Use of the <bookfile>

Phase Four introduces the ability to import custom book lists. Though any type of book can be imported, the primary usage is to import <omnijournal> entries.

<omnijournal> enables the developer to create a suite of journals, in the same manner as the Journals available to the Medical career.

The "NRaas.Gameplay.Careers.OmniCareer" scripting class must be used to properly handle <omnijournal> entries.

See CareerDataMobster.package for an example of <omnijournal> usage.

Expanded Field set for the <bookskill> dataset


  • To work around a scripting restriction, it is not possible to set the <skill> field to a custom skill name
  • Use this field to designate a custom skill, while leaving <skill> as an existing EA skill

Expanded Field set for the <omnijournal> dataset


  • Defines the GUID for the custom career to which this journal is assigned
  • The career must be a "NRaas.Gameplay.Careers.OmniCareer" scripting class to work properly


  • The career level at which this journal starts appearing in the sims inventory


  • This defines the number of uniquely named books that exist at this career level
  • When writing the STBL, you must specify text for each edition up to and including the maximum specified
  • See the CareerDataMobster.package and associated StringTable file for examples

How do I use a BookFile to add new written book titles to the game ?

For an example of the format of the <WrittenBookTitles> table set, see the EA "Books" tuning file in GameplayData.package .

Careers will load new <WrittenBookTitles> sets when found in <BookFile> tuning, and add them to the random choices available in-game.

The STBL translation key for these titles is prefixed with : Gameplay/Excel/Books/WrittenBookTitles:

  • So if you enter a new entry such as <Fiction>MyNewFictionTitle</Fiction> then the translation key will be Gameplay/Excel/Books/WrittenBookTitles:MyNewFictionTitle .