What are templates ?

Templates are special pages which can be used as the basis of actual publicly available pages in the wiki.

They contain a pre-defined format, to ensure that all the pages have the same feel and layout, and save you having to rewrite each one from scratch.

You are authorized to create your own templates, such as space.template.Mod Page German, for creating translations of pages.

How do I use a Template ?

When you are prompted to create a missing page on the wiki, there is an option to specify an existing template. Choose the one you want and press the "Edit".

After that you will need to populate the page with the necessary contents, whatever that may be.

If the template has existing links, it may be necessary to alter them as well.
  • For instance : space.template.Mod Page has several links that contain the word ModName, you must change that value to the name of the mod you are creating

Special Values
  • ModName
    • The name of the mod
  • PhaseNumber
    • The Phase number of the mod. Not all links have this element, since not all links are specific to a particular phase.
    • When replacing this value, use the word Phase followed by a space and the English word for the number of the phase
  • Developer Note
    • Some pages have notes that the original creator added as a reminder to do additional steps after templating.
    • After reviewing those notes, feel free to remove them from your page.