Version 14
  • Sims in the active household are now processed regardless of the lot they are on
  • An additional task has been added to handled sims on the world lot
    • This task is much slower than the existing one, but will handle the sims missed

Version 13
  • Updated to fix the options window crash

Version 12
  • Re-released for Patch 1.42

Version 11
  • Added the "Import/Export" link used by Overwatch

Version 10
  • Added in-game settings to City Hall and Sim menu
  • Added "Censor For Horse Woohoo" default: True
  • Added "Censor For Shower Woohoo" default: True
  • Added "Censor On Potty" default: False
  • Added "Censor On Toilet" default: False
  • Added "Show Sim Menu" default: True
  • Added "Disable" default: False
  • Added "Total Reset"
  • Added "Censor For Males" default: False
  • Added "Censor For Females" default: False
  • Added "Censor By Age" default: Baby, Toddler, Child
  • Added "Censor By Species" default: <none>

Version 9
  • Added <kDelay> tuning. The tuning file is available in the tuning thread linked above.

Version 8
  • Censor is now enabled by default for Horse Woohoo, because that is some weird manure to watch without the censor

Version 7
  • Updated for Pets Patch Compatibility

Version 6
  • Added "kCensorOnPotty" tuning

Version 5
  • Added "kCensorForShowerWoohoo" tuning