Version 54
  • Changes made to improve the performance of the popup menu used on the Lot Menu

Version 53
  • Interactions are now performed using yieldable contexts

Version 52
  • Added additional Island Paradise console commands
  • "Move To Family Inventory" no longer tests validity of the move, allowing you to move anything
  • Added French translation

Version 51
  • Added additional console command specific to University
  • Motives are now automatically recreated after changing the Alien DNA percentages
  • Fixed an error when using "Who Am I" on an imaginary doll with no owner
  • "Test Menu Interactions" now includes all inventory interactions
  • "Current Interaction" once again displays the social key for "SocialInteractionA" interactions
  • Added Czech Translation

Version 50
  • Added "Set Alien DNA Percentage" to the sim menu

Version 47
  • Fix for loadup crash (unknown cause)

Version 46
  • Updated for Patch 1.42 Compatibility

Version 44
  • Fixed an error with the "Sculpturify" interaction which was producing an obnoxious script error
  • "Type Name" and "Current Interaction" now display the assembly qualified name for the script
  • Added "Set Quality" to all ingredients and plants
  • Replaced the "DEBUG Add Fire" interaction with one that allows for off-lot combustion
  • Added "DEBUG Empty Potty Chair"
  • Added "Add Fishing Books" to bookshelves
  • "Resource Key" and "Type Name" moved into the "Options" listing
  • Added "Hot Keys"
  • Added "Generate Diploma"
  • Added "Generate Skill Certificate"
  • Added "Add Toddler Books"
  • Hook added to Overwatch's Import/Export system
  • Error trapping adjusted to work around interactions which bust during the menu process
  • "Fix Invisible Sims" is no longer allowed to use the "Supernatural" outfit category to recover genetics (because they are different in that one)

Version 43
  • Added "Outfits... \ Current Outfit"
  • Added "Sim \ Fix Homeworld"

Version 42
  • Updated for Patch 1.31 Compatibility
  • "Enable Socials" now resets the Contactable flag to "True"

Version 41
  • Added "Set Value" originally in MasterController
  • Added "Marryable" to the Sim menu

Version 40
  • Added new EA debugging console commands
  • Fixed an error with "Fix Invisible Sims" when a pet had no parents
  • Fix for instantiation of animals, which were improperly being created by my mods using Human rigs

Version 38
  • Added "Restart Dreams" to the Sim Menu
  • Added information about the Actor and Target at the top of "Test Menu Interactions"
  • Fixed a script error in the "Clone" interaction
  • Added "Show Lot Id" to the Lot Menu
  • Added "Clear Travel Statics" to the Lot Menu

Version 37
  • Fixed a problem where the addition of this mod's interactions could cause a stack overflow under certain conditions
  • Console commands are now added each time a town is loaded during a play-session, rather than simply the first time
  • Fixed an error in "Test Menu Interactions" where the tooltip was not being logged properly
  • EA Code Versions are now displayed in the error logs

Version 32
  • Silenced the error reported by Ikp
  • Updated Italian Translation

Version 31
  • Altered the interactions that I have added so they can be run by all ages
  • Added German Translation

Version 30
  • Added a "Move From Family Inventory" interaction to each Sim Menu
  • Added partial Italian Translation

Version 29
  • Sims with invalid skin-tones will now be reset by "Fix Invisible Sims"
  • Using "Fix Invisible Sims" directly on a sim will always force a reroll of their outfits
  • Added "Outfits \ Log CAS Parts", a more detailed dump of the CAS Parts the sim is currently wearing
  • Added "Dump Alarms" to City Hall

Version 28
  • Fixed the "Enable Socials" when used from the City Hall menu
  • Altered "Fix Invisible" to match the updated version used by ErrorTrap
  • The root-level interactions now display the name of the object they are associated with, to help when duplicates are displayed

Version 27
  • Fixed an script error with DEBUG_ToggleWeed reported by twoftmama