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XML Tuning files for Dresser

Installation of tuning packages are performed in the same manner as the associated base-mod : See How To Install

Note that these packages do absolutely nothing if you do not have the base-mod installed on your setup.

To learn how to edit the XML contents of the package, see How to Edit XML Tuning

Anchor: [[Dresser Phase Seven Tuning#DresserTuningV30]]

  • This file contains the defaults for the mod, and as such is only useful for those interested in setting global defaults.
  • It is completely unnecessary to install this file unless you intend to change the contents.

For those who are not confident in altering tuning files but wish to have the initial checks of this mod disabled, use this file:

Only use one file from this section!

  • Provides the ability to specify which CAS Parts you want to have replaced whenever the "Check Outfits" interaction is run in-game

  • Values for this file can be retrieved by using the "Log CAS Parts" interaction on a sim with the offending outfit.

  • This has the same format as "InvalidParts" but acts in the exact opposite way. Enter all the parts you want to be valid, and all other parts will be replaced by those.

  • This file takes precedence over the "InvalidParts" tuning, they cannot be used together.

  • Note: If you fail to enter a valid part for each <BodyType>, you could end up with a bunch of naked sims running around town