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Prevent Houses Being Purchased Autonomously

Install Story Progression and the Money module
From City Hall or a Computer>NRaas>Story Progression>Lot Options > Household:Rentable > set to False.

More Tips From Members:

SP Immigration is actually off by default when you install the mod. But another reason inactives might be occupying formerly empty houses is that they are moving around and larger households might be splitting up, especially as teens grow up, romantic partnerships/marriages form, and households grow in size. They all have to live somewhere, as Emigration is also off by default and not very easy to activate again.

If you want certain houses to remain empty with or without Immigration, you could set them as (Player) Ownable in Edit Town and other sims won't move into those. Or you could pull out the refrigerators -- sims will never move into a house that has no fridge on their own.

Remove the beds form non active lots. This stop a family you don't want moving in.

Rezone lots as Community with No Visitors Allowed

Options For Making More Space For Housing and Community Lots

Do you want to "squeeze" more into your world without taking up valuable space you want for housing and community lots you actually play?
See Tiny Lots

More Housing Options

See Camping and Village Lots under "Spice Up Your Game" on the WCIF - More Wiki Help and Info Page

Remove Lot Tags on Empty Lots

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