Version 100: - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Fired more shots at those moondial errors. Probably didn't hit them but never stop trying kids.
  • The endless script error when a Sim is reset while in a car "feature" has been removed.
  • Attempt at stopping the endless spawning of RabbitHoleDoorJig by deleting the one EA spawns before this mod replaces it.
    • I don't know why Twallan insisted on spawning a new one so I thought this the best approach. This may induce crashing as deleting social jigs has before. We'll see.
    • Will not delete the endless jigs already in your worlds. Use MC to do that.
  • Attempt at halting the random resetting of Sims on loadup with stuck RouteActions.
    • I was unable to reproduce it again to test if this fixed it. Let me know.

Version 99 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Sims reset going through doors and arches no longer render the door unusable.
  • Compatibility with Register changes regarding resetting role Sims.
  • Compatibility with new Dresser reset setting.
  • Silenced moon dial errors

Version 98: - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Made the reporting of OnProcessEventCallback error's optional. It is now disabled by default and requires the new tuning package to re-enable.

Version 97: - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Updated for patch 1.67 compatibility.

Version 96: - JunJayMdM JunJayMdM
  • Added dereferencing for BotShopRegister consigned objects (Bot Emporium)
  • Added dereferencing for FVShoppingRegister consigned objects (FruitVeggie Stand)

Version 95: - chain_reaction chain_reaction
  • Updated to Patch 1.66 compatibility.

Version 94
  • Expanded error reporting to a set of User-Interface elements, most importantly the mouse click action
  • Added a clean up for orphaned simulator objects spawned by the "Tree of Prosperity"
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • CauseEffectService
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • OccultRobot, OccultTimeTraveler

Version 93
  • Potential fix for an issue regarding "GameStates:IsIdTravelling"
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • OccultRobot
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • OccultTimeTraveler

Version 92
  • "Reset" updated to handle trait chips in a more reasonable manner
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • OccultRobot, GlassFloor, TraitChipManager, TrendsetterRecordData, PhilanthropistRecordData,
    • EntertainerRecordData, ParentOfRoboticsRecordData, TimeKeeperRecordData

Version 91
  • Update to Patch 1.63 compatibility
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • AttractionDateCall, Phone, AlchemyStation.MixPotion, UnderwaterCave, RepairableComponent,
    • Umbrella.HoldingUmbrella
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • Sim, MountedFish, BuffCryingBaby.BuffInstanceCryingBaby, Pregnancy

Version 90
  • Removed all the corrections surrounding sim loadup, to see whether it was the cause of crash-to-desktop issues
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • Business, ResortManager.AmenityScoreData
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • GoHereWithSituation.PutDownPickUpSimsState

Version 89
  • Error Trapping adjusted to catch script errors during the ObjectGroupsPreLoad delegate call
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • TreeOfProsperity+SimNearTree, SlidingBookcasePortalComponent

Version 88
  • Short circuited the "Vacation" versus "Homeworld" save system
    • This should stop the game-engine from deleting foreign town-files when you change hometowns
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • BuffSoaked.BuffInstanceSoaked, BoatSteeringAdaptor

Version 87
  • Adjusted the "Reset LotCurrent" alterations to a simpler approach, to see whether it has any impact on recent crash-to-desktop issues

Version 86
  • Silenced the "Reset LotCurrent" log
  • Fixed an error regarding when careers for active sims are activated by the mod
    • They were being enabled too early in the process, leading to a number of different errors
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • MooringPost, OccultMermaid, BoatOwnable
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • Sim, LogicSkill

Version 85
  • Fixed another error where the mod would delete regular boats

Version 84
  • Houseboats that are found to be detached from their lots are no longer arbitrarily deleted by the mod
  • Added Dereferencing for:
    • BoatRoutingComponent

Version 83
  • Updated to Patch 1.55 Compatibility
  • Fix for an error when a sim in a custom career is loaded prior to the location being set up at the rabbithole
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • Lot.SavedData, BuffScared.BuffInstanceScared, GraffitiSurface
  • Added dereferencing for :
    • ScientificSample

