Version 22: - JunJayMdM JunJayMdM
  • Updated the Consignment cleanup to include the Bot Emporium
  • Added integration for Bot Emporium registers

Version 21:
  • Lost?

Version 20
  • Fixed a problem with selling gems and metals at the alchemy store

Version 19
  • Seashells added to the sell list for the regular consignment store

Version 18
  • You can no longer sell rock/gem/metals at the potion consignment
  • Added clean up for an EA issue where fake consignment objects were not being deleted properly
  • Custom consignment coding moved from StoryProgression to this mod
    • Hooks to StoryProgression added for "Money \ Stories" and "Consignment" accounting
  • Added "Consignment Report Gate" default: 200
  • Added "Wildflower" objects to the sellable objects list for regular consigmnent

Version 17
  • Updated to Patch 1.42 Compatibility
  • Animals transferred by this mod now have their last name changed to match their new owners

Version 15
  • Updated the Consignment cleanup to include the potion shop
  • Fixed an issue where all the consignment stores consigned the same sets of objects under this mod

Version 14
  • Updated to Supernatural compatibility
  • Changed the "Sell Pet" social interaction so it can be used with horses
  • Fixed a script error in the corrections system that would bounce the "Buy" interaction
  • Updated Dutch Translation

Version 13
  • The "Sell Pet" interaction now ensures that the active sim is not one of the sold pets
  • Updated Japanese Translation

Version 12
  • Added uncaged insects to the default set of sellable objects
  • Added Italian Translation
  • Updated Polish Translation
  • 2011-NOV-14 Updated German Translation
  • 2011-DEC-11 Updated Portuguese Translation
  • 2012-JAN-04 Updated Spanish Translation

Version 11
  • It is no longer possible to sell over a neighbor's family funds limit by selecting multiple animals at the same time
  • Updated German Translation

Version 10
  • Added a friendly standing social interaction "Sell Pet"
  • Added Russian Translation

Version 9
  • Added "Sell Pet" to the consignment, general store, and pet store registers
  • Added "Allow Sell All" default: false
  • Added "Pet Sales \ Good Trait Bonus" default: 100
  • Added "Pet Sales \ Bad Trait Penalty" default: 100
  • Added "Pet Sales \ Skill Level Bonus" default: 100
  • Added "Pet Sales \ Base Price: Immature" default: 100
  • Added "Pet Sales \ Base Price: Adult" default: 200
  • Added "Pet Sales \ Base Price: Elder" default: 0
  • Added "Pet Sales \ Occult Bonus" default: 250
  • Added "Pet Sales \ Pedigree Bonus" default: 250
  • Added "Pet Sales \ Inbred Penalty" default: 100

Version 8
  • Minor Pets can now be sold at consignment
  • Over Age consignments are now immediately cancelled upon use of "Buy"
  • 2011-OCT-23 Added Polish Translation

Version 7
  • Updated for Pets Patch Compatibility

Version 6
  • Potions are now included in the regular sellable listing
  • 2011-OCT-09 Added French Translation

Version 5
  • Updated to new suite standards