If you have been referred to this page, and/or are not familiar with the process to upload files to this wiki, please take the time to make sure you understand the uploading process and policies before proceeding. If you do not do so, your files may be ignored or deleted.

What Am I Allowed To Upload ?

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If you have problems with your game, or one of the mods, you can upload log files for analysis. The names of these files start with the word "ScriptError" and have a file extension of type ".xml". Please refrain from uploading other files, unless requested to do so. In particular, please do not upload image files (for example screenshots) unless requested, or upload them to an external site and provide a link.
  • Exception: If you are in the process of providing a FAQ or Guide page, and you want to use screenshots to be used as part of that page, of course please do upload them to the wiki. In fact, that is preferred to uploading them to an external site, as the links to them may get broken, thereby rendering your guide incomplete.

"ScriptError" files are XML logs generated by the scripting side of the game, and contain one of the following :
  1. A scripting error stack frame, generated when a coding error is encountered
  2. Logging data produced by one of the suite's mods, usually due to having the debugging enabled.

Where Do I Find These Script Error Log Files?
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"ScriptError" files are generated by game into your "My Documents \ Electronic Arts \ Sims 3" folder.
You can delete them after reviewing their contents if you wish, however the game will automatically delete older logs when new ones are created, only retaining around a dozen files at any one time.

Where Do I Upload A File?

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The contents of the log file dictate the best place to submit Error Files.
Open the file with a text editor, such as Notepad, and read the header. It will specify which mod produced the error, the version, and other information.In The example below the Mod causing the Error is StoryProgression

<Installed="BaseGame, EP3, EP4, EP5"/>
  • In this case, the best place to submit the log would be on the StoryProgression Issues..page, as it is a StoryProgression error. See How Do I Upload The File below.
  • If you cannot decide where to submit a log, post it at the ErrorTrap Issues page. This is the catch-all.
    • If you want to try and interpret the error yourself, review the coding snippets provide on the ErrorTrap Reading Logs page with those in your file, and see if any match.

How Do I Upload The File?

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Zip the file(s) into A SINGLE ZIP, RAR, or 7Z compressed file (Failure to do so makes it more difficult to analyze the problem you are experiencing).

1. In Windows, select the file you wish to upload, right click and "Send To \ Compressed (zipped) Folder" to create the zip file. Proceed to #3 below.
2..If uploading more than one script error: There are a couple of very easy ways to do this:
  • Create your compressed folder as directed in #1 above with one of the errors to be uploaded, open the zipped folder and drag the other files into the open compressed folder OR
  • Select/Highlight the error files you want to upload and right click on the group highlighted and send to a compressed folder as directed in #1 above.

Optional: If you wish to remain anonymous ensure that the name of the file does not contain your actual name. If it does, replace the name with your wiki username.
  • Example: ScriptError_CurrentNameDisplayed_12-26-201109-31-29E6E5E92B.zip: Right click on the file to Rename and change: The CurrentNameDisplayed
  • Please leave the date and hexadecimal number (in blue above) in the file.

3. Click the + sign to the right of the Pages and Files link

4. Under the New Page Option click on UPLOAD FILES, then ADD FILES to select them
DO NOT upload the same script error under different names or to multiple areas. All uploads will be deleted.

5. Click on ADD FILES at the bottom of the window to add your zip file or simply drag the ZIPPED file into the upload area within the window
  • Wait for the upload to complete.
  • Note that the upload window will NOT close on its own. Simply press the close button in the upper right once you are done.
  • Your uploaded file will then appear on the Recent Changes page. There is no need to link to it as your username will automatically be added.

6. Finally, create a new Discussion post within the Mods Discussion Topics containing any detail that may help diagnose the issue, i.e. what was going on in your game when the error was generated.

Help! It Says I Am Not Allowed To Upload This File!

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If you use a file name that is "common", the possibility exists that there is already a file or page with that name on the Wiki. In that case, the Wiki will refuse the upload, stating that you are not allowed to upload the file. Actually that means you ARE allowed to upload the file, but you are not allowed to replace the existing file. Choosing another file name should solve this problem.

How Do I Know My File Uploaded Correctly?
  • You can see the uploaded file on the Recent Changes..page.
    • Since everyone can see it there as well, you do not need to provide the filename or links to it in your post.

What Happens After I Have Uploaded My File?

Either a developer or another knowledgeable user will review the file, and provide their reply on your Discussion post. If the developer(s) finds the answer acceptable, the post will be locked, and the file removed from the site.
If further review is required, you may need to provide details, or answer some questions in the post you created.

How Do I Upload A Game Save-File To Be Reviewed By A Developer?

anchor : [[How To Upload#Saves|How To Upload Saves]]

On occasion, if you encounter a consistently reproducible error, a developer may request that you share your save with them for testing purposes.
  • Note: The developers do not take unsolicited save-files. So if you are not directly asked to provide a save, do not do so.

Note: If the save is running on a custom world, you will need to provide a link to where the download for the world is located

How to provide a save :
  1. Locate the save-game itself.
    • It will be in your "My Documents" Sims 3 folder, under the "Saves" folder.
  2. Zip up the entire save-folder.
    • In Windows, simply right click and use the "Send To \ Compressed (zipped) Folder" menu operation.
  3. Since save-files are too large to upload directly to this wiki, you will need to use a third-party file-share website to provide such files.
  4. Make sure to post the link to the file itself back in the appropriate Discussion thread, once you have uploaded it.
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