Version 82
  • Fixed a loadup error regarding careers incurred in V81

Version 81
  • Runaway Sim Updates are now immediately disposed, rather than letting them rack up piles of script errors waiting for the sim to reset
  • Fixed an error where sims would not always receive the correct level of reset when a script error occurred
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • Sim.StandingPosture, BarProfessional.TendingPosture, Cane.HoldingCanePosture

Version 80
  • Potential corrections added to catch duplicate relationships errors during sim creation
  • Changes made to handle broken lot changed delegates during sim creation
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • BuffImminentNemesis.BuffInstanceImminentNemesis, ChickenCoopClassic, BuffFrozenSolid.BuffInstancFrozenSolid,
    • Situation.SituationCallback
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • HostedSituation, Situation

Version 79
  • Dereferencing a sim attached to an invalid plumbbob object will no longer prompt the user to enter "Edit Town"
  • Adjusted the reset process to force the addition of an Academic Performance motive, when the career system failed to do so itself

Version 78
  • Updated hard-reset system to better handle academic careers
  • Moodlets that can be reapplied are now retained during a hard-reset
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • NpcParty, WoodFireOven, TrickSkill.TrickData
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • BabyMonitor

Version 77
  • Better handling of non-expirying opportunities during the "Reset" operation
  • The mod no longer deletes hidden event items, such as the Student Services Booths
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • Stereo.DanceTogetherA.Definition, PoliceStation.GoToJail, Sim.UseLaptopHere

Version 76
  • Fix for the "vanishing skill" error that sneaked into Version 75

Version 75
  • Updated the "Reset" system to handle University motives properly
  • Added dereferencing for :
    • OccultPlantSim, GraffitiSurface, UniversityMascot
  • Updated dereferencing for :
    • LemonadeStand, BookSkill

Version 74
  • Updated to Patch 1.50 Compatibility
  • Dereferenced sims who have the same name as a sim that is still in town are no longer listed in the output logs
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • AttractionGift
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • OccultMummy, TrashcanOutside, SingerCareer

Version 73
  • Fixed an error log regarding the dereferencing of "FruitVeggieStand+FruitVeggieStandObjectData" that was causing errors with ingredients and books
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • TrickSkill.ShakeTrickData
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • WoodFireOven, SkatingRink.Skate

Version 72
  • Fixed a problem where the second load-up during a game session would not handle seasonal lot objects properly
    • Namely traveling or returning to the main menu and loading a new game would cause lots objects to be deleted
  • Fixed a similiar issue regarding shared inventories, such as the fridge and family inventories
  • Fixed an error regarding how shared fridge inventory objects are handled during the inventory check
  • Added code to protect improperly flagged consignment objects in the Potion consignment system from being deleted by the mod
  • Changed the coding regarding shared inventory objects, to correct objects which are not properly set as "In Inventory"
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • WoodFireOven, OccultMummy, SnowWaterFight, FruitVeggieStand+FruitVeggieStandObjectData, SculptureFrozenSim, LemonadeStand,
    • EggHuntController, SkatingRink.Skate, AncientPortal, GardenStation, TakeFoodToLot.Definition, Dryer.DryClothing,
    • HorseshoeCourt, Bathtub.BatheLargeDogInTub
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • Journalism, BonehildaCoffin, VaccinationSessionSituation, TeppanyakiGrill, PromSituation, TombObjectData

Version 71
  • Plants recovered by the mod should now reset to Harvest state if they have harvestable items attached
    • Plants in other states of growth will still reset back to "Planted" by default
  • Potential fix for a script error in "ErrorTrap:CheckOutfits"
  • Removed the block against reporting "StackOverflowException" errors, to see how many of the reported "random" resets are due to them
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • SpringDanceFloor, SnowAngel, Igloo
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • InteractionInstance

