Have Coffee With Me

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What this mod does?

  • It will replace the "Serve Hot Beverages" interaction in the coffee machine with "Serve Coffee" (if you are a party animal/evil/good the name is the original name, the reason I changed the default name was because I wanted to see the word coffee somewhere).
  • A new interaction will appear to all served trays of coffee called "Call For Coffee". This will open a Pie menu picker with all the sims on the lot, from which you can select up to four people to come and take a cup.
  • A cup of coffee costs 10ยง if you drink it on a community lot (through the new interaction or the normal ones). If the lot is owned by a Sim, the lot owner gets the money. Every Sim who drinks, pays. But you will see the money animations only for the active household. There is no pop-up telling that the owner earned money from the coffee, because in this case it's kind of trivial info, so I left it out.
  • I implemented the rabbit hole lot owning rule, you can read about it in here.
  • A Sim will no longer automatically take a cup of coffee after serving a tray.
  • The default time for drinking coffee is 15 minutes, I changed it to 30.

Changing the drinking time

  1. Open the mod in S3PE.
  2. Select the xml named HotBevarageMachine.... and press the notepad button
  3. Modify the following value
    • Code:
 <kHotBeverageFoodUnits value="30">