What is Cupcake?

This is a new mod built on the NRaas framework.

Behold the NRaasCupcake. No I didn't keep a straight face when naming this one. I just thought it sounded like a codename the military would use and had to have it. No it doesn't make you cupcakes. It makes you a lot of confectionery treats. This mod will restock all your bakery display cases to the brim every morning at 5AM. Mostly only useful if you don't want your active Sim to run the bakery. Note this mod means business (heh) and doesn't care where the display cases are. It's on a mission to restock them. Put one on your neighbors roof and it'll be full at 5AM.

Has two systems: A random component where displays are subject to a random assortment of desserts (by default) and a user component that allows you to set recipes to use per display from all recipes in game.

But wait, there's more. If you call within the next 10 minutes it will allow you to restock with all bakery recipes in the store's bakery set and even bake them on the stove. This means even the recipes that require additional store sets and EP's such as Orange Pie without Grandpa's Grove. Does NOT unlock recipes that came with EPs themselves however.

Someone free up the Sunset Valley dentist schedule.

This Mod Makes My Game Crash!

anchor : [[Cupcake FAQ#CupcakeCrash]]

This happens when it cannot find the bakery code installed on your setup. Often installing anything in the launcher causes it to uninstall other content randomly. Please verify the bakery is in your game fully functional. Chances are you'll notice it's vanished or has no menu options when clicked. Reinstall the bakery and all issues should be fixed (until the launcher breaks it again..)

My Displays Aren't Restocking!

anchor : [[Cupcake FAQ#AffectActive]]

This is likely due to the Random: Affect Active setting found under the city hall or computer. By default the mod does not restock displays with random recipes on active home lots or community lots owned by your active Sim unless you manually set settings for them. Set this setting to true to change that behavior.

Wedding Cakes Are Appearing on The Bottom Shelves

anchor : [[Cupcake FAQ#EvilCakes]]


Make sure you have not selected any type of cake in your settings. Some of those listed as Cake or Cake Slice are from the child's bakery table but some are the wedding cakes in disguise.

My Display Has An Empty Slot Where a Wedding Cake Should Be

anchor : [[Cupcake FAQ#EvilInvisibleCakes]]

This is due to not having Monte Vista installed. For now please ignore it. :)

My Displays Are Clearing at 3AM

anchor : [[Cupcake FAQ#EAFail]]

This is due to EA's nightly lot cleanup routine. Currently there is no way around this issue.

My Dishes Are Spoiling And Getting Flies

anchor : [[Cupcake FAQ#Eww]]

This is an EA issue caused by playing for several Sim days and not reloading the game. While not very convenient, you can use DebugEnabler to unspoil each dish.

Sims Cannot Purchase Snacks/Juices/Ice Cream

anchor : [[Cupcake FAQ#SnackFail]]

This is a known limitation of the mod at the moment due to how EA wrote the purchase system.
(Note: Snack and Juice purchases are now unlocked with v5 and higher of the mod)

How Do I Know Which Slot Is Which?

anchor : [[Cupcake FAQ#SlotEducation]]