Version 70
  • Pre-Seasons..plants that are munched by EA's attempt to update them to new scripting-classes will now be automatically replanted
    • Note this only affects saves where you have not already loaded under Seasons
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • PromSituation, SimRoutingComponent, Motives, ReactionBroadcaster, SimActiveTopics, SimScriptAdaptor
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • Vehicle.TireEffectHelper, BuffSmelly.BuffInstanceSmelly, TeppanyakiGrill, HolidayManager, DeepSnowEffectManager,
    • Grocery, FacePaintingBooth, LeafPile, HouseParty, PoolParty, PoolLounger, Snowman

Version 69
  • Fix for the mod consuming dormant season objects on Festival Lots
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • SimDescription

Version 68
  • Fix for a hang issue in the hard-reset process

Version 67
  • Added an explicit block to stop the mod from deleting currently active ocean object
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • HealthManager, SteeringAdaptor, ScriptAdaptor, DonatableComponent, DonatableComponent.NumberOfSpotsLeftCallback

Version 66
  • Added loadup corrections for container objects that contain corrupt inventory references
  • Removed some code that was interfering with sending playable ghosts on "free vacation"
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • FollowSubPathRouteAction, Sim.GiveFlowers, TrickSkill.SitUpTrickData, PetSurfacePosture, ImaginaryDoll,
    • BandInstrument.Learn, InteractionQueue.PropDestroyer, PartComponent, PartComponent.PartAvailabilityChanged,
    • RoutingComponent.RouteActionsFinishedDelegate
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • SimRoutingComponent, RoutingComponent, FollowRouteAction, Firefighter.FirefighterInformation, OccultFrankenstein,
    • BuffNegligent.BuffInstanceNegligent, OccultManager, BandInstrumentSituation, NpcParty, InteractionInstance, Plant,
    • NectarMaker, GameObject, RoutingComponent

Version 65
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • SaunaClassic.InnerPeace.BuffInstanceInnerPeace, OpportunityInteractionCompleteListener
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • DeepFryerVegas, Opportunity

Version 64
  • "Reset" will now restart a ghost's visual effect
  • Fixed an issue with the location used to place a sim after they are reset
  • Role motives are now reapplied after a reset
  • Corrected an dereferencing error regarding stage objects
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • Arboretum.Contestant, Arboretum, BuffPermaZombie.BuffInstancePermaZombie, BakeSaleTable, FoodReplicator.ReplicationRecord,
    • MagicBroom, GenericPerformanceObject, SpellcastingSkill, SlidingBookcase, VaultOfAntiquity.Contestant, VaultOfAntiquity,
    • JobCreationSpec, SingagramCreationSpec, SingagramSpawner, BuffTerrified.BuffInstanceTerrified,
    • BuffImminentNemesis.BuffInstanceImminentNemesis, DanceOnCounterOrTable, BuffBeeAttack.BuffInstanceBeeAttack,
    • BuffBeeAttack.BeeAttackAlarmDelegate, BroomStand, GoHereWithSituation.PutDownPickUpSimsState,
    • PicnicBasketSituation.CleanUpPicnic, TrickSkill.SitTrickData, TrickSkill, DetonateObjectHelper.SingeReaction,
    • GameObject.FootprintChangedDelegate, RoutingComponent.RouteEventObstaclesEncounteredCallback, SteeringAdaptor,
    • RoutingComponent.RouteEventCallback
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • OccultFairy, PoolTable, FoodReplicator, Sim.WatchTheStars, MagicBroomArena, Job, Punishment, SimActiveTopics,
    • InteriorDesigner.RenovationCreationSpec, BandInstrumentSituation.JoinJammingSession, GameObject, FollowRouteAction,
    • PathAdaptor, PortalAction, RoutingComponent

