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Installation FAQ

Installing packages manually is a fairly simply operation, once you know how to do it.

How do I install one of this site's mods?

  1. Locate the mod's download page, by clicking on the appropriate mod link on the left-hand side.

  2. Next click on the appropriate Phase for your Patch-Level. See Patch Level Compatibility for details.

  3. At the bottom of the mod's download page will be a download link for the zip file containing the mod. Download the file to your computer.
    Note: With your Internet Browser you're able to open the zip file directly and extract the content on your HDD by doing so you can skip step 4.

  4. Find the file on your HDD and unzip (extract) the content from the file. In Windows this can be performed by right-clicking on the file and using the Open With... operation.
    Note: By default, Windows will open zip files just like file folders, displaying the contents directly in the explorer window.

  5. Either unzip (extract) directly or move the package file to your Mods\ Packages folder within (OS Win:) Documents\ Electronic Arts\ The Sims 3 directory and overwrite any older copy of the mod you have installed.
    • Do not install the same mod twice. Doing so will have unpredictable effects on your game.
    • Earlier versions of the mod may be available on the site, even if they are not linked to the download page.
      • You can find those files by using the Pages and Files link on the left-hand side. Search for the name of the mod there.

Where is my "Installation Directory" located?

Anchor: [[How To Install#InstallationDirectory]]

For this question, I will direct you to Mod The Sims website: Game Help: Setup and Files

Blunote00's Check List

Anchor: [[How To Install#Blunote00sCheckList|CheckList]]

Courtesy of - blunote00 blunote00 :

Quick and Dirty version for installing CC and Mods.
  1. You cannot do this while your game is running as these files are in use, so shut the game down first.

  2. Go to C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3
    • Note: Just remember that in Windows 7 Documents is under Libraries, Windows Vista is under Documents and Windows XP is under My Documents.
    • 2.1- Create a folder and name it Mods (watch the case it must be exact).
    • 2.2- Click to open the Mods folder so you are inside it.
    • 2.3- Create a sub-folder within the Mods folder and name it Packages (watch the case it must be exact).
    • 2.4- Create another sub-folder within the Mods folder and name it Overrides (watch the case it must be exact).
      • Note: The Overrides folder is only to be used when a developer ask you to place his/her mod in there. Without this instruction all mods (*.package) goes in the Packages folder.

  3. Saving the new Resource.cfg file
    • Note: This file is needed to add references within the game, where it can find mods (*.packages) on your system, without this file the game will ignore any additional mods (*.package) you have installed.
    • 3.1- Hit your back button and go back to the Mods folder so you are on the same level.
    • 3.2- Download / save the new Resource.cfg file located at this link...
    • 3.3- Unpack the file to your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods folder.

  4. Download your desired mods listed in the left side menu, extract the (.package) files from the (.rar or .zip) files.
    • 4.1- Use whatever program (i.e. WinRAR, WinZip, 7Zip) you normally use to extract the (.package) file for the Mod.
    • 4.2- After you have the (.package) file extracted, cut/copy (whichever you prefer) then paste only the (.package) file into the Packages sub-folder.

  5. Delete the four cache files.
    • 5.1- Delete the four cache files in "The Sims 3" folder under Documents before you restart your game.
      • CASPartCache.package
      • compositorCache.package
      • scriptCache.package
      • simCompositorCache.package
      • socialCache.package (Note: You can delete this cache file as well "if" you have the Showtime EP installed.)

  6. Once you have all the (.package) files in the Packages sub-folder, restart your game. You should get a pop-up notification with a list of scripting mods you have installed.
    • Note: The pop-up notification can only display a limited amount of scripting mods, it might be possible that some scripting mods aren't listed, though that doesn't mean that these aren't loaded. Check within your live game if every scripting mods is accounted for.

