Part Three: Completing the InvalidParts Tutorial

This is the third part of the Creating Invalid Parts Tuning the Easy Way Tutorial

Now that you know how to create a Blacklist, export it, and turn it into InvalidParts Tuning, we can cover some extra details.

Updating the InvalidParts Tuning
Making a complete InvalidParts list for all ages and genders can be daunting. You will need to go through each age stage available in CAS, for each gender. You will have to go through each clothing category as well. It will take time, but that is one reason why I created a separate save in Builder's Island. You can use this save to keep working on your InvalidParts tuning, and also to update the tuning whenever you get new CAS items. Updating the invalid parts tuning package is a breeze if you keep your Blacklist save safe somewhere.
  1. Start the game and load up your Blacklist save.
  2. Click on a sim and choose NRaas > MasterController > Advanced > Edit in CAS
  3. Sort through the clothes, using Ctrl+Right-Click to Blacklist the new CAS Parts you want to add to your InvalidParts.
  4. Try to remember to save as regular intervals, if you fear your CAS might crash on you.
  5. When you're done, exit CAS and save your game, just to e sure you don't lose any progress.
  6. Click on a sim and choose: NRaas > MasterController > Settings > CAS > Blacklist > Export Blacklist
  7. Go back to Part Two and use steps outlined to update your InvalidParts tuning.

Exporting your CAS Blacklist to Other Saves
You might find that you'd like to have the CAS Blacklist active in your other Saves. You can use the export CAS Blacklist to create an InvalidParts Tuning file for MasterController.
  1. Download the Invalid Parts Tuning file for MasterController:
  2. Unzip the package to someplace you can find easily, such as your desktop.
  3. Open the NRaas_MasterController_InvalidParts.package in Packer (or S3PE)
  4. Double-click on the NRaas.MasterController.InvalidParts XML
  5. Find your exported CAS Blacklist (mine is called Nona_CASBlacklist.xml) and select it.
  6. Click open. Then save the package and close Packer.
  7. Move the package into your Mods\Packages folder.

All CAS Parts in your blacklist will not be visible in CAS in any save that you load while you have the MasterController InvalidParts tuning in your Packages folder. Tip: You can turn this off temporarily by renaming the package to When you want to use the Blacklist again, simply remove the .off extension.

Skip the Tuning File
You can actually skip the creation of a tuning file by having Dresser read the MasterController blacklist for the current save.
  1. Go into CAS and blacklist the CAS Parts you want to remove (remember: Use Ctrl+Right Click to blacklist)
  2. Exit CAS.
  3. Click on the City Hall and go to: NRaas > Dresser > Check Outfits and click on: Use Master Controller Blacklist to set it to True
  4. Click the check mark button (Accept).

This is really convenient if you want to create invalid parts on the fly, or for a particular save.

Using the Check Outfits Option
Are these sims in your game?


It will take time for all of the sims in your neighborhood to have their outfits adjusted by Dresser. However, you can speed things up a bit by running Check Outfits yourself.
  • To run Check Outfits on an individual sim, click on the sim and go to: NRaas > Dresser and click on Check Outfits.

Using the Valid Parts Tuning
Anchor: [[Creating InvalidParts Tuning Part Three#ValidPartTuning]]

So let's say you're actually creating a fantasy world, or a medieval world, and you want to severely limit your sims' wardrobe. You could balcklist nearly everything in CAS and create an InvalidParts tuning file, but that's a lot of unecessary work. Instead, ti would be a lot more efficient to create a valid parts tuning file. This is pretty easy.
  1. Download the Valid Parts Tuning file for Dresser:
    • Make sure you read the details under the download link.
  2. Unzip the package to someplace you can find easily, such as your desktop.
  3. Start your game.
  4. Go into CAS and blacklist only the clothes you want your sims to be able to wear.
    • Please remember: If you fail to enter a valid part for each <BodyType>, you could end up with a bunch of naked sims running around town
  5. Exist CAS. You may also wish to save the game.
  6. Click on a sim and choose, NRaas > MasterController > Settings > CAS > Blacklist and then click Export Blacklist.
  7. Exit the game and use the steps in Part Two: Creating The Invalid Parts Tuning to edit the the NRaas_Dresser_ValidParts.package
  8. When you're done, put the ValidParts package in your Mods\Packages folder.
    • Remember: This file takes precedence over the "InvalidParts" tuning, they cannot be used together.