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- littlelambsy littlelambsy's Random Legacy Challenge NEW
The Random Legacy Challenge starts out with Roma Landlopper, a grubby, penniless, street person with dreams of becoming a Vocal Legend, a star. Follow her and her descendants through ten generations of diverse characters, strange events, Alien Abductions, Kissing Cousins, Hypochondria and more.

The Sunset Asylum Challenge by - littlelambsy littlelambsy
This mental institution needs a doctor who can meet the challenges of taking care of the mentally ill.
In order to be admitted to the asylum patients must have random traits that include at least 2 mental illnesses. They cannot go outto work until released but can earn money from skills.
Mental illnesses accepted for admittance are: See rules, stories and Pictures at littlambsy's Silly Sims Site

Zombie Apocalypse Challenge
Suggested World Roseward Zombie Apocalypse World by NIGALKINS
"The Sim Nation was plagued with a virus outbreak resulting in the zombie apocalypse. Most of the nation is dead and all man made structures lay derelict. However there are pockets of survivors surviving against the zombies, starvation, dehydration and eachother. The district of Roseward is a quiet location with very few zombies nowadays meaning there are survivors hiding within it's landscape. Remember, fight the dead, fear the living".

TIP: there is some lag in this world but if you flush the Fire Rubble Pile using Master Controller the routing issues no longer exist.
  • Consider No immigration or tourists at the start.
  • Start with 1 Suvivor Family with 1000 simoleons in the Bank.
  • Link Roseward with the world you want to have households go to Roseward to help with the clean up (These families will eventually change their hometown to Roseward and other families will eventually be migrated in).
  • New families can not move in until another family has cleared and renovated the property. Then the family that has cleared and renovated can buy something for their home but they must continue to clear and renovate.
  • The new family has to clear and renovate so another new household can be moved in... etc.
  • Sims need to use the "Build/Buy On This Lot" function so funds to clean up and rebuild lots comes out of their simoleons. They must add basic furnishings - bathroom - kitchen - beds
  • Funds for moving new families in: Use the Free Real Estate Cheat and once they are in reduce their funds to 1000 ..or what ever works for you based on the size of the family moving in. Remember the family who renovated the house and lot has provided basic house needs.
  • There are Rock and Gem Spawners but more varity needs to be added.Birds etc. which can be sold.
  • Add the campground and change it to base camp for the sims coming to Roseward. These sims will need to clear and renovate a lot for them to move into via change home world.
  • I do not think there are any RH buildings now other than the Criminal Warehouse. Keep the criminal warehouse as there is a bad element of sims looking to make money fast...however you want to play that out.
  • The Town Hall and School do not work and shops like the book store are not available. There is a food truck to buy food.
  • RH's such as Grocery Store, Book Store may be added but each family must clear and repair a building before it can be changed to a RH or business with the exception of a hospital, police and fire station. As the town grows the towns folk must work the RH's and other businesses where ever possible.
  • The "Three Lots" lot is good to put in a business - RH or what ever but not until the building and lot have been cleared and renovated. Then you can bulldoze and add what ever ..
  • Kids as they are added can not go to school until the neighborhood cleans up the property, paints and add playground stuff for the school yard. Home Schooling is an option.
  • At least two sims should be assigned to the Repair Career using Master Controller and you need to make sure they earn a living finding and fixing broken items.
  • Sims also earn money by: salvage as much as possible from junk piles collecting spawned objects that can be sold, inventing scrap as a way to earn money, growing Food., jobs at Book Store, Grocery store, etc. as they become available
  • Mods are fine to keep the game clean, just no adding to family funds or using DE to clean or repair anything
  • Once houses and business lots are cleaned up and improved use MC to flush the bramble bushes and other weeds from the streets.
  • There are plenty of areas where lots of different sizes can be added but really the object here is to rebuild and rennovate the town.
  • Buildings that have scrap piles but broken down vehicles blocking the entrance need to be deleted in Build mode so you can send sims in to clean it up. Once they have finished "Digging Through" and have the scrap in their inventory delete the pile. Or if it's tomb rubble the remains need to be removed. Easy enough to do.
  • Broken down cars and shrubbery can be deleted using world editor after lots on that street have been rebuilt and are ready for residents.