Note: A longer, more detailed set of instructions is available here : Detailed Version: How to Install CC/Mods "The New Way" Guide

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I installed the mod but don't see any new menu items on the object

Anchor: [[How To Install#DontSeeMods|Don't see any menu's from Mods]]

This is most likely an improper installation. You probably need to do the following:
  1. Review the steps in the above tutorial
  2. Ensure that you don't have any out-of-date mods installed
    • An out-of-date scripting mod can interfering with the load up for other unrelated mods.
  3. Ensure that you have no duplicates of the same mods installed at the same time.
  4. Ensure that you have deleted any older Mods folders from the Base-game, WA, or HELS installation directories.
    anchor: [[How To Install#Old Method]]
  • This is considered the "old" method of installing mods, and the game does not handle this suite's mods properly when they are installed there
  • Review this page for converting to the proper install approach : Game Help: Old Way to New Way
  • Note: If you installed mods using Delphy's Monkey Helper, they were installed the "Old" way.

The mod still isn't showing up in-game? What do I do now?

anchor: [[How To Install#Fallback]]

  • Best practice is to go to the site where you downloaded the mod and check to make sure you've followed the instructions.
  • Check for discussion topics the site might have to see if someone has had the same issue.
  • Post your issue at the site where you downloaded the mod.

We do realize there are some sites that might not be as responsive as you would like. The NRaas wiki members are familiar with most of the mods and of course we would be happy to try and help you!

How do I tell which version of a mod I have installed?

anchor: [[How To Install#Version]]

When the developer updates the coding for a particular mod, the version number for that mod is also updated.
  • This allows users to determine whether they are running the latest copy of the mod

The version number for a mod is appended to the end of the zip file you download from this site.
  • An easy way to keep track of mod versions is to retain these zips in a separate directory for later review

You can also check the version of a mod in-game.
  • If you have Overwatch installed : "NRaas \ Overwatch \ Version" will list the versions for all of the NRaas mods you have installed.
  • If you do not have Overwatch installed : Each mod has its own "Version" interaction which displays the version.
  • If you have the Mod Updater installed: Open the application and check in there.

I have a mod installed but see there is now a new version available. How do I upgrade?

Since each new version of NRaas mods have the same filename as the old, simply copy the new file into the same directory as the old and it will automatically replace the previous install.

You should also delete the "scriptCache.package" file located in your "My Documents" Sims 3 folder. It will be rebuilt automatically when you next run the game.

So I am having a problem with one of the mods and it reported a "ScriptError" was created. What do I do now?

A script error file is normally created soon after receiving that notification in-game.

See How To Upload for details on uploading error logs.

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How do I Install Something ?

This very first step is covered here : How To Install If you have never managed to get a script mod to work on your setup, you should read through that page before continuing onward.

You get a message "It looks like you have installed an incompatible game modification"

anchor: [[Common Install Issues#Unofficial]]

This is one message to take seriously.
  • It means something in the structure of your game is not correct, and playing with it, especially when you save after playing, can corrupt your game. This may or may not be reversible.

You can get this message for various reasons, the most important are:

  1. An incompatible core mod. A core mod is a re-write of part of the game, so it is very important that it matches the rest of the game.
    • A core mod is written for a specific patch level, if you have the wrong patch level it does not "fit".
    • Core mods also differ based on whether you have the Steam or Origin version of the game installed.
  2. A mismatch in patch levels for the various EP/SP's you have. This is just as bad as an incompatible core mod.
  3. Remnants of the "old" way of installing mods in your Program Files. While this is getting more rare, if you've been playing The Sims 3 for a long time, it might still be you've at some point installed something this way.

To remedy, take the following steps:

  • First off, rename your Documents\The Sims 3 folder. Then start the game. Because it cannot find this folder now, it will re-create it.
    • The new copy will be "virginal" like you just installed the game, void of any mods or Custom Content.
    • If the message "unofficial game modification" now disappears, you can be certain it is due to something in your (old) Documents\The Sims 3 folder, most likely a core mod.
    • Look down further in the section Incompatible Mods.

  • If the message does NOT disappear, the next step is to make sure your game is properly patched.
    • Do not trust the launcher in this case and do not trust your own efforts.
    • You can make sure by downloading the official Super Patcher: and running it. The Super Patcher is less finicky than the launcher and will update everything as needed.

