is still only available during the night


  • Earn money repairing and upgrading objects
  • Mop up puddles after fixing everything in the room and get a small bonus
  • Use the "Search For Broken Items" interaction on the computer to locate your next job

Martial Arts

  • Earn money sparring and training sims
  • More money is garnered for opponents closer in skill, with the big money from ranked matches
  • You can request a new ranked opponent using the computer

How do I find opponents for the Martial Arts career?

anchor: [[Careers SelfEmployed FAQ#Martial Arts]]

To bypass several of the "You need to be in China" checks, Careers adds a couple of custom interactions to the game that you must utilize.
  1. To roll a local sparring opponent, use the Computer's "Request New Spar Opponent" interaction.
    • This interaction will choose a sim of the required skill-level from the available choices in town.
    • If there are no choices, the mod will grant the required skill to an unprotected sim in town.
      • Note: If you have StoryProgression installed, or have actively played a sim in the past, they are considered protected by the game.
    • It may be necessary that you use MasterController Cheats' "Sim \ Advanced \ Skill Level" to provide your population with Martial Arts skill, if the mod is unable to locate a proper opponent for you.
    • The Level of sim required is based on your Tournament Rank:
      • EA Tuning Default opponent level Required for each rank: 4, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10
  2. To compete with a local sim, use the "Challenge To a Local Ranked Sparring Match" standing social interaction.
    • This interaction is distinct from the similarly named EA interaction and allows you to tournament spar while in the home-town.