Dexter The Bear

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No changes needed for 1.67

19.10.2013: No changes needed for 1.63

21.06.2013: No changes needed for 1.55

File name:
Changes: Split stabbing to two separate interactions, knife and sword.

No changes needed for 1.42

File name:
Replaced the knife with the sword from SHT. It's a bit exaggeration but the knife was too small.
There is still issues with the double weapon. I wonder will I ever figure this out :/

File name:
- Updated for SHT.
- Added check that if victim's distance from killer is less than 1f, don't take out weapon, just start killing. This will prevent the double knife syndrome when you are close to the victim.

File name:
- Updated for pets.

File name:
- Updated for Generations
- Removed the older versions as they won't be compatible any more after patching

File name: ani_Dexter_LN
- The killer will not be handcuffed any more, instead the cops will chat with them for a bit.

- Fixed the bug about
- Fixed the bug where the police car would appear in front of the police station, instead of the lot the the killings happened.

Thanks: desecrate for his suggestions to the arrest code.

File name: ani_Dexter_Ambition

Note 1: This version has only been quick tested in my test hood. So use it at your own risk.
Notes 2: Changed the text from hard-coded to STBL files.
Note 3: I'm planning on adding a new functionality to Dex, killing by chainsaw, so another update is on the way some day, which also means if anybody wants to translate Dex here are the strings.

'Dexter the bear'
'Put Dexter into your inventory and you are all set to dispose of your fellow sims. '
'Failed to route. '
'Victim has moved, failed to kill.'
'Children can't kill. Please hold on to your grudge until you are a teen. '
'Select a Sim to Stab'
'Select a Sim to Bash with Hammer'
'Select a Sim to Bash with Poker'
*And the new one*
Select a Sim to Slash with Chainsaw
- Finnish:
- Chinese (there are two of these CN and TW)
- Danish
- Thai
- Swedish
- Spanish (there are two of these, MX and EX)
- Russian
- Portuguese
- Poland
- Norwegian
- Korean
- Japanese
- Italy
- Hungary
- Greece
- German
- French
- Dutch
- Czech

13.05.2010 Same old Dex, but with the fixed TXTC.

31.12.2009 edit
- Removed the older dex versions, as they no longer worked.

Dexter WA
- You no longer loose your job if you are a criminal and get caught.
- For a witness to be able to call the cops, they have to be a child or above. Baby/toddler witnesses will still hate you.
- Added dex interactions outside of the inventory
- Instead of just adding the code that lets you put dex into the inventory, I replaced it with the base.OnStartup(), which means that all bear interactions are now included. The reason why dex wouldn't go into the inventory after the patch/WA was because EA changed the line of code to put stuff into the inventory. This change should keep dex more stable, after updates.
- The version I put now out, is the one where for a moment you see two weapons, as that version was more popular.
- I will not update the previous mods any more, they will stay as is.
- I removed the first dex version, as it was bugy and such.

Dex and WA:
- You can kill abroad, my lovely tester as well as I have tested this.
- You don't however go to jail, nor should the cop come as there are no jails abroad. Haven't tested what happens if you put a jail into a travel destination.
- Even thou no jail time abroad, all the other getting caught stuff will happen, people will hate you and you will loose your job if it's not criminal and you get the aura of evil.
- The moodlets you get from dex after a kill, will dissapear when you go on a holiday. So if your sim is too depressed becuase they saw a killing, you now have a good reason to take them on a relaxing trip.

Dex and no WA
- I won't be doing a dex that supports basegame + updates. The new dex should (I hope) work with the update as well, as I don't use any WA spesific code in it.

Dexter V2
Bugs fixed:
- the disappearing weapon. It still sometimes disappear, but it's way more stable now.
To keep the weapon from disappearing, I had to create it twice, once when the sim starts walking to the victim, then just before the killing animations starts. But this lead to a bug that for a fraction of a second, you end up with two weapons in your hand, and I have yet to figure out how to get that fixed.
So I present you with two version:
- Dexter V2: The weapon is drawn the moment the killing starts
- Dexter V2 DW: The sim will walk to the victim with the weapon in hand, but for a second you'll have two weapons in your hand.
In case anybody is interested, I used the DW version, because I love seeing my sims walk to the victim with the weapon.

- also fixed the bug that if the killing fails because the victim moved, you still got the moodlets.
- Other minor fixes, but can't remember what they were.

New features
- If good witnesses see you, you will get arrested (evil witnesses won't call the cops). Getting arrested only works for adults, if a teen kills, then the cop will show up, but no arresting will happen.
- Aura of evil: if you get caught, you'll get the aura of evil, so there will be at least some long term effects after you are freed from jail. (Thank you Raggborg for suggesting this, I had no idea it even existed)
- If you have a job before you got caught, you will get fired.
- If you got caught, all the people in the victim's household will start hating you.
- People on the lot need to have the same room id to be witnesses. They will still sense when a sim is killed and rush in to watch. (thanks duppyraces for the suggestion)

New bugs
- Sometimes you'll get arrested twice in a roll. So eat well before killing because they don't feed you in jail external image smile.gif

Old bugs from V1
- The knife is still held wrongly, haven't had time to look at this.

Known bugs:
- After the killer gets the weapon out, if you zoom in too much or change the camera too much, the weapon will disappear. The disappearance will not effect the outcome, the death will still happen. I'm working on fixing this bug next.
- The knife is held a bit wrongly, and the blade will stick out from the Sim's hand.

Not bugs but other things:
- As we don't have custom animations yet, I'm recycling. The stabbing animation is poking a fire in a fire place. The sims will bend their knees a bit, which means they won't stab as high as I would like.

As this is still a work in progress, I'm open for suggestions if anybody has an idea of an animation that might work here better.

- You can't stab children. This is not because I have high moral standards, but because children don't have the starving animation, so when they die, they'll stretch out. You can how-ever bash their pretty little heads in with the hammer or the poker. For that death I use death by burning and they have that animation. Babies and toddlers are unkillable, the killer will just jump and be reseted when I tried.