DebugEnabler's ability to unlock EA debugging interactions means that it has a LOT of undocumented interactions available.

So here is the documentation about some of the more useful interactions that are available.
  • Most options are self explanatory or are duplicated in more accessible ways in MasterController.

General warning: debugging commands can get the game in an unplayable state.
  • Before using an unknown action, save your town.

This list is incomplete and most interactions are documented within the DebugEnabler Interaction page and are self-explanatory. Interactions needing more detailed directions for a specific interaction or scenario will be documented on this page.

Willing to contribute? Read this first please. Thanks in advance.

(Developer Note: Please attempt to retain an alphabetical order in this section for ease of use)

- How do I fill the children's food stand with cookies?

anchor: [[DebugEnabler FAQ#FoodStand]]

Having trouble filling the Food Stand with baked cookies/cakes? Or the food stand runs out of baked cookies/cakes and your sim has to run home to make some more? That is a waste of time so this might help you out.

To fill the food stand with baked cookies/cakes:

1. The food stand needs to placed out of the inventory.
2. A sim child needs to tend the food stand.
3. Click on the food stand> Nraas> DebugEnabler> Options: The Baker's Half Dozen Stand> Give Tender Baked Goods.
4. Put the cookies/cakes from the childs inventory onto the Food Stand.

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- How do I recover from a Total Interface Failure? (My active sim has been deleted)

anchor: [[DebugEnabler FAQ#ForceHud]]

On occasion a serious error will occur that deletes your active sim. When that happens the game's interface will bounce and fail to display properly when you load up the save.

To recover from this failure, do the following :
  1. Install DebugEnabler
  2. Load the save-game that is having issues.
  3. From the Ctrl-Shift-C command console, type in the following : forcehud
    Note: If you receive the error "Unknown Command", type in "TestingCheatsEnabled True" first, then try again.
  4. You will be immediately returned to Edit Town
  5. From there use the Save As to create a new save-game.
  6. Exit back to the Main Menu
    • You MUST do this step. Do not simply attempt to immediately select your active household. Doing so will not work properly.
  7. Reload the new save-game you just created.
  8. Once back in Edit Town, select your household.

Use the same method mentioned above and replace step 3 (forcehud) with:
  • "restartmotives" for "Sims standing idle all over town, focussing on them does nothing."
    • This will resolve any broken autonomy within your game.
  • "MakeSim" for "I cannot select anything, it's like my active household is gone."
    • As soon as a new Sim is assigned as active, all the interaction menus will come back. You will then be able to find your previously active household again and switch to that household with Nraas MasterController.

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- How do I set a sims pregnancy to a certain number of hours?

anchor: [[DebugEnabler FAQ#PregnantHours]]

  1. Click on the pregnant sim
  2. Select: NRaas > DebugEnabler > Options: Smart Phone > Pregnancy > Have Baby
  3. Enter the amount of hours you wish the pregnancy to be

  • Note 1: The default total number of hours for a pregnancy is 72
  • Note 2: If you set the hours to the total amount (either the default or a tuned value), your sim will have the baby immediately

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- I am running out of ingredients but don't want to go shopping

anchor: [[DebugEnabler FAQ#StockFridge]]

Is your sim preparing to cook dinner for visiting sims but they forgot to go shopping for fresh ingredients? If your sim lives alone and leaves the house while visitors are there, any visitors still on your lot will leave. Or maybe your sim is just too lazy to go shopping!

To stock your fridge instantly:
  • Click on the Fridge> Nraas> DebugEnabler> Options: [fridgename]>
    • Stock Fridge
      • Adds three of each ingredient to the fridge
    • Stock Sim Inventory
      • Adds three of each ingredient to the active sim inventory

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- I have set Hot Keys for DebugEnabler but can't see them

anchor: [[DebugEnabler FAQ#HotKeys]]

Some Hot Keys within DebugEnabler only work on specific situations and/or game objects, for instance:

  • Debug: Remove Puddle: (requires a puddle and clicking on a puddle to show the Hot Key)
    • click anywhere on the ground> Nraas> DebugEnabler> Set Hot Keys> (list pops up)
    • scroll through list and click on "Debug: Remove Puddle"

To see if it works:
  • create a puddle (if there isn't any puddle around), click on ground>Nraas>DebugEnabler>Options>Debug Add:Puddle (select Mini or Regular)

Now the HotKey is set and will only show up when you click on a Puddle>Nraas>DebugEnabler Hot Keys>(list pops up) Debug: Remove Puddle.