Version 63
  • Fixed an error where the portrait panel update would be broken if multiple active sims were hard-reset on loadup
  • Fixed an error in a stuck sim check where false-positives were occurring more often than expected
  • Hard-reset updated to properly reset the Bonehilda coffin when Bonehilda is reset
  • Potential correction added for sims missing occult managers
  • Potential correction for routing vehicles created with routing components
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • BonehildaCoffin, PotionShopConsignmentRegister.ConsignedObject, ParentsLeavingTownSituation.ParentsAreAway, FlyingVacuum,
    • MagicBroomArena, BuffPestilencePlague.BuffInstancePestilencePlague, OccultWerewolf, OccultFairy, OccultWitch, Urnstone,
    • MoonDial, ScriptAdaptor, Sim.ExitReasonsAddedCallback, Hideout, MagicWand.CastSpell, BuffImminentRomance.BuffInstanceImminentRomance,
    • BuffStarvingForMoonlight.BuffInstanceStarvingForMoonlight,
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • Occupation, Lot.SavedData, TombObjectData, PostureChanged, WatchBase, CareerManager, FollowRouteAction,
    • SimRoutingComponent, SocialComponent, VisaManager, Conversation, Relationship

Version 62
  • Fixed a problem where if the dereferencing took longer than 10 sim-minutes to complete, multiple clean up logs would be created, rather than a single big one
  • Fixed an error in the dereferencing where the process would not report a proper log, instead simply saying it worked repeatably
    • This was the source of the "Madison VanWatson" issue
  • Added coding to catch and reset sims who potentially stuck in unending routing operations
  • The mod no longer spits out "SimDescription Removed" lines for sims who have no names
  • Out of world urnstones are now moved to a mausoleum rather than simply being deleted like other objects
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • Writing.RoyaltyAlarm, PreparedFood, DaycareChildManager, BirthdayParty, Terrain.MopPuddle, PetAdoption.NeighborAdoption,
    • OccultUnicorn, WashDishesOpportunity, BuffHeartBroken.BuffInstanceHeartBroken
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • Punishment, Conversation, SocialGroupInteractionSituation, GenieLamp, SimDescription, PanguAxeSpawner,
    • LeftEyeOfHorusSpawner, RightEyeOfHorusSpawner, DrillHole, Opportunity, DeepFryerVegas, PlayTagSituation

Version 61
  • The mod no longer keeps trying to dereference after you have returned to the main menu
  • Fixed an issue where reference logs were being erroneously produced when a reference recursed onto itself
  • Corrected a dereferencing error regarding Door locks, if the locking sim had been hibernated or hard-reset
  • Added deferencing for :
    • MountedFish, BoxOfDanger
  • Updated dereferencing for :
    • EaselCanvas, OmniPlant, OccultVampire, Dartboard, Occupation, LawEnforcement, PetSittingOnGroundPosture, Punishment,
    • InteractionInstance, CommonDoor

Version 60
  • Fixed an error with the reset process that was producing HasBeenDestroyed()
  • OPEN ENDED dereferencing logs should now contain more details
  • The mod no longer consumes opportunities when it finds that the source or target sim has been hibernated by the game
    • This will correct a long standing gig opportunity issue
  • Silenced Fire Pit Chair deletions
  • Fixed an error regarding interactions attached to combo rabbitholes
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • ComboHospitalScienceLab, Job, TraitFunctions.StolenObject, EmergencyFireRestorer, Journalism, Daycare
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • UniqueObjectSpawner, GameObject, ShortTermContext, Opportunity, DeepFryerVegas, InteractionInstance, FireManager,
    • HostedSituation, PoolTable, WeddingParty

Version 59
  • Fixed a problem with the dereferencing between sim descriptions and their in-game bodies
  • Added dereferenceing for:
    • GameObjectRelationship, DaycareSituation, Function, OneShotFunction, StoreItem, RelicStoreRegister, SeatingGroup
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • Opportunity

Version 58
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • VoidEventHandler, CommodityStage, SculptingStation.SculptingLoopHelper, FoodTray, DelegateListener,
    • Dictionary<SimDescription,Relationship>, Dictionary<SimDescription,Dictionary<SimDescription,Relationship>>,
    • GenieLamp
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • DeepFryerVegas, PieMenuSimHead, Easel, OccultImaginaryFriend, BridgeOrigin, PerformanceCareer.ShowStageLayouts,
    • ComboRabbitHole

