I Have Duplicate/Cloned Sims In My Town...Why?

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Often called dopplegangers, these duplicate sims are normally the result of Import errors.
  • When you import a family from the Edit Town Library, the system unpacks the family and temporarily stores the contents as a homeless family in your town
  • After you are completed either moving the family into town, or after you cancel the operation the game is *supposed* to clear out any homeless remnants.
  • Unfortunately, the process tends to fail quite often, leaving a duplicate copy of your newly imported family in your town.

Normally, you would not immediately notice these type of sims since they spend most of their time hibernating "out-of-town", as most homeless tend to do.
  • However, if you are using EA Story Progression, that system will periodically assign new residential lots to homeless as a means to "get the family off the streets".
  • In doing so, the doppleganger family becomes much more obvious, with the reason for its existence lost in the annals of time.

To correct this problem :
  • Use MasterController's "Sim \ Advanced \ Total Annihilation" from the City Hall Menu, using a filter of "Type of Sim" - "Homeless"
    • The listing will display the names of all homeless in your town, simply select the ones that match the family you recently imported

  • Use StoryProgression. It changes the rules for homeless immigration, automatically deleting any homeless that appear in your town.

TIP: If you decide to keep the duplicate sim:

- J4Ks J4Ks suggests:
Whenever you experience a duplicate Sim and decide to keep it but just change clothing/hair and name. It's wise to either;
  • Save As, Exit, Restart, Reload Save, so ErrorTrap can correct the Sim Description which then will be logged in a Correction Log.
  • OR: Go in Edit Town, Save Sim into Bin, Back in Live Mode, TA the Sim, Go back in Edit Town and place a brand new copy of the Sim within your game.

Some changes you make within the game will not register directly within the game (still active actions logged with the old duplicate ID). You can try to continue playing on, but if anything awkward is happening then you know what is causing it, hopefully within the next session you play that game Error Trap sees the changes in time and correct them on load up.

As to what you can experience, not directly noticeable within gameplay, but the innards of your SavedGame might become corrupted. You'll notice when a strings of script errors appears in your Sims 3 user directory.

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