Part One: Blacklisting in CAS with MasterController Tutorial

This is the first part of the Creating Invalid Parts Tuning the Easy Way Tutorial

The primary purpose of using MasterController's Blacklist function in CAS is to hide CAS Parts that you don't want to see or use. This decreases loading times in CAS, and makes it easier for you to find what you actually do want to use. Additionally, once you've created your Blacklist, you can export this Blacklist to an XML file, and use that to create an Invalid Parts tuning file for Dresser (you could also use it to make a Valid Parts tuning file, more on that later) Like this, you can take control of what your sims wear in the neighborhood.

I'm going to show you how I make my own Invalid Parts tuning file in this tutorial. You may decide that you'll want to alter the procedure for yourself, and that's fine. The main purpose of this tutorial is to give you the knowledge of how to get the tuning together, and then decide how you want to use it in your own game.

Before you begin:
  • If you have not already done so, add MasterController and Dresser to your game, by downloading the zip files and extracting the package files to Mods\Packages (or wherever you install your mods).
  • I highly recommend Armiel's Builder's Island DIY world for this. It is not necessary at all, but you will be able to load the world very quickly and also save the world very quickly, making it easier to complete the tutorial and keep your data safe from crashes.

Step 1
Start the Sims 3 and load a game. I will be loading a brand new Armiel's Builder's DIY Island game. If you are going to load your normal save game (which is perfectly okay), skip to Step 2.
  1. At the main menu, select New Game. Under Select Town, choose Builder's Island - DIY
  2. Click the check mark and wait for the town to load. It won't take long.
  3. Once the town loads, click on the ... menu, and choose Edit Town
  4. Use the World Editor to place a 10x10 lot somewhere in the world.
  5. Press the Return to Game Setup button at the top of the screen
  6. Click the "Move In household" button and select a Sim or Sim family to move in.
  7. Click on the 10x10 lot you placed and choose purchase lot. Then click the check box in the "Let's Play!" dialog.
  8. Wait for the game to load the lot. It shouldn't take long.
  9. It's you're running StoryProgression click away the popup.
  10. Now, save the game so you don't have to start over from scratch if something goes wrong. I will name mine: Blacklisting Save so I know that's what it's for.
  11. When it's done saving, go to Step 2.

Step 2
Click on a sim (it doesn't have to be a sim in the active family) and choose: NRaas > MasterController > Advanced > Edit in CAS.

Step 3
Now it's time to get down to business. Let's start with the hair, because it's a little more annoying than the rest of the CAS Parts. Click on the Hair button in the left side panel.

Step 4
Let's find a hair we don't want our sims to wear without our permission. I will choose a base game hair for the purpose of this tutorial. This is the hair I chose (Disclaimer: I do not actually have anything against the selected hair, and have only chosen it for demonstration purposes):

Eww that hair is so uneven! Let's get rid of it.

Step 5
CAS Parts are mainly annoying if they're flagged as ValidForRandom. That means a sim can be switched into the CAS Part if the sim ages up, or when the sim is created etc. So, let's get some details about the hair.
Use Right-Click on the hair to get a Log CAS Parts report.

Oh no! It's ValidForRandom!

Step 6
In the picture above, you'll notice the hair is flagged as ValidForRandom. We don't want that, so let's add it to the blacklist.
Use Ctrl+Right-Click on the hair to add it to the blacklist.

Wait a moment for CAS to update. You will get a confirmation message that the hair has been added to the blacklist. If you scroll through the hairs in CAS, you'll notice that the hair is no longer visible.


You can now go through the rest of the hairs in your CAS and choose which to blacklist. If you know that a hair is ValidForRandom because you've seen it on way too many townies (New Year's and Santa Hats, anyone?), it's unnecessary to generate the CAS Part log. Just Ctrl+Right Click it and add it to the blacklist.

When you're ready, continue to Step 7.

Step 7
Ok, so now we've done the hair. Before we continue, let's Save Our Progress. If you tend to have trouble with your CAS crashing, save often so you don't have to re-do a lot of work in case of a crash.
  1. To save, first we have to exit CAS. Click either the small x (Cancel and Exit) or the large check mark (Accept) button to leave CAS. It doesn't matter which.
  2. When you're out of CAS, Save your game. You can use Save As... if you prefer to use that option.
  3. If you want to double-check that your changes have been saved, click on a sim and choose, NRaas > MasterController > Settings > CAS > Blacklist. Next to the Clear Blacklist option, you will see the number of CAS Parts you have blacklisted.
  4. Use the x (Cancel) button to get out of the NRaas menu.

Step 8
Ok, good, we've saved. Now let's work on clothes. To go back to CAS: Click on a sim and choose: NRaas > MasterController > Advanced > Edit in CAS

Step 9
Working with clothes is easier than working with hair, because the clothes list won't have to regenerate itself every time you blacklist something. This means the process will go smoother and quicker. In CAS: in the left menu, click on the clothes icon. Let's start with the Tops in the Everyday category.

  • Use Right-Click to get a report about the CAS Part
  • Use Ctrl-Right Click to black list a CAS Part.

One shirt that I really have a problem with is Deirdre Explorer's Shirt from the Sims 3 Store. It's set as ValidForMaternity and ValidForRandom, but it doesn't have a pregnant morph. That means pregnant sims look disfigured when they're wearing the shirt. I'm going to blacklist it with Ctrl+Right Click, and it will instantly disappear from CAS.

Bye bye!

You can continue doing this with all the clothes, shoes, and accessories you want to blacklist, for each category. Make sure you take a break to save now and then. For now, let's stop here and move on with the tutorial.

Step 10
Exit CAS and Save your game.

Step 11
Click on a sim and choose, NRaas > MasterController > Settings > CAS > Blacklist and then click Export Blacklist. You will see the following notice:


Step 12
Good work! Now you can quit the game and continue to Part Two: Creating the Invalid Parts Tuning