Version 57
  • Fixed a deferencing issue regarding items on consignment
  • Silenced the deletion of a number of objects created by EA which are constantly recreated every time the game is loaded
    • The objects are still deleted (since they appear to pile up endlessly), I am simply no longer bothering to report their removal
  • Fixed an issue dereferencing recursions
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • HangWithCoworkersTone, Sim.PostureChangedCallback, StateMachineClient.HandlerRecord, SacsEventHandler, ProSports,
    • GameObject.ObjectDisposedEvent, ProcessEventDelegate, SeedSpawnerRarity, BuffMourning.BuffInstanceMourning
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • SimActiveTopics, Occupation, Sim, InteractionInstance, StateMachineClient, Writing, GameObject, Shuffleboard.Play,
    • Medical, Opportunity, ActiveDreamNode, Trait, TraitListener, VisitSituation, CookingProcess, ObjectSpawner,
    • NpcDriversManager, TraitManager

Version 56
  • Deleted sim descriptions are now included in the dereferencing system
    • Sims with urnstones or still attached to households are immune from elimination
  • Improved dereferencing regarding delegates
  • Dereferencing expanded to include out-of-world non-inventory objects
    • These objects are checked for valid references, and if none are found, they are deleted from the game
  • Added dereferencing for :
    • LogicSkill, Fish, Stylist.MakeoverCreationSpec, SimDescriptionCore.BodyShape, SingingInfo, TombStatTracking,
    • RelicStatTracking, AgingState, OccultImaginaryFriend, ImageObject, Sim.Placeholder, TheFox, Invention, Visa, Plant,
    • NectarBottle.NectarBottleGlassInfo, NectarBottle, CommonDoor, MidlifeCrisisManager, Widget, CraftedToyBoxToy,
    • UpgradableComponent, InteriorDesigner.RenovationCreationSpec, AlarmTimerCallback, ReactionBroadcaster.BroadcastCallback,
    • MedicalJournal, ActiveTopic, CareerManager, DonatableComponent.IsObjectDonatableCallback, DonatableComponent.OnReservationChangedHandler,
    • Relationship, ShortTermContext, InformationLearnedAboutSim
  • Updated dereferencing for :
    • Skill, OccultManager, SkillManager, LifeEventManager, Service, Lot.SavedData, CarRelationship, ReactionBroadcaster,
    • LookAtManager, SimActiveTopics, Service, Occupation

Version 55
  • Fix for a duplicate message being sent when a sim is instantiated, which was causing issues with - Absimiliard Absimiliard's mod testing

Version 54
  • Fix for the mod not writing log files after a save

Version 53
  • Fixed the dereferencing system broken in Version 52

Version 52
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • HorseJump.DoJump, CarpoolManager.GetInCarpool.Definition, Sim.HorseGraze, Sim.GoForWalkWithDog,
    • PetBed.PetBedPosture, WallMountedSpeaker, HorseBall.PlayWithBall, SingagramJob, Sim.PresentObjectToSim.Definition,
    • OccultGenie, StuffedAnimal.PlayWith, PerformanceMeter, ShowStageRig, Terrain.SniffOut, GumballMachine,
    • GameStates.TravelData, DeepFryerVegas, BirdCage, PerformanceCareer, DJTurntable, SingerCareer.ListenToSingAGram,
    • MinorPetTerrarium
    • RideHere.RideHereTone
  • Updated derefencing for:
    • NpcParty, Sarcophagus, Household, PoolTable, Sim, ShowStage, Proprietor.SimFestData, SimDescription,
    • ServingContainer, SkillMeter, ProgressMeter
  • Potential fix for a script error in "DereferenceController:Perform"
  • Potential fix for a script error in "ObjectLookup:GetReference"
  • Potential fix for a script error in "ErrorTrap:OnDelayedWorldLoadFinished"

Version 51
  • Added Dereferencing for:
    • ShowFloor, OccultMagicPointSystem, PortableMp3Player
  • Updated Dereferencing for:
    • GhostHunter.GhostHunterJob

