Note: This method will only work with package files

First you need to find out the instance number for the custom content you are trying to find
  1. Install Master Controller
  2. Once in game, go into CAS and find the part you want to identify
  3. Right-click on the part in the left-hand side panel. This will generate the ScriptError containing the instance number
  4. Exit the game

Once you have the instance number, you can search for it in your Mods/Packages folder using Packer
  1. Install Packer and launch it
  2. Click on the "Search Packages" icon in the top left corner. It's the second one from the left and looks like a pair of binoculars.
    That will open up a new window called "Package Search"
  3. Using Notepad, open the ScriptError that was previously generated by Master Controller. The ScriptError will be found in your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 folder.
  4. Copy the instance number from the ScriptError
  5. Go back to Packer and paste the instance number into the Instance box in Packer's search window
  6. In the Package Search window, click the "Folder" button and browse until you find your Mods/Packages folder
  7. Click the "Search" button
  8. A box will pop up saying: "A log named PackageSearch.log has been created, do you wish to open it now?"
  9. Click on "Yes"

The log will open in Notepad giving you the exact path (location) and package name that contains that instance number and so contains the item you clicked on when in game.

Note: This will not work if you've merged all your CC into one or more packages, as it will only give you the name of the merged package but if you've kept a copy of all your single, unmerged custom content package files elsewhere on your computer, you can search that folder instead of your Mods/Packages folder.

Added by - Sarah_Sims Sarah_Sims on 24 August 2014