This tutorial is for use with Phase Eight of the Careers Mod.

The primary enhancement in Phase Four of Careers is the following: There is a new career scripting class called "OmniCareer" which combines the metrics and interactions from the other EA-Core careers into one single script, allowing developers to mix and match.

Creation of a custom career package is exactly the same as Phase Three, so no changes have been made to the steps.

If you are having an issue with your career, and need to upload a file, use this page Careers Tutorial Issues

Since the Careers is meant to be simply a framework on which other modders can build their own custom careers, it's probably best to actually explain HOW to use the tool.

Before You Begin

One must be acquainted with the use of a Sims 3 Package Editor.

If you are running Windows, then you should be able to run the Packer available here : Packer
  • Packer is specifically designed to work on my style of mods, and will work for custom career packages.
  • It does have a couple of limitations. So you may want to use S3PE for more advanced work.

For everyone else, I would suggest the use of S3PE, available by googling Simlogical.

You must also know how to read XML and understand the format enough to at least copy/paste existing XML and change it.


  1. Create a copy of the NRaas_CareerDataMobster.package and rename it to be something new, the name of file can be whatever you feel like.
    • The NRaas_CareerDataMobster.package can be located here Careers Mobster.. (Listed as the "The Family").
    • For this example I will call the file "Bobs_CareerData.package".
    • We are using the Mobster package as it contains all the XML (where-as the other packages have only a subset).
  2. Open your package with a package editor (I will be using Packer for this tutorial)
  3. Within the package you will find the following:
    • NRaas.Careers
      • This _XML file contains the body of the Careers information
    • NRaas.CareerEvents
      • This _XML file contains the opportunities associated with a Career
    • NRaas.Opportunities
      • This _XML file contains any custom opportunities themselves
    • NRaas.Tones
      • This _XML file contains any custom tones associated with a Career
    • Strings_* - These files contain the language localization strings used by the careers
  4. First thing we must do is change all the Instance IDs so they do not conflict with the original set of career data
    • Choose a name for your career data... Make it unique. In this example I will use the following names:
      • Bobs.Careers
      • Bobs.CareerEvents
      • Bobs.Opportunities
      • Bobs.Tones
    • To do so, right click on each line and use the "Details" menu interaction.
      • Type in the new name for the _XML file, and press the OK button.
  5. You should probably save now.
  6. Now you may open each file using the "Edit" menu interaction in order to change the information within them.
    • You can delete all the data for the default careers, as that data is still in the original copy of the package.
    • You can also use the Export menu interaction to dump the contents to an XML file so you can edit using another editor. Once complete, simply use the Import menu interaction to load the changes back into the package.
  7. Next step... Exposing "Bobs_CareersData.package" to the Careers mod itself.
  8. Download the attached zip and extract to its own folder
  9. Run BootStrapCreator.exe and the program will create a new DLL with a randomly generated name.
    • This is your personal scripting mod dll.
  10. Go back you package in Packer. Look for the S3SA line that says 70214830780050.dll .
    • There are two, so make sure you select the S3SA tagged line.
  11. Right click on that line and use the Details menu operation.
    • Change the name of the file to match the name that BootStrapCreator created for you.
  12. Right click on the line and use the Import menu operation, navigate to the location of your dll and select it.
    • You have just imported a custom S3SA file into the package.
    • This is an important step, because that custom file defines from which _XML file your career is read.
  13. Now right click on the _XML line that says 70214830780050.dll and use the "Details" operation on it as well.
    • Change this to match your custom S3SA file.
  14. Now open that _XML file.
    • In it is the <CareerFiles> data that links your data-set into the Careers mod.
  15. Within that file you need to enter a reference to your newly created XML files.
    • Change the values listed in that file to match the names of the _XML files you renamed in Step 4.
    • Here is what the XML for this example would look like:
    • <!--?xml version="1.0"?-->
                      <!-- This is the default set, do not alter or remove.  It must be the first set in the table -->
                      <!-- This is the default set, do not alter or remove.  It must be the first set in the table -->
                      <!-- This is the default set, do not alter or remove.  It must be the first set in the table -->
  16. Save that file.
  17. Once you have completed filling in those files, you must now create the language localization file for at least English.
  18. Firstly, you must choose a new Instance ID for the STBL files. If you do not, your STBL will conflict with the Careers Mobster..translation.
    • Right click on any STBL line, and use the "STBL \ Rename All" operation to renumber all the STBL in your file in a single step.
    • The application automatically used the unique name of your S3SA file to create a unique ID for each STBL line.

  19. For creation of the STBL, Packer..uses a <KEY><STR> formatted UNICODE text file.
    • An an example of a translation with multiple career levels is available here : Careers Mobster English.
    • To import these files, simply double click on a STBL line and locate the file you wish to import.
    • Packer chooses a specially formatted name by default, so if you name your translation files using that format it will be easier to import them.
  20. Once you have completed importing the required string tables. Save the file.
    • anchor: [[Careers Tutorial#JoinCareer]]
    • Special Note: The numeric value in the "JoinCareer" translation key is the decimal representation of your careers hexadecimal GUID
    • The simplest method to figure out this value is to load the game and click on the rabbithole menu, the value will be displayed there.
      1. Install your career package.
      2. Start the game
      3. Click on the Rabbithole to which your career is assigned. You can do so from the Map View by clicking on the map tag.
      4. In the menu, locate the untranslated "JoinCareer" menu entry.
      5. Jot the number that is displayed down on a piece of paper.
      6. Close the game
      7. Enter the value into your translation.
  21. Now copy all the files, including the new "Bobs_CareerData.package", into the appropriate location in your Mods folders.
  22. Run the game, and your new career should appear.

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