Version 50
  • Inventory corrections have been reinstated during sim creation in a limited form, to protect against certain corruption issues
  • Added Deferencing for:
    • PerformanceCareer.PerformerPerformForTips, PizzaDeliverySituation, PoolTable, ShowStage, UberBoxPedestal, Sim.HorseNap,
    • OccultFrankenstein.ShortOut, Proprietor.CustomerList, Proprietor, ObjectWithOrientation, PerformanceCareer.ShowStageLayouts,
    • SingerCareer, SteadyGigNotificationHelper, Proprietor.SimFestContestant, Proprietor.SimFestData
  • Updated Dereferencing for:
    • Lot.SavedData

Version 49
  • Patch 1.32 Compatibility

Version 48
  • Patch 1.31 Compatibility

Version 47
  • Added Dereferencing for:
    • SwingSet.SwingingPosture, Mailbox.GetMail, BuffHairball.BuffInstanceHairball, RoomCheck, GenericPrivacySituation, PrivacySituation, GoHereWithSituation.RideHorsesState, PetBed, Cane, MailCarrier, PetHouse.PetHousePosture, VisitSituation.HostOutside, RidingPosture, BeingRiddenPosture, MinorPet, HorseJump, ChewToyJig, Sim.TellGhostStory.Definition, Fireplace, MinorPetBirdLarge, BakingDish, Bowl
  • Updated Dereferencing for:
    • Cane.HoldingCanePosture, GoHereWithSituation, BurglarSituation, PetBowl, CookingProcess, NectarMaker, Sim
  • "Bird:MoveToJazzState" has now been silenced, as a soft-reset of the object corrects it automatically

Version 46
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • PetManager, Fridge_EatLeftovers, Fridge_EatLeftovers.Definition, BunkBedBunk, FakeMetaAutonomySituation.RouteToRabbitHole, BoxStall
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • SleepStage, CarOwnable, Posture, SittingInVehicle
  • "Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim:LoopIdle" errors have been silenced, and marked for soft-reset
  • "Sims3.Gameplay.Autonomy.Autonomy:ScoreInteractions" reignored, and marked for soft-reset
  • Fix for an "Unknown Fish" error that was corrupting inventories when traveling

Version 45
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • Fridge, PostureSwitcher, PetSittingOnGroundPosture, PetBowl, Punishment.TimeOutObject
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • CarDescription, CarRelationship, SimDescription, Sim
  • Fixed an error with "Fix Invisible Sims" when a pet had no parents
  • Fix for instantiation of animals, which were improperly being created by my mods using Human rigs

Version 43
  • Added Dereferencing for:
    • PromSituation, BeingCarriedPosture, CarryingChildPosture, OmniPlant, GnubbField.Spot, GnubbField
  • Updated Dereferencing for:
    • VaccinationSessionSituation, Sim, FieldTripSituation, CityHall
  • Altered the "Reset" to bypass the EA Inventory Purge system

Version 42
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • LoungingPosture, uffMyLove.BuffInstanceMyLove, Bookshelf_GetBook.Definition, Sim.Sim_ReadToSleep_GetBook, ShowVenue.AutonomouslyAttendShow, PicnicBlanket, SwimmingInPool, PicnicPosture
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • TrashCompactor, Dishwasher, Pregnancy
  • Potential fix for a script error in the changes made to "ChangeOutfit"
  • Altered creation protection to catch opportunity errors when a sim is reset

Version 40
  • Added dereferencing for:
    • SimRoutingComponent.BePushed
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • BunkBedContainer, Sprinkler, HopscotchCourt
  • Fixed an issue with the coworkers and bosses changing for active sims during loadup

Version 39
  • Fixed a script error regarding "Career:OnOwnerBecameSelectable"

