Deleting SNAP Resources

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Sometimes the save file size can get a bit out of hand (typically I would say more than about 200-300MB) leading to long loading times. This can be remedied by deleting the SNAP resources from the file.

A SNAP resource is a snapshot used by the game and typically it makes one for every action you take in CAS (for unknown reasons, I may add). At some point this starts to fill up the save file, and since the game reads them all on load-up the load and save times can become VERY long, especially on a slower machine.

Storing them seems to be pointless because if one of the snapshots is needed (for example, to make a picture of a Sim in your family tree) the game will reconstruct the picture if need be.

To clean the save file from piling up SNAPs, you will need the latest version of S3PE

Before you do anything else, BACK UP YOUR FILES!

Once you have installed S3PE, start it and use File->Open. Browse to your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Saves folder and find the <savename>.sims3 folder you want to process. You may want to set it to open "All Files". Open the file named <savegame>.nhd.

Now do the following steps:
  1. At the bottom, make sure the check boxes for "Display: Names" and "Tags" are checked
  2. Now make sure the check box for the Tag field is also checked and fill in "SNAP" (without the quotes) in the text box below
  3. Press the "Set" button and you'll see the "SNAP" text gets copied into the box below that
  4. Check the "Filter Active" check box. S3PE will now only show you the SNAP resources in the left-hand pane
  5. Highlight any one of the resources and press ctrl+A on your keyboard
  6. Wait (patiently, depending on your system and the number of SNAPs) until S3PE highlights ALL the SNAP resources
  7. Press the "Delete" button on your keyboard
  8. From the menu, select: "File" then "Save"
  9. Now select: "File" then "Exit"

Your save file should now be significantly reduced in size and may load and save much quicker than it used to.

This will NOT fix:
  • Lags in your game. Actually it will lag a bit to reconstruct the SNAPs it really needs until it's got them again.
  • The amount of memory your game needs unless you have literally a TON of them.
  • Any bugs, weirdness, or other unruly behaviors.

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