Install Master Controller and Master Controller Cheats

Gender preferences for a sim may be checked by accessing Master Controller from City Hall or a computer: NRaas>Master Controller>Sim>Intermediate>Gender Preference
To Change the gender preference for a sim access the sim using the same path provided for checking gender preference above and change the Gender Preference number based upon:
A sim who has a positive number in preference for a particular gender will be attracted to that gender. A negative number, not so much. Zero would mean they could be easily swayed in either direction. And of course some sims are attracted to both genders and some neither.

TIP: Another Way To Monitor Gender Preferences

If you have Tagger installed you can easily view the gender preferences for all sims in your town from Map View
From City Hall or a computer: NRaas>Tagger>Options>Tag Information>Orientation - Tagger's default setting to show gender information is set to False. Click on it to reset to True.

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