Version 38
  • Updated dereferencing for:
    • PlayCatchObject, TutorObject
  • Silenced the Firefighter dereference coming from StoryProgression
  • Fixed a problem where newly created sims were not being added to the portrait panel
  • Added coding to stop the game from reprocessing coworkers and bosses every time a sim is reset
  • Added coding to stop broken imaginary friends from bouncing the loadup of their owners
  • Fixed the "247" loadup error which was causing some Reaper grief

Version 29
  • the performance of the post-load dereferencing process has been improved
  • Updated the bogus interaction correction system to catch more bogusness

Version 28
  • Added dereference handling for :
    • ObjectSpawner, Mailbox, DynamicRegion, TV, Cake, WelcomeWagonSituation, BookSkill, NpcParty.Happening, PuddleManager.FlowingPuddleCallback, Car, CuttingBoard_Prepare.HideCuttingBoardAndShowFoodHelper, Stereo, Sprinkler, InteriorDesigner, GetInVehicleRouteAction, Plant.DisposeDeadPlant, BakeSaleTable.BrowseOrPurchaseFromSim, VaccinationSessionSituation, Terrain.TeleportMeHere, Plant.TendGarden<HarvestPlant>, Shower.ShowerPrivacySituation, Plant.WaterPlant, MartialArts.Meditate, ActorTrailer.WooHoo, SculptingStation.CreateSculpture, IEnumerator, FireSource, SimDescriptionEvent, GrimReaperSituation, GrimReaperSituation.ReapSoul, HouseParty.Happening, TraitFunctions.NeatTraitCleanHouse, ImpassableRegion, FishingSpot, FishingSpotData, GnubbField, Sim.SwitchOutfitHelper, Sim.CustomIdle, ArcadeMachineBase.PlayGame, NpcDriversManager, CarpoolManager.CarpoolData, CarpoolManager.CarpoolData.DoCarpoolPickupAndDropoff, Bookshelf.BookHelper, Telescope, Sink, Stylist, PicnicBasket.GrabPlate, Telescope.LookThroughOrStargaze, Easel.SellPaintingInteraction, SocialInteractionA, HighChair, RecycleNewspaper, Stove.StartContainerVFXHelper, ToyBox.PlayWithToy, Sarcophagus
  • Updated dereference handling for :
    • ObjectComponent, InteractionObjectPair, ObjectSpawner, DriveToLotInServiceCar.Definition, SittingInVehicle, ShowFoodInContainerHelper, SocialInteraction, SharedFridgeInventory, OccultVampire, OccultFrankenstein, InteractionInstance, Sim, Trait, Opportunity, RadialRangeDestination, BarProfessional, Pregnancy, GoHereWithSituation.GoToPointState, HostedSituation, DreamsAndPromisesManager
  • Fixed a script error in "CheckGameObject:Perform" when reporting the deletion of an object
  • All stack overflows that do not contain a reference to my mods have been silenced
  • Objects that were deleted by another system after load-up are no longer dereferenced (to reduce the performance hit)
  • the preload dereferencing stage has been significantly improved performance-wise
  • the postload dereferencing stage has been altered to perform the bulk of the processing, which may incur a stutter if there are a lot of objects to dereference

Version 27
  • Added dereference handling for :
    • SocialGroupInteractionSituation, Stove, GoHereWithSituation.GoHereWithChildSituation, CarrySystem.PutDownCallback, PutDownChild, FoosballTable. SkillMeter, SkillMeter.SecondBoneMove, TrashcanOutside
  • Updated dereference handing for :
    • InteractionInstance, FirefighterInformation, GoHereWithSituation.GoToPointState, SimDescription, Conversation, InteractionQueue, ActiveNodeBase, PlayCatchObject.PlayCatchInteraction, PlayTagSituation, Sim
  • Added coding to the reset to add missing "highest level achieved" fields to careers

Version 13
  • Silenced the "AutonomyManager:Simulate ()" error
  • the sim's interaction queue is now dumped to log

Version 12
  • Added the ability to tune out specific errors, so they are no longer reported
  • Added coding to delete objects that found to be in inventories with no assigned owner
  • Adjusted the Reset to better force certain stubborn looping interactions off the sim's queue