Home Schooling

To enroll your sim in Home Schooling, install the Careers mod first then follow these instructions on the Careers FAQ page.

How can my sims have summers off from school?

Story Progression and the Story Progression Career Module is needed to adjust settings for time off from school in the summer

From City Hall or a Computer: NRaas>Story Progression>General Options>Options: Careers>Options: Schools> See settings for: Summer Off / Summer Off Days
NRaas > SP > General Options > Options:Careers > Options:Schools > Summer Off (to select which schools are closed for summer vacation)

I would like to have different sims attend separate schools in my town.

anchor: StoryProgression FAQ Employment
See the last entry on the Story Progression FAQ page.

Too Many Sims Crowding Around School and University Doors

See Other Mods FAQ Additional entry exit routing slots for schools and university.
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My school is crowded - How do I reduce congestion?

EA Standard approach is to add a new school Rabbithole to your town
  1. Choose a lot, and place a School Rabbithole using Build Mode
  2. Now, go and delete the old school Rabbithole, and replace it with a new copy
    • Doing this will force the game to reallocate all the existing school children
  3. Reload the game. The game will assign schools to all unschooled sims automatically on load-up
Add more Schools - Add more school types - Assigning Schools
  1. Install Careers and the Careers School module
  2. Once installed, you can use MasterController's "Sim \ Intermediate \ Careers \ Choose School" interaction to assign sims to particular schools
    • Note that existing trade schools are only set up for use by teenagers
If you want an automated approach :
  • Install Extra StoryProgression.
    • That module contains coding to assign sims automatically to Careers trade schools.
  • You can also designate school rabbitholes as being "Elementary", "High School", "Female Only", or "Male Only" to reduce congestion.
    • Sims will automatically be reassigned to the nearest applicable school within a sim-day
    • For more detailed instructions, see this FAQ.

Why can't my sims attend After-School Activities?

Probable Causes:
A field trip situation was performed earlier in the game and could still be running in the background
  • Since Field Trips block the use of after-school activities, your sims will be unable to attend until the situation is cleaned up
Use MasterController's "Advanced \ Reset Sim" on the sim, or if that does not work use "Reset Lot" on the lot where the field trip was originally performed.
  • Note that EA's "resetsim" command will not clear up this type of error.
Install Overwatch. It has a nightly routine that removes field trip situations that are left running in-game.
  • You can also perform the cleanup immediately using the "Immediate \ Clean up Situations" interaction.

You do not have Generations installed.That EP is required for students to attend after-school activities of any type.
  • MasterController currently allows the player to assign after-school activities to a student, but when the time arrives the student will not be able to attend if the EP is missing.

Your student is Home Schooled or is enrolled in a Careers Mod Specialty School.
  • Home Schooled students cannot participate in after-school activities. Technically their "school" is City Hall, which lacks the required facilities.
  • The Specialty Schools do not have after-school activities available either. The student may skill up with the appropriate tones during the required part of the school day schedule and is on their own to pursue other skill building activities the remainder of the day.


Do you want to manage your own prom?
See Zerbu's No Standard Prom Mod

Tip: For More Education Options Using Story Progression
From City Hall or a Computer: NRaas>Story Progression>General Options>Options: Careers>Options: Schools

See Also University FAQ's & Tips

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