  • Forced Repaired (Object): (requires a broken object to be present)
    • select objectStereo> Nraas> DebugEnabler> Set Hot Keys> (list pops up)
    • search and click on Forced Repaired.

Whenever something is broken, you can click on the object> Nraas>DebugEnabler Hot Keys> Forced Repaired and it will be fixed.

An (almost) full list is available on the DebugEnabler Interaction page and all those interactions can be set as Hot Keys, but some might require a specific situation (broken object) or objects (puddle, stereo, shower, etc) to be enabled.

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- My Homeworld is all messed up after getting back from a vacation

anchor: [[DebugEnabler FAQ#FixHomeworld]]

On occasion when loading up the homeworld after a vacation, the game isn't loading the homeworld properly. Some effects are, inactive Sims not going to work, carpool system broken, not getting mail and other various problems.

Whenever you arrive back from a vacation destination use:
CityHall / Computer> Nraas> DebugEnabler> Options: CityHall / Computer> Sim> Fix Homeworld

This usually corrects any errors during the loading of your homeworld.

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- What do I do when I see thought bubbles popping out of the ground without a sim visible?

anchor: [[DebugEnabler FAQ#FixInvisibleSims]]

On occasion inactive sims coming out of hibernation (home / off world) or active sims coming out of rabbitholes (subways, any rabbithole building) an error occurs when the game rebuilds the genetics or outfits of those sims, which makes them invisible within your game. This will happen more frequently than you notice.

There are 3 ways to resolve this issue:

1. Click on ground> NRaas> DebugEnabler> Options> Fix Invisible Sims:
  • This will immediately correct any broken/corrupt outfit that exist on any sim in town. It will follow up with a message for each sim who's outfit has been repaired.
  • Sims who are not deemed to be broken are unaffected by this interaction.

2. CityHall> NRaas> DebugEnabler> Options: CityHall (ComboRabbitHole: Public Offices Service)> Fix Invisible Sims:
  • Same as 1.

3. Install NRaas Errortrap;
  • Let this mod do it for you. This might take a little time before all sims are repaired (1 sim day).

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- Why can't I visit an inactive household?

anchor: [[DebugEnabler FAQ#SetFrontDoor]]

After building houses (EA premade / you / custom downloads) sometimes the front door isn't properly set and other inactive sims (those NOT belonging to that household) are able to walk into the house of the occupants.

Without going into Edit Town build mode, you are able to choose with DebugEnabler which door functions as the front door.

To be able to do this it requires that:
  • The door must adjoin the outside on one side.
  • A room containing any objects that enforce privacy (bathtubs, showers, toilets, etc.) cannot contain the house's front door

If it meets those requirements:
  • Click on door> Nraas> DebugEnabler> Options> Set Front Door
    • The interaction is only visible if the door is not already the front door

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- Why does my sim have "Floating Head Syndrome"?

anchor: [[DebugEnabler FAQ#TeenAndMalePregnancy]]

When you've enabled Teen-pregnancy or Male-pregnancy with a mod like Nraas Woohooer or Nraas StoryProgression, this usually means that a Sim (Teen or Male) is pregnant and missing maternity clothing for those ages and gender.

To resolve this you will need to find some custom maternity clothing for teens and males. You will also need a pregnancy morphing mod for males so they look like they are pregnant.

Here are some links for the basic needs:
Teen Pregnancy Search at Mod The Sims
Male Pregnancy Search at Mod The Sims
There are no guarantees that these mods work but it gives you an idea what to look for.

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