What is Consigner ?

The original intent of the mod was as a means of increasing the variety of objects that could be placed on consignment.

Consignment is a system added by the Ambitions Expansion Pack that allows you to provide various goods to a special cashier and have them sell the items to an out-of-town source for a greater amount than simply selling them via the Inventory Panel.
  • Since Ambitions added a large swath of crafting systems, EA deemed that to be the scope of sales.

However, in addition to selling stuff at the register, a user is able to purchase supplies.
  • Many of these supplies though are things that the user themselves is unable to sell to the register.
  • This odd discrepancy led to the development of this mod.

So what additional objects am I allowed to sell to consignment ?

The EA Standard objects :
  • Fertilizer
  • Fish
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Inventions
  • Mounted Fish
  • Nectar Bottles
  • Sim-Created Paintings
  • Photographs
  • Screenplays
  • Sculptures
  • Written Books

In addition to all the EA Standard objects, the mod allows the following :
  • Gems
  • Insects (Raw and Terrarium)
  • Metals
  • Minor Pets
  • Potions (Chemistry)
  • Potions (Alchemy)
  • Relics
  • Seashells
  • Space Rocks

All saleable objects must satisfy the following conditions :
  1. They must be sellable.
  2. They must have a value greater than "0"
    • Though this mod is capable of selling Potions, you must have a separate tuning mod that gives potions value to do so.
  3. They must be visible in your inventory
    • Namely, you cannot sell your cell phone.
    • This is more a security measure really, in case a crafting product is used by some future scripting mod, and the sale of that product is invalid.

When I try to sell my pets at the store, they don't have any value, why ?

anchor: [[Consigner FAQ#PetPrice]]

To provide a bit of variety, and reduce the chance of exploiting the sales system, Consigner calculates a value for each of your pets based on the following criteria :
  1. Whether the animal has two parents
    • Animals lacking two parents are automatically given no value, as they have no official pedigree.
  2. Calculation of adult horse prices are performed using the EA Standard method, as used at the Equestrian Center.
    • This calculation is detailed further down
    • Noted that calculation of foal prices is not performed in the same manner as Adults
  3. All ancestors in the family tree are collected
    • The longest unbroken ancestral line adds a "Pedigree Bonus" to the price (for each level of ancestry)
    • Each sim that appears more than once in the ancestral line subtracts a "Penalty For Inbreeding" penalty from the price
  4. A value based on age is added to the price, governed by :
    • "Base Price: Immature" for Child-aged animals
    • "Base Price: Adult" for Adult-aged animals
    • "Base Price: Elder" for Elder-aged animals
  5. For each positive trait, a price governed by "Bonus Per Good Trait" is added
  6. For each negative trait, a price governed by "Penalty Per Bad Trait" is subtracted
  7. If the animal is a ghost, the "Occult Bonus" is added to the price
  8. For each level of "Cat Hunting" or "Dog Hunting" skill a price of "Bonus Per Skill Level" is added
    • Note that because skills are inherited from parents, this added value is only applied when the skill is visible in the Skills Panel
  9. For each "Prey Caught" (for Cats) or "Object Found" (for Dogs), a value of "Bonus For Prey Caught / Object Found" is added
    • This compensates for the smaller "Per Skill Level" bonus applied due to inheritance issues.

Horse Calculations
  • The following contains tuning fields from the EA "HorseManager" tuning file.

  1. Starting price is governed by <kCostHorseAgeValue>. Index 1 is Adult, Index 2 is Elder
  2. Positive Traits add <kCostGoodTraitBonus> to the price
  3. Negative Traits subtract <kCostBadTraitPenalty> from the price
  4. Each level of "Racing" skill adds Index 1 of <kCostSkillMultiplier> to the price
  5. Each level of "Jumping" skill adds Index 2 of <kCostSkillMultiplier> to the price
  6. A random price between <kCostBaseValue> Index 1 and Index 2 is added to the price
  7. Finally, a multiplier defined by the number of opportunities completed by the horse is applied

Where do the animals go that I sell to the cashier ?

There are two possible destinations for animals sold at the cashier :
  1. An eligible home in town is chosen for the animal
    • The home must have sufficient space available under EA sim restrictions to hold the animal. Meaning households with six pets in them already are not applicable.
    • The home must have sufficient family funds to pay the price offered for the pet sale.
  2. If no home is available, the animal is emigrated out-of-town permanently
    • Because of this possibility, it is advised that you do not use the cashier to sell animals that you have interest in.
    • Instead, broker a deal directly with a neighbor using the "Sell Pet" standing social interaction.