How can I limit the listing of "Specify Sims For This Door" option?

anchor: [[GoHere FAQ#LimitSims]]

EA key listing dialog has been modified to include all Sims in the world and not just those on that lot. So you are able to select this modified option on any lots (including Venues).
  • When you are using this option in rooms on Residential Lots, the listing can be quite large to filter down, follow these steps to narrow down the list to only the occupants and a few who may enter the rooms:
    • Set the Lock Door first to, either locked for Everybody, locked for Everyone but myself or Everyone but my Household.
    • Select "Specify Sims For This Door" and you'll see that the list is now narrowed down to only allow none, just your selected Sim or anyone living in your household.
    • Using the left side panel you can then add other Sims to be allowed in a specific room