Save Nectar Ingredients When Fertilizing?
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To avoid, that ingredients, you want to use only for nectar making, are taken for "fertilize with best" try:
  • -MoMol: Use the console cheat: Buydebug on and get a chest from WA. Put your ingredients in there and pull them out when you need them.
  • -twallan: If you do not have World Adventures installed, there are also custom content containers available at ModTheSims
  • -Sphecida: Put ingredients into a child's inventory
  • -C.Dark:
    • Be aware that a child can eat from personal inventory - including life fruits - to avoid this use Twoftmama's "Don't Eat From Inventory" mod
    • Store nectar ingredients in the fridge, make sure to put there a minimum of 20 per fruit, your sims will not use many of those for cooking, check regularly and refill.
    • Grow more of the best ones like garlic, Lifefruit, Bell Pepper and Cranerlet Nuala (this nectar fruits are missed on the following site for fertilizing) and also fish:
    • To keep your perfect plants forever use Debugenabler and revive them Plant Revive
    • You can also build a big "Community Garden" by yourself Lot-Category "Visitors Allowed", place all plants there you want
      • Use the console cheat: Buydebug on
      • These plants do not use any water and will never die and can be used by any sim in your town ;-)

Going to the grocery store to buy or sell fruits and vegetable does not work!

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There are several suggestions on what may be the issue, and how to fix it :
  1. twallan suggests checking whether you have too many items in your inventory
    • The inventory listing window will bust if you have too many items
    • Try moving some items to the fridge, and then try again

  1. willowbee221 suggests checking whether you have any incompatible mods available
    • Mods that affect the grocery store rabbithole, the quality of produce, or a buy all produce/fish?

  1. SimAd_NRaas suggests checking for any unknown seeds in your inventory
    • Those objects have been known to cause bounce issues in the past

How do I revive dead plants?

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  • Intalll DebugEnabler's and use "NRaas \ DebugEnabler \ Options: Plant \ DEBUG Plant Life: Alive" from the plant's menu.
  • if you did that very often, use this option as well "NRaas \ DebugEnabler \ Options: Plant \ RestartPlantLife" from the plant's menu.
  • Extra Tip: Add the upgrade AUTO WATER (DebugEnabler) to the sprinkler system. Or create a public garden, then the plants need no water at all and all sims can use it.

TIP: Adjusting The Time To Water Plants (and other related gardening functions)

As a Sims skill progresses he/she is able to perform gardening tasks at a faster pace. There are however settings in Retuner that can be adjusted to save your Sims some time:
From City Hall or a computer>NRaas >Retuner >Settings >General >By Tunable XML >Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Gardening >Plant >

Other Mods That Help With Gardening

Mods that automate gardening tasks may be found on the Other Mods Page
Use CTRL + F to open the browser search in the upper right corner of the page and type in Gardner or Garden

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