Play Suggestions:

For Residential Lots: They have to be cleaned up by a current resident who only has $1000 to survive on and to make the house livable for a sim to move in (I have free real estate enabled). Most of the shabby objects can not be cleaned up but when deleted the $$ go into the current residents bank account. That way the current resident has funds to work with. He must put in stove, bathroom, refrigerator and beds. What ever is needed for the next sim to move in...if he's smart "no frills" and there is a profit to be made. When the next sim moves into that house (free real estate) with $1000 he/she must renovate another house for another family to move in as well as earn money to survive and buy more things for their own home. After the property is cleaned up and renovated the lot can be bulldozed and another house put there but that will not be free real estate. If they want to move on up in the world they need to keep making money.

For Community Lots: Those lots and structures have to be cleaned up and renovated. Once that is done they can be bulldozed and a new RH, venue or business can be set up. For example, there is a 3 lot business lot with 3 empty structures. The towns folk need to clean up the property, new windows, paint, put new floors down. After that, the lot can be bulldozed and a community building placed there or the empty structures could be turned into a bakery, consignment shop, place a RH rug in one for a movie theater .. what ever. The object is to keep sims as they arrive rebuilding Roseward and also be able to earn a living.

Play this out any way you choose as long as you're having fun with it.
Check out - littlelambsy littlelambsys The Derelicts Of Rosewald for a great story in progress and some ideas for your own story line.

Toddlermania Adapted from Sims 2 To Sims 3 by - TreyNutz TreyNutz NEW
See Rules and challenge options at TreyNutz's Stories Site

Time Machine Rescue Challenge by - littlelambsy littlelambsy
Rules to this challenge:
1. Start with a new YA Sim.
2. Set Lifespan to 100 days in any combination.
3. Have the sim build or buy a time machine (from consignment store) Cannot get one from buy/debug.
4. Sim must have traits: Nurturing or Family Oriented, Brave and Adventurous. Other traits your choice.
5. Must have LTW of Surrounded by Family.
6. Sim must travel to the past and bring back 5 children (machine will add child to family while in the past) Raise them to Teenagers and fulfill the LTW of Surrounded by family.
7. Sim can marry but cannot have natural children until 5 children from past have been added to family - a natural child disqualifies
sim from challenge.
8. Sim cannot woohoo or Try for Baby in past to add child to family.
9. Sim cannot use any age extenders, such as life fruit, LT reward points, potions, etc to extend life.
10. Sim can have death flower but must give it up when reaching elder status.
11. Time Machine cannot be modified or mods used to make machine produce more, no mods for higher chances.
12. Once the challenge is completed you can set the age limit of any sim to the length of your choice.
See Littlelambsy's Rescue Challenge HERE

Chandler Marley - littlelambsy littlelambsys 7 BrothersInheritance Challenge
Chandler Marley is a very old man. He lives on a farm on Legacy Island with his seven teenage sons. The farm has been in his family
for generations and he wants one of his sons to inherit it and keep it in the family..... but which son will he give it to? In his
Will he has made a stipulation that all his sons must live on the farm, work it and learn self-sufficiency. They must all go to
university and get a degree in either Technology (to maintain the equipment), Business (to manage the resources), Science (to
crossbreed and identify seeds), Fine Arts (for landscaping), and communications (to talk to the plants and animals). If one fails to
get a degree, he is cut out of the will. If they travel, they must all travel together, if one stays behind, he is disinherited.
Also, they must all marry a wife who has at least two traits related to farming and family, (Green thumb, Loves the outdoors, Animal
lover, Eco-friendly, Vegetarian, Frugal, handy, Angler, Family Oriented, Equestrian, Nurturing, Ambitious or Workaholic). The one who
marries someone without these traits is disqualified. Lastly, the one who meets all the requirements and harvests the most produce
takes the farm. Their competing starts at young adulthood and ends when they all reach adulthood. Who will be the last man standing
and takes it all?
See the Story and Pictures HERE

Other Challenges

Religious Nunsense at MTS NEW ADD

Prison Challenges

Challenges from other sites with links for objects and clothing

Epic - Legacy Challenge by rosselin

Sims Through The Ages
This challenge starts with Generation 1 - Stone Age and works it's way to modern times. Not only does this make for some fun game play but actually setting up your world and finding the objects to make each age more realistic sounds like great fun and a challenge in its own.

Mod The Sims has a great variety of challenges if you're looking for something new to try.

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