I Want To Play A Household With More Than Eight Sims

Please see: Which Mod FAQ#Overstuffed)

Why Can't I Visit An Inactive Household?

After a house has been built, either by EA, you or a custom download, sometimes the front door isn't set properly and other inactive sims (those NOT belonging to that household) are able to walk into the house and use the objects.

It's possible to set which door should function as the front door without going into Edit Town Build Mode by using DebugEnabler.

In order to do this, there are two requirements:
  1. The door must face the outside on one side.
  2. The door cannot be in a room containing objects that enforce privacy, i.e. bathtubs, showers, toilets, etc.

If the door meets those requirements, click on the door then:
  • NRaas > DebugEnabler > Options > Set Front Door
    • The interaction is only visible if the door is not already set as the front door.

I Want To See The Contents Of Every Lot In Town

Install: HomeOpener

I Want To Stop The Game From Generating Descendants

Install: Retuner

From City Hall or any computer:
  • NRaas > Retuner > Settings > General > By Tunable XML > Sims3.Gameplay.TimeTravel > FutureDescendantService > kTraitsScoreToHouseholdSizeMapping >
  • Set the Index 0 to a high positive number. (Twallan's suggestion: 1000000. That should be more than sufficient).

The game should now be forced to produce a descendant household with no size.

I Want To Create A Teen-Only Family

Please see: Which Mod FAQ#TeenFamily)

Can I Assign A Family Member To An Existing Family?

Install: MasterController and MasterController Integration

Click on the sim you want to assign another sim to, then:-
  • NRaas > Master Controller > Advanced > Family > Add (Parent, Sibling etc.)
  • Select the sim from the list and Accept.

Adding Or Removing A Parent, Child Or Sibling Within A Household

Install: Master Controller and Master Controller Cheats
  • In Master Controller, select: Sim > Advanced > Family
  • Then select the desired option.

Add An Existing Sim (Human or Animal) In The Game To The Active Household

Install: MasterController and MasterController Integration

To add a human sim that's already in the game, click on the sim or animal, then:-
  • NRaas > Master Controller > Intermediate > Add Sim

Add A Sim or Animal From The Bin In Edit Town

Install: MasterController and MasterController Integration

In Edit Town Mode, select the family or sim you want to place from the Bin, then:-
  • Click on the active household. A window called "Merge with Family" will pop up.
  • Click on the Merge button.

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