  • If you have done both and you still get the unofficial game modification message, basically the only thing left is that you must have something still installed in the "old way". Carefully follow the instructions at http://www.modthesim._Way_to_New_Way.

It is vitally important that you remedy the unofficial game modification message.
  • This message means your game is busted.
  • It means the saves you did while playing with this message may be corrupted.
  • Even if it looks like the game will play, sooner or later you will run into trouble.

Incompatible Mods

anchor: [[Common Install Issues#Incompatible]]

When you see odd things happening in the game, like for example excess meteors, stuck Sims, dropping social interactions, unselectable Sims, or just about anything that clearly does not belong, remember that all these can happen due to a single innocuous mod that is not updated.

Not every single mod needs to be updated, there are a couple mods around that work in such a way that they sort of dance around the game and never really interfere with it.
  • These mods may be years old, and still work correctly. However, you cannot easily tell whether a mod falls into this category.

The easiest way again is to rename your Documents\The Sims 3 folder and start a new game.
  • This will ensure you start the game with no mods or CC.
  • If you have a good idea what exactly goes wrong in your game, that helps, because you can then easily check in a test game whether that situation still exists.
  • It is important that you verify your problem does not appear in that test game.

If even this action does not remedy the problem, there is still a chance you may have some mods installed in the "old" way.

Once you have a game that runs correctly, you can start copying over mods from your renamed The Sims 3 folder to your fresh new folder.
  • Start with the ones you are fairly certain that they are good, and run your test game again to make sure the problem does not re-appear.
  • You can work in "chunks", you don't really have to do it one by one, the whole point is to find out which mod is causing you trouble.
  • If your last "chunk" of copied mods causes the trouble, delete it again, and instead copy the mods of that chunk one by one.

Another strategy is to just note which one you use, and re-download them from the sites where you got them, taking note of any remarks made by their creators about the status of that mod.
  • This way you re-build your mod structure and at the same time you make sure you get the latest versions of each.

Do leave the most dubious mods for the last, and check them out one by one.
  • Remember that there are mods that don't have to be updated to work, but you have to test to be certain they work.

While this all may be a tedious bit of work, remember we're dealing with computers here. Computers don't work "sort of right". They will work if everything is EXACTLY right and they will not work if it isn't.

Can Bad Custom Content, such as Hair and Furniture cause the serious non-cosmetic issues with the game ?

anchor: [[Common Install Issues#BadCC]]

The simple answer is yes.
  • There have been numerous reports of improper/corrupt hair causing the game to load improperly.

If the game bounces during the initial start-up sequence, due to an error with corrupt custom content, it may fail to load important resources, such as default tuning, or other game resources.
  • When this happens the in-game results can be unpredictable and completely undefined (ie: random)

Do not discount your non-mod related custom content when searching for the reason for a game-break.
  • You should start with your mods of course, since they are the most likely suspect
  • However if after removing all mods, the issue persists, you should consider testing your other custom content

Clean Folder Method

anchor: [[Clean Folder]]

You may encounter any variety of problems in your game. This may be due to any type of causes, and it can be quite difficult to figure out the correct remedy.

One often used advice is to try in a "new Sims 3 folder". What that means is this:

On starting, the game will look for its folder in your Documents\The Sims 3. If it cannot find it there, it will proceed to make a brand new one, and that is a "factory default" one. It contains:
  • No CC
  • No Mods
  • No Installed EA content
  • No set options

To make the game do that, is as easy as renaming your current The Sims 3 folder, or dragging it somewhere else, like to your desktop. When you start the game, it will create the folder anew.

You can now test if your problem persists under standard EA conditions. If it does, it is due to a problem with your game itself, not necessarily any of your mods or CC.

If the standard EA game works correctly, you can re-do your mod framework in this folder, the best reference and all needed downloads can be found here:
Mod The Sims Game Help: Installing Package Files
  • Re-doing the framework ensures that the problem is not with your framework itself.

After you've installed the framework, it is good to test whether the included NoIntro mod works. If that is OK, you can start to add the mods that you